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Lynn CC

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Aug 25, 1999
Well, since I've posted a lot on this board I'd better introduce myself to those of you who don't know me.
I'm a mother of a college bound (Fall of 05) son.
I'm 42 and going back to school to finish my degree in the Fall of 05 too!
I got my Associates degree over 20 years ago.
Time does fly, so all you young college students ENJOY!!


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Feb 5, 2005
My name is Chairity and I just graduated from the UOF in Dec. I am 23 and I have a major in dance and I am going to open my own studio in Orlando/Kissimee. I love disney and have been to DW a lot DL 6 times and DLP once. I have an AP for WDW and go a lot! I am getting married at the end of Feb. and am going on a WDW honeymoon. I have a little girl Kayla Marie who is almost 7 months.

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May 21, 2001
Hi! I'm Mandy and I attend the University of Louisville (Go Cards!) where I major in Business Marketing. I am a member of Sigma Kappa Sorority (Greek Week and Greek Sing Champs!) and am actively involved on campus. I was accepted into the WDWCP for this past fall, but I had to decline due to family circumstances. I am considering re-applying before I graduate though! :earsgirl:
  • Cratster

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    Oct 8, 2001
    My name is Kyle and i am a sophomore at St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa. I am an economics and political science major with a minor in pre law studies. I also have been accepted to the Walt Disney World College Program but had to turn it down because my school is bad about letting people do the program. Hopefully sometime i can do it


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    Aug 13, 2001
    Hi everyone!

    I'm Carrie, I'm 18, and I am a first year at UCLA, majoring in history and minoring in political science. I am resuming posting on these boards after a pretty long break, and looking forward to getting back into it! I am from Orange County, CA so I grew up going to Disneyland pretty much at least once a month, and have been to WDW 5 times (my next planned trip isn't until 2006 sadly.) I have been to DLP once and am planning on going back sometime between August and December (I am studying in London this autumn and really looking forward to it!!) Oh, and I am hopefully spending this summer working at the Disneyland Resort. :-) Looking forward to meeting everyone (and saying hi to some old friends!)


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    Sep 30, 2000
    Hi Carrie! :wave:

    How fantastic that you're studying in London! Whereabouts will that be?


    Mar 7, 2005

    I'm a 21 yr old student from the UK (originally from London) studying at the University of Kent at Canterbury (about 75 miles South of London). I'm doing a degree in Politics and hope to go into teaching. I'm actually going to be doing some of my studies in Florida in 2 years time :cool1:

    Pigsoldier, where abouts in London are you? We should have a meet up when supercarrie comes over. We can sit in a pub with mickey mouse ears on :earsboy: (and yet we won't be the wierdest ones in there - one thing I love about London there's always someone freakier than you! :crazy: )

    Helz x x x
  • supercarrie

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    Aug 13, 2001
    The UC system has a study center in the Bloomsbury area, its actually just down the road from the British Museum (very very close, about a 5 minute walk.) And I will be living in a flat somewhere close to there, most likely either in the Bloomsbury or Holborn areas. And meeting up with you guys would be wonderful! :-)


    Jul 16, 2004
    Lets see where should I begin. I am a 21 year old NYU student majoring in
    Early Childhood/ Special Education. I am double majoring in Psychology. I am
    hoping to be teaching in one of the NYC public schools one day, educating young minds while they are still young and innocent. I am planning to integrate my love for Disney in my classroom. I am also interested in obtaining a graduate degree in psychology. I think I am most interested in eventually becomming a child psychologist in an educational environment, but I change my mind all the time.

    After attending 4 different colleges and majoring in everything, I really
    mean everything, ( I went from Pre Med Bio student to Classics major, to nursing student, to psycho bio major, and considered almost everything else) I really feel that education is what I truly want to do with my life. Right now I spend most of my free time observing students, tutoring and student teaching, while doing the one thing I do best, studying. I also work a few days a week assisting in a dental office which I hate. Sucking saliva and blood out of peoples mouths isn't the most glamorous job in the world, but thats where I learned my obsession with in office teeth whitening.

    I have a weird obsession with collecting Disney Tote bags. I manage to bring
    home a few each time I go to WDW. I hate using back packs and small purses so I use tote bags for almost everything. I love the new beaded movie scene ones, and I am desperately surching for the turquoise Ariel one.

    I also collect Lithographs so I have managed to pre order multiple copies of
    every movie so far that come with lithographs. So maybe thats the reason why I have 6 copies of Finding Nemo laying around.

