"I'll Do You One Better: Why is Gamora?" (WDW Vets Visit Cali, April/May 2019) Updated 6/13 x2 I Like Scary Movies Experience/LA


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Sep 15, 2015
Sounds like a fun morning! I love all the dark rides in Fantasyland!
Yes, me too!

Space Mountain..."kind of fun" :rotfl:
Yeah, kind of just a little :rotfl:

Mickey's Magical Mix looks cool! Sorry about the fireworks though :(
It was! But the version I saw the video of looked so much cooler because of the fireworks.

Ugh that stinks being stuck on Pirates for so long!
It was not a good time :laughing:

Omg! I was so scared by the creepy looking witch too! My parents actually bought a Snow White globe on one of our trips to Disney and I refused to look at it for the longest time because I was convinced that it had some magic to make the creepy looking Evil Witch appear!
She was so scary! I was like 3 when I saw Snow White, and for the longest while I was really convinced she lived in the bathroom. (In the house we had back then there was a bathroom off of my room), and like I would just stare into it fearfully at night. So one night my dad came in, and grabbed some toilet paper touched the ceiling with it, then flushed it. (Like as if he were killing a bug) And I was like oh he got her it's safe now :rotfl:

I literally watched this SOOOOO many times as a kid! I think I'm most excited to see DL's Haunted Mansion just because of that little video! haha
Yes! I used to watch it like everyday.


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Sep 15, 2015
Pop Up Disney
May 2nd, Part 1

We started this morning by watching some Jerry Springer before we headed to brunch at Goofy's Kitchen :rotfl:

Goofy's Kitchen Review

After brunch we had made a reservation at the new Pop Up Disney attraction. (For those of you who are unfamiliar with pop ups. Basically they fun little exhibits that ate sometimes interactive and could be classified as art, but are mostly used as places to take pictures with/in front of different unique things. They are becoming more and more popular and ate often found in major cities where they run for limited amounts of time, (although some like the Museum of Ice Cream eventually become permanent). And on this day we would actually be doing 2 of them with very different themes.

Right before we went this had opened on in what used to be the ESPN complex in Downtown Disney, and we had booked our tickets before knowing what any of the rooms looked like. It was $30 a person and $38 after a certain time and on weekends which is a bit of a steep price but I was curious to check it out since we’d never been to one. I thought it would be mainly people looking to take Instagram pictures, but I did see some families too that were trying to get pictures of their kids/babies so that was another reason some people bought tickets that I didn't think of. I tried to get at least a picture and some video of everything, but due to photo limits I'll only post some of them here.

So once we checked in, we were handed a color coded card, and led to a waiting room. You're called in, in relatively small groups and get 15 minutes in the first room. However after the first room they didn't really count how long you spent in the room. It never got crowded (since they sell tickets by time slots), but I will say it probably didn't take 15 minutes to go through most rooms. They recommend setting aside 90 minutes for this attraction (and that's how long you can stay in there total), but I don't think we needed even close to that long.

Here is the map of the rooms:

We first entered the Mickey & Minnie's LOVE room, and the very first thing you see is a giant Minnie bow. This was one of the only things that was pictured on the original advertisement, and it's the very first thing you come to:

There were various love backdrops etc around the room:

If you need to there is a CM in each room that can take photos, but Josh mostly took the pictures and we took some selfies too.

The next room is "It All Started With a Mouse" and is a black and white vintage looking room, with a wall of black and white plush Mickeys:

There's also early drawings of Mickey on the wall with Walt's notes alongside, and this Steamboat Willie photo op:

I was trying to do a pose where it looked like the Mickey wall was pulling me in, but I don't know if that really comes across :rotfl:

There were also a few more photo ops in there as well.

The next room was Mickey's Friendships:

This was Mickey painted by Donald Duck:

And I think I might not be nailing angry face so much as making the face of a grouchy elderly person that's having problems standing up:

They had different Mickey's made from dog bones, a topiary, and acorns to represent the different characters making them.

Next room was Sorcerer Mickey's Magic:

The lighting was cool, but a little hard to photograph in.

