How do you tell when your seaworld pass expires?


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Dec 31, 2008
Hi, received an email that my gold pass has been upgraded to platinum. I log into my acct, and can't locate the expiration date-I checked under "orders" to see when I purchased it, but it says I have no current orders-I think I bought it maybe last April to use last August-I don't even know if I bought it in April, and they extend it for the amount of time they are closed, if it will be good this August when we go again. Just thought maybe I was overlooking something? Thank you!


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Dec 31, 2008
Also, wasn't SeaWorld's pass start from time of purchase? Not first time use? Thanks!


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Sep 12, 2008
Yes, SeaWorld's annual passes are activated as of the date of purchase. So your pass would be valid for one year from the date you bought it.

Our annual passes (which we had printed at the park...they are small paper cards) have the date of purchase/activation printed on the back.



So Many Times
May 17, 2005
From Seaworld web site:

What are you doing for your Pass Members?

While our parks remain temporarily closed, we are automatically extending all active Annual Passes and Membership products to SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and Aquatica for a period of at least as long as the temporary closure.

Members who completed their initial term of their EZpay contract prior to park closure and did not defer payments, will have their payments after the re-opening of the park waived for a period of time equivalent to the length of closure. EZpay members who are within their initial commitment of their contract and did not defer payments, will have the payments after their initial term is completed waived for a period of time equivalent to the length of closure. For EZpay members who completed the initial term of their contract during park closure and did not defer payments, the payments after we reopen will be waived for a period of time equivalent to the length of closure.

Additionally, we will be offering all active Pass Members complimentary rewards and special benefits as a token of our appreciation. Pass Members will receive additional bring a friend days so that your friends and family can join in on the fun and spend an unforgettable day with you exploring the parks and your favorite attractions. Additionally, as a sign of our appreciation for you, our loyal Pass Member, we will be granting complimentary membership tier upgrades for all active Annual Passes for the remainder of 2020 as well as additional SeaWorld Pass Member events.

Active Pass Members will receive their additional perks automatically prior to the parks reopening.

Pass Members who are deferring payments or are not up to date with their payments are not eligible for these rewards or the extension of time. Pass Members who are currently on a payment deferral plan and elect to reinstate their monthly payments by May 17, 2020 will be eligible to receive these pass rewards

If you have additional requests or questions, please contact us at 407-794-0017 or, include bar code and home park name in email.


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Jun 4, 2003
Trying to figure out what happened and can't get through. I tried going in on our 2 park Gold passes that were e-z-pay with no expiration date and it told me our passes were expired. E-Zpay don't expire they renew automatically. I checked my credit card and the money has been taken each month so my card I pay with is active. Tried to call.....was told there would be a 250 minute wait to talk to someone. Ugh. I did not cancel and did not ask to not pay while they were closed. I never get e-mails or letters from Sea World even though everything is correct in our account so I am at loss. Did this happen to anyone else who have the old 2 park gold passes?


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