I'm Back from 4 Full Days of WDW


Earning My Ears
Aug 3, 2019
I'm 65 he's 64 (he has a problem with his inner ear which makes him wary of any ride which spins)
I used Touring Plans - which I found very helpful

Dec 4-7
first the bad news: I decided after not getting any of my Fastpasses to change my flight - pay an extra $100 each to go down JetBlue the night before, which would have saved me a bit of money from staying at a DaysInn in Orlando instead of a ComfortInn in Flushing
more than willing to forfeit my prepaid car rental - for Dollar, under $100, and a lot more reliable
what I didn't count on was losing my flight back - and having to shell out nearly $600 for 2 one way tickets on JetBlue

the rest - it was all good
Day 1 the calm before the storm at Hollywood Studios - a short wait at Toy Story Mania, where my boyfriend and I blasted the record for our car then on to a short (35 minutes!) line at Slinky Dog Dash
we then went over to Millennium Falcon - another half hour line - and I have to say the line was more memorable than the ride - my boyfriend is a mechanic and he was able to tell me what all everything was for (ventilation, liquid fuel canister, etc) - he even asked me at one point if the machine actually worked (Howard, it's Disney)
a lovely Belle in Beauty and the Beast and a fascinating stunt spectacular
then on to All Stars to our room for an all too brief unpack and rest
supper with his cast member niece at COLUMBIA HARBOR HOUSE - the bestest eatery in all of WDW
we rode People Mover but Howard wanted time with his niece so she walked him to the bus while I made my way through the dark rides - Haunted Mansion, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, Little Mermaid, Astro Orbiter in the dark finishing up at Buzz Lightyear
Day 2 had Epcot and Animal Kingdom 7 am EMH - I went to Epcot and walked right up to Frozen, then on to Mission Space Green - which I loved (nice to use Gina Torres, who about 15 years ago was in Firefly a SciFi with Nathan Fillon)
then back to MK - Tea Cups for me, then Space Mountain with a Fastpass, then Barnstormer - I had my lunch in a red bag but Howard wanted to go back to CHH so we ate upstairs and I bought a coffee
we went to the island for a spell then on the Pirates for our Fastpass but it was down - so I did the carpets then walked up the Treehouse (my one must do "ride") and left the park for Fort Wilderness for a half hour of canoeing
we got to Animal Kingdom for the Tree of Life light show then to DinoLand for River of Lights
I used the excuse that the noise was bothering Howard (it was!) to leave early - and hie it to Pandora to see Flights of Passage, which was great but not worth more than an hour wait IMHO
weleft the complex to have dinner at Longhorn for less than one lunch
Day 3 had me rope drop 7 Dwarfs (now that was worth it) then back to Animal Kingdom to meet Howard for our Navi Fastpass - doing the Primeval Whirl and the Dumboesque ride first
Navi was lame
Up was great
we had lunch at Harimbe, then had Fastpass for Kilimanjaro Safaris, which had plenty of animals, even cats
watched the gorillas - the baby was so cute
in Asia we saw a very unhappy tiger
we walked out on Nemo and I decided I couldn't take Everest, Fastpass notwithstanding
so we went to Typhoon Lagoon, which was chilly but nearly deserted
we went to Epcot, walked to the International Gateway to take the Skyliner to Pop Century, where we had dinner amidst the noise and crowds I had so far been able to avoid
Day 4 after packing, on to Epcot
we did the Future World rides - Land, Sea and Imagination before our Fastpass to Soarin
then across on the boat to the American Experience
and the Mexican on our way back
I figured Sunshine Seasons would be mobbed so we went over to Disney Springs for a late lunch at Wolfgang Puck Express
we went up in that balloon
after lunch, a round of miniature golf - tried to find Fantasia and failing went to Winter/Summer
then on to the airport to find we had no way of getting back to NYC


All my dreams are coming true
Jan 24, 2002
That sounds like a very inclusive trip! I can't pack all that into 4 days. Sorry to hear about your airline issue.


Earning My Ears
Feb 19, 2018
Too bad about the airline stuff. The rest of your trip sounded great! How was Typhoon Lagoon? Was it too chilly to do the slides? We are headed to Dis this December.


Earning My Ears
Aug 3, 2019
chilly once we got out of the water - but the water itself was warm
worth it remembering the lines at a water park in Long Island

Typhoon Lagoon was shut as too cold half the time we were there


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