Next up was Mickey Around the World:

(Same Mickey, same)

I liked the colors in this room, but the little bull seemed so random. Yes, I know it's from something Disney related it just still seemed so random so here's my "this is a weird photo op" face:

Josh really liked these endless mirrors:

Now entering the Forever Mickey section:

This was one of those kind of Infinity Rooms, but in Disney style. I've heard your time is limited in here, but they didn't really say anything to us. I don't think there was anyone behind us though so that could be why. Still it's only this one little room so it's not like you'd need to spend too long in here.

Finally the last room is called Mickey at Disneyland:

Snack wall:

And at the very end before leaving you can see this matte black Mickey:

Afterwards there's a shop with some merchandise specific to this pop up like a spirit jersey, and you can use your receipt to to purchase special Mickey pop up snacks in other locations. They also validate parking although we didn't need them to because we weren't going to pick up the car until afterwards.

All in all it was a fun time, it was cute and it was interesting to try something different when they have it, but I'm not sure it's worth the price tag especially for most people. I think locals and Instagrammers were their main draw. I did see some Instagrammers that went for the media event, and had brought several different outfits to change into throughout it. I guess that's how you get some different pictures, but that seems like a lot of work, and I'm doubtful most people will be doing that. We'll be doing another pop up in the next post and I'll tell you which one was our favorite afterwards. But I can answer what my favorite room was right now and I'd say even though it was the smallest the Mickey Forever room was definitely my favorite.

Next Up
The vlog from this morning,
and the next post will be about the I Like Scary Movies pop up

  • Lesley Wake

    Bright Suns
    Mar 16, 2017
    Back in the Hollywood area we saw Iron Man’s meet. It was over 2 hours and I think it was like that the whole time since he doesn't meet during the day :eek: We were okay with skipping that so I got some Captain Marvel nachos and settled with this weirdly lit picture with a giant Iron Man head.
    I also think it was the first time he's met in the US. He meets in Shanghai, but that's the only place.
    I wanted to make sure and ride it asap because I'd heard it goes down a lot. It was a fun ride, and there was a lot to see on it. Josh loved it, and when I told him WDW had a similar ride he told me not to tell him which one it was and he'd guess afterwards. Well he couldn't guess, and when I said Dinosaur, he said this ride was so good he forgot all about that one :rotfl:
    I can't enjoy Dinosaur because I know the track at Indy so well that I'm always expecting one thing to happen and it doesn't!
    I was trying to do a pose where it looked like the Mickey wall was pulling me in, but I don't know if that really comes across :rotfl:

    I think it looks like that! Definitely worked well with your shirt that day!


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    Apr 4, 2006
    I love the Fantasyland dark rides because they have utterly terrifying parts like when Mr. Toad goes to Hell. No, seriously, why aren't rides this terrifying anymore?
    :rotfl: I have no idea?!

    (Although I wish we had the pretty newly painted castle instead of the fake scrim castle :rotfl:)
    Omg I was just thinking to myself "what the heck is that?!" Oh... the castle :sad2:

    I did a lot better than usual (which still wasn't great) but enough to know my gun wasn't broken.
    What a relief. I have yet to ride "our" Buzz and not leave utterly confused.

    I wrote "kind of fun" in my notes so I guess I had a good time :lmao:

    I've always loved the Aristocats!
    Me too! I named my cat after Marie :laughing:

    Sometimes I get emotional just thinking of all Walt did, and how inspiring he was, and everything he created for us. And I love the idea that the light is always on to show he's always still there. So this was definitely an emotional moment for me, that I feel like all fellow Disney fans will understand.
    I couldn't agree more :goodvibes
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    Sep 15, 2015
    I Like Scary Movies Experience Pt. 1
    May 2nd, Part 2

    I’m taking a short trip with @xlsm over the next few days, and I wanted to get the rest of the posts about our LA day up before I go! :cheer2:

    After the Disney pop up we went to get our rental car from Alamo. This was the weirdest experience I’ve ever had at an Alamo. The guy tried to sell me extras (even though I had almost all the extra insurance), insisted on taking a deposit of $485 (which seemed like way more than we've ever been charged before), and kept referencing a reservation I know I canceled (that was for an extra day). Our one day rental was about $70, yet even with the old reservation misunderstanding cleared up he still charged me the over $400 deposit.

