How long to make a vacation??


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Aug 12, 2006
Hello, I am 22 and am looking to book a vacation with my family and we normally only go for like 4 days and 4 days in 4 parks is a bit crazy so I was wondering what you guys usually do for your vacations? How long do you stay and do you do like pool days I just don't know!
I plan all our vacations in advance. Figure out what’s best for us and then just do it. Everyone needs a getaway. We’ve had Amazing shorter vacations and Amazing longer ones. I always add in some Special something... for most vacations.. Disney included. Enjoy!!


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Mar 24, 2005
I like 9 nights. 2 1/2 MK, 2 AK, 2 Epcot, 2 HS. 2 days in each park really helps with FP and you can take things at a slower pace. No resort days, and a quick trip to Disney Springs.

Our last visit was 5 nights. I would only recommend that amount of time if you've frequented Disney several times. That was my girls 3rd trip and they knew what they wanted to do and we could leave a lot of stuff out.


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May 14, 2015
I have found a week to be ideal. That way you can visit all the parks, do a pool/resort day (I usually combine this with an evening in Disney Springs) and have time to revisit a park or do a waterpark. I think it really depends on the age and activity level of your group, though. My family likes being able to have time to just relax and be wherever we are travelling. So on a shorter trip, we wind up skipping a park (since skipping downtime does not work for us).
  • jamescanuck2001

    Nov 28, 2010
    Flying from Canada our Disney stay is 7 nights. We fly in the day before check-in, stay/rest at an airport hotel, then take Magical Express early the next morning. Since it is early, there are typically 2 or 3 groups on the bus, so easy.

    Doing this also makes the first day a full Disney day, making it a true 8 day, 7 night Disney trip. Early in person check-in around 8 am, plenty of room location choices. Then we head to a park for rope drop.

    We do parks at rope drop with strategic FP usage, then pool or waterpark afternoon. Evening is typically dinner then a show/fireworks.

    One or two days of the 8 days are non-park days. Disney Springs / waterpark / or hang out at the pool.

    Last day is AK or MK a second time, then to airport for evening flight home.

    We find this to be relaxing and maximizing value at same time.


    Feb 4, 2020
    7-8 nights would be fine. do all the parks and have a few pool days to relax. trying to do all the parks and having no rest is to much stress.


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    Jun 20, 2002
    My last trip was 11 days. We had 5 park hopper days, 5 pool days-we arrived at the BC at about 11am and left the Poly to go home at 6pm and one water park day. I love my pool days. I am the person who gets a headache from lack of sleep. But I still didn’t sleep in on pool days, I was up at 6 doing laundry and in line to enter the pool by 9.

    Next trip I am pushing 12 days and 6 park days which means 2 park days in a row...sigh....unless there is the Halloween party then we can just do that as a park day.


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    Oct 2, 2007
    We qualify for the Armed Forces Salute tickets, so most of our trips since 2009 have been with 4 day tickets, except the last trip we got to do 5 day tickets. Our trips are usually a week long with a "break" day in the middle and no parks on our travel days. I really like having the option of a 5th day now, because it lets us do a second full day somewhere.

    If we didn't have the option for the discounted military tickets, then we would probably get 7 or 8 day tickets and go to a park on our travel days.

    I'm tentatively planning another 10 day trip for my 15th anniversary in 2024. That's ideal for me, but we haven't been able prioritize that much vacation time towards Disney since our honeymoon.
  • Lumpy1106

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    Jul 2, 2010
    Maybe just a function of getting older, but we try really hard to bookend our trips with a day off on each end. IOW, we don't take the red-eye out on Friday night, stay a full week, then take the last flight back on Sunday. We just need that "putting things in motion" day on the way out and the decompress day once we get back. We'll fly out either during the day Saturday or the red-eye Saturday night, spend Sun-Thurs in the parks, then fly back as late as we can Friday, getting an additional day in the parks if we can. Room rates are higher on Fri and Sat anyway, and you really want to avoid Sat crowds. We are actually bookending our trip this time with a stay in Orlando near the airport. It's just the way flights worked out, and the room rate in Orlando is A LOT cheaper than a night in the World.

    Take a careful look at multi-day ticket prices; You usually pay nearly full price for the first 3-4 days, then something like $10 per person for each additional day. If you are just purchasing multi-day tickets you can always add on additional days once you get there (any special ticket deals excluded). Hint: if you have a Target Red Card, you can buy Disney gift cards there and get your 5% Red Card discount on the gift cards. Use the gift cards to buy your tickets direct from Disney. That saves you about as much as going through any 3'rd party distributor, and you'll be buying tickets direct from Disney which will guarantee you flexibility for you know, if things come up.


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