Hilton Head in July


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Feb 29, 2016
Since we are booked at WDW July 11-19 and terrified of being guinea pigs for this new system and trying to force my son to wear a mask.. we are considering Hilton Head instead.
We’ve been once before and just booked a cash room.
That doesn’t seem to be an option right now. Do we think it will be once they update IT to reflect new opening date?
Also I can’t remember is the beach private? Trying to avoid crowded public beaches if we can...
What do we predict will happen there as far as masks and kids programming?


Aug 14, 1998
All beaches at Hilton Head are public - but there are 13.5 miles of Atlantic beaches. Some are certainly more crowded than others. The HH resort Beach House is located in Palmetto Dunes which is a gated community. Only those staying in that community will have access to those beaches (including guests at the DVC Resort). There are a few hotels nearby and guests staying there have had beach access even when the beaches were 'closed' by the governor. Any beachfront homes have access.

Once at the DVC Resort, there are condo complexes on either side of the beach, the Marriott is nearby, the Omni Hotel has just reopened and is nearby, but that area is basically a quiet area with plenty of room to spread out on the beach. There are no beach rentals at this time for lounge chairs/umbrellas due to sanitizing needs, but guests may being their own to use while on the beach.

This past weekend was very busy on the HH beaches, and the town had 25 tons of refuse to pickup from trash left behind by beach goers. Some of it had been properly placed in receptacles, but much was left for others to enjoy. The beach patrol has the task of daily beach cleanup - which is especially important at this time of the year during active sea turtle nesting.

No announcement has been made regarding restrictions at the DVC Resort. I would expect that the pool area will have some restrictions since pool furniture is all public and will need to be cleaned periodically.

You might try calling the resort directly to inquire about cash availability. (843) 341-4100 I don't know whether the phones are presently being answered but expect that will happen soon with the June 15 reopening.

Enjoy! :)


Aug 14, 1998
Can you cancel a reservation by calling this number?
I'm not sure. If it was a DVC reservation made using points, I'd expect they would refer you to DVC Member Services (either online or by phone). If it is a cash reservation, I'd expect they could assist with that.

Again, at this time, there may not be any staff there yet answering phones. If there is any doubt, you might just call and see if someone at the resort could assist.


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Oct 18, 2015
I would expect zero cash availability at HHI in July. DVC has issues for points with all the closure.

There are many resorts at HH, many of which have better beach access.


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Jul 11, 2010
I would expect zero points rooms open either. But if you are really looking for "social distancing" I would look into a non DVC location that's within walking distance of a beach. The beach there tends to crowd at the "access points" (places like Disney's beach club) but if you walk in any direction you can find a lot of "space" to spread out. We generally stay in Sea Pines and walk or bike to the beach and are generally able to find a very private space

And Doc, Shore Services started renting chairs and umbrellas Saturday.


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