    Since Josh drives the rentals I put them under his name, but since he didn’t make the reservation, and the guy seemed like he was trying to scam us, I went to the desk to clear it up. Since I talked to him, he insisted on putting me as the main driver even though I said I wouldn’t be driving, and the reservation wasn’t under my name. He didn’t seem to believe I wouldn’t be driving, or think it mattered that the main driver match the name on the reservation, but in the end it doesn’t matter I guess as long as you are both authorized to drive it so I dropped it; but it annoyed me because I had made the reservations under Josh’s name for a reason.


    Afterwards we went to get our car from the top of the Paradise Pier parking garage. Then we stopped back at our room for about two hours before leaving for LA.

    We stopped at Sauced Up on the way there:

    Sauced Up/Milk Jar Cookies Review

    The traffic wasn’t too bad, and kept moving the whole way even in the spots our map said were more congested. And we found a parking garage near the pop up quicker than I thought we would.

    So a little backstory about the I Like Scary Movies Experience:

    A couple weeks before our trip we heard about a pop up place opening that was horror movie themed. It had rooms for The Shining, IT, Nightmare on Elm St, Beetlejuice, and Lost Boys. From pictures I saw it was very elaborate and well done with a lot of photo ops, so we bought tickets. I had wanted to do another pop up, and had been looking for something in LA that had a horror movie theme so this was perfect.

    The tickets were on the pricy side like most other pop ups. I can’t remember how much, but probably between $30-40 a person. I think they were worth every penny in this case though. It takes place on Wilshire Blvd in what appeared to be an old office building they had converted, and right now it runs through mid-July. Closer to the trip we had cut the LA portion down to one day so we ended up deciding to just do this and then go to the Comedy Store for a show which is something Josh really wanted to do.

    *Here’s my typical warning that this post includes pictures that are horror themed or have horror props and if that’s not something you like feel free to skip it. Nothing is any worse than what you’d see at HHN, but I figured I'd put in a little disclaimer anyway*.

    So without further ado here’s a million pictures (and this isn’t even all of them) from I Like Scary Movies! This is the first photo op before you go in:

    They told us to take as long as we wanted, and there were people in every room that could take pictures or help with poses if we needed.

    First is The Shining:

    I kind of love the bathroom. I love the color of the walls:

    The next room was kind of the inside and outside of the Overlook Hotel:

    The only thing that was kind of annoying was in the first couple rooms we had a group of girls that were acting like the place was theirs alone to have a photoshoot in, and seemed to be getting special treatment from the staff (they gave her a prop for her pictures but told us no one else could use it). We were confused but another employee pulled Josh aside and seemed apologetic. She said the girl was a famous WWE wrestler, and was having a VIP tour or something. We honestly had no idea who she was (Josh’s brother knew instantly who it was), and I don’t really care if she was famous or not; it was still rude and annoying to have her and her friends running around like they were the only people there. Luckily, we waited a bit and let them get ahead and didn’t see them again. We didn’t actually run into very many people while we went through which was nice.


    But onto the elevator scene:

    Room 237:

    Love this:

    Next up we walked through one of those nauseating spinning tunnels, and we were in the IT section:

    This was so elaborate!

    Popping out of the IT mouths was fun:

    The level of detail was cool too, (this was inside one of the mouths):

    One of my favorite things was this paper boat streamer section:

    It looked really cool too:


    Josh kept telling me to "take a picture of him with all the layers of boats" ::laughing:

    Some HHN lighting in here:

    I love this picture of Josh, he looks so adorable:


    I was a little grossed out about the rain slicker everyone wears. (Much like the way I feel about wearable props at Madame Tussaud’s), but I rolled with it, and I do like how it turned out.

    Plus I didn't get lice.


    We watched the movie semi recently, and this was an idea I got from watching it. I thought it would look kind of like how Pennywise crawled around. I don’t think it came out that way because I couldn’t touch the ground from that position because the coffin was on the smallish side, but I do look like a body that popped out of the coffin so that works too:

    Josh decided to row the coffin like a boat and look handsome:

    Continued in next post
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    Sep 15, 2015
    I Like Scary Movies Experience Pt. 2
    May 2nd, Part 3

    The next section was the one I was the most excited for...

    Nightmare on Elm Street!

    I loved how even the windows in each section matched the theme:

    So the Nightmare on Elm Street movies are some of my favorite horror films. I've seen them all even the ridiculous ones about doing karate to defeat Freddy. But my absolute favorite (if you haven't guessed from my shirt) is the third movie: Dream Warriors.