    I was a TDS CM from October 2001- January 2004 (sniff) I started my journey at 5th Ave and ended it at the store at ABC studios upon its closure. I will always cherish my time as a CM and never forget the wonderful people I've met, the great experiences, and how much it added to my Disney obsession. Even though there were some things that have upset me (World of Disney casting) I will always have a place for Disney in my heart.

    Crystal ::MinnieMo


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    Sep 9, 2004
    Hello fellow college folks! Im 20 (21 in less than 2 months! here at the Univ. of Cincinnati as a social work/ sociology major (also doing some PR/ Communication studies... that was my orig. major). Ive been working at the Disney Store for about 1 1/2 years (but sadly we are no longer owned by Disney... :sad2: ) but thats ok because in 24 days I will be down in Orlando as a College Programer!! I'll be working in merchandising.
    Basically I am a happy go lucky gal that loves all things kids and Disney and never want to grow up :earboy2:


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    Mar 13, 2005
    Well I just came across this board, my name is Laura, I am 20 years old and a sophomore at the University of Arizona. I am majoring in elementary education. My friend and I applied and interviewed for the College program for the fall on March 1st now we're just waiting to hear if we get accepted. I have been to Disney World and Disneyland more times than I can count, since my dad has worked there and I just love it there. I look forward to talking to you guys! :)
  • kandeebunny

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    Mar 13, 2005
    Hi I'm Kristi, and I am 21. I am a Literature major at UNH and I am a junior. I love anything and everything Disney, and worked for the Disney Store before it was owned by Children's Place.


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    Mar 15, 2005
    Hello! My name is Nicole and my friend and I (paradise_disney) just got accepted to the fall program! we got our letters yesterday and we are both very very excited!!! I am a Visual Communications-Graphic Design and Illustration major at the University of Arizona. Im hoping to work for Disney after graduation and be an animator. Both Laura and I will be working in Quick Service Food and Beverage...premium pay baby haha. jk. anyway, I look forward to meeting more people that will be going to orlando this fall!!! take care!


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    Mar 17, 2005
    Well, my name is Ryan, I'm 21 and studying Sport Marketing at Columbia College Chicago. But, that's not the stuff that matters, right? I am a former CP from the Spring Advantage 2003, (Apt 805). Easily the best 7 months of my life. Plenty of good has come since I've been back, (I've finished my first degree and met my girlfriend of 1 year now) but nothing can quite compare to living and breathing Walt Disney World. I just bought my girlfriend a trip to WDW for her 21st Birthday because she's never gone and I want her to see what I see, and truely understand my almost sickening obsession with the Mouse... We'll be there June 5th - 11th and I can't wait...

    Nice to meet you all, and I look forward to having just one more reason to not do homework and get back into my Disney state-of-mind.


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    Dec 25, 2004
    My name is Erin and I am 21. I go to Belmont Abbey College and I am an education major. I am currently student teaching in a kindergarten classroom.
    I am completely obsessed with all things disney and I have been to WDW 9 times. My favorite rides are Space Mountain and Peter Pan's Flight (and the old version of Journey Into Imagination). I love this site because it is so nice to be able to talk with others who understand and share my love of the mouse and the most magical place on earth. :earboy2:


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    Mar 31, 2005
    hey everyone, im brand new to the board. Right now I'm a freshman at Clemson University in Civil Engineering. Hopefully ill be gettin my masters in structual engineerin and workin for disney sometime in the near future! also think about doin to CP eventually. Been to DW twice and cant wait till my next trip! :earsboy:


    Apr 3, 2005
    My name is Brianne, I'm a 19 year old student at the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN. I plan to major in Elementary Education. I'm new to the DIS boards (referred by my dad :teeth: ), but I am definitely NOT new to Disney!
    I've been to WDW 10 times, DL once, and I am going to WDW in June with my boyfriend! I wanted him to know what it's really like, to experience things the way I have, and to know what it's like to be in a place where everyone is equal and everything is just so magical!
    I digress...I am really excited to be a part of these boards and share my opinions with others. I am always willing to talk to people, especially about Disney! :mickeybar

    Mal The Evil One

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    Apr 3, 2005
    I'm Virginia and I'm studying early childhood education with a math specialty at Sam Houston State (that's teaching =) in Huntsville, Texas. I'm a hunge fan of Disney, though my last trip was in 2000 (WDW) and I hope to be able to go back soon and drag my friends so they will get infected too! Yay! This seems like a cool board and I love that there are actually ppl my age (age 23) that are also into disney. 'Cause I never seem to find them in rl.


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