    (I found that shirt online at Urban Outfitters and I was very excited).

    If I had to rank my top horror movies ever it would look like this:

    1. Nightmare on Elm St. 3: Dream Warriors
    2. Evil Dead (2013)
    3. Jennifer's Body
    4. Cabin In the Woods
    5. Slither

    Here's Josh looking a little scared but mostly confused :rotfl:

    The lady in the room said the pictures look cooler when taken from below, but I'm not sure about that:

    I really wanted to do a "dragged away by Freddy" position:

    I tried to explain my idea to Josh and this is how he interpreted it:


    Also each individual part of the claw was on a spring and moved so that was pretty cool.

    Now onto the Beetlejuice portion! (Which is my favorite part of the vlog).

    We had a lot of fun in this foam pit. I jumped/fell right in so we could take a Boomerang of it, and then I got stuck in the foam pit and couldn't find anything to grab onto to get out :rotfl: but once that happened I started laughing too hard to try to get out and eventually Josh had to pull me out and even the lady in the room was laughing (and it'll all be in the vlog).

    Josh says this one looks like I've accepted my fate:

    The next room looked like the inside of the miniature village Beetlejuice lives in:

    With a cool sand snake mural:

    Josh didn't want to climb down into the grave so I did :rotfl:

    The final section was the Lost Boys. So here we are in the vampire lair:

    I figured vampires hang upside down, so here I am hanging upside down:


    We also got to hang from the bridge, but let me tell you this was actually really hard :laughing: I don't have enough upper body strength to hold on for long. Here's an outtake:

    I kept drawing my legs up which looked really weird so I had the guy in the room take a few more. I think he was quite amused that I couldn't hold onto the bridge for very long. But here's the best one we got:

    (I don't know why it looks like Josh was kicking me though :laughing: ).

    And finally the end!

    We had an amazing time at I Like Scary Movies, and would absolutely recommend it. We definitely enjoyed it more than the Disney one. I would almost describe it as like a kid's play place for adults (like a Chuck E Cheese type place). Because for some of the photo ops we were running around and playing with things/climbing on things. It was also a little more physically demanding than I expected, but in a fun way :lmao:

    Also if you follow the link in my other post you'll see I got cookies and milk afterwards at a really delicious cookie shop too.

    After that we went over to see the show at The Comedy Store. You can't really take pictures in there so this is the only one I got as we were walking in:

    To be honest stand up comedy is not my thing. I don't really like it, but there's a few people I like enough to watch their stand up here and there. It's not something I seek out, and I'm picky about it. Josh on the other hand is really into stand up comics and their podcasts so he really wanted to go here because it's famous among comedians. The line ups are random and not announced too far in advance and we only had this day so we didn't have much of a choice in who it was. Josh was really hoping for Bobby Lee or Chris D'Elia and of course both of them were on the night before, I think. The bigger act our night was Joe Rogan who is the only comedian I really didn't want to see, but since they each do 15 minute sets at least it wasn't for long. I honestly don't remember who was in our line up except for Jeff Ross (who I'm familiar with from the Comedy Central roasts), and a guy named Marc Maron who I thought was pretty funny. There was a lady in the beginning who's name I don't remember who's set was also pretty funny, but nothing else sticks out really. (To me, I'm sure Josh knew who most of them were).

    We didn't stay the whole time (thankfully) because it goes until like 2 am, but Josh had a good time. I, on the other hand was not crazy about it. Some sets were boring, you can't look have your phone out, it was really small and stuffy and nightclub-y in there (we had to sit at a table with other people we didn't know), and I was really tired after a couple hours there. Luckily, so was Josh; so we left.

    LA had so many giant billboards, but this one made me laugh because it was so giant and so unnecessary:

    Hey, so the only picture you took outside in LA was of a Vinny and Pauly D billboard?



    The ride back was pretty uneventful, and obviously much quicker than the way there. Soon we were back at our hotel in Anaheim.

    Next up
    The 2 vlogs from the pop ups & our final day!


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    Apr 27, 2012
    The pop up looked like a lot of fun for you guys! The pics are great!

    I'm sorry you didn't love the comedy club; I probably would have felt the same way as you!
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