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Dec 16, 1999
Followers of my WDW adventures will know that I successfully secured myself a Studio at Boardwalk in August at the 7 month window which I was rather happy at the ease of :)

Well, they only had Preferred rooms, which was fine, but being a cheap skate, I asked to be put on the waitlist for a Standard Room as well...Sure enough, it's come up trumps! Saved me 25 points over the 8 nights I'm staying there....so not only can you get 7 month bookings at popular resorts at popular times, but the waitlist works too :)

I'm a one happy bunny :smooth:

Penny :)


There's always something new to learn!
Feb 10, 2000
Well done, Penny :) It's nice to hear that you'll now have some 'spare' points to put towards <b>another</b> trip!

I'm currently on the waitlist for the remaining three nights of my planned week in a Grand Villa at OKW this October (have the first four nights safe and sound ;) ), so I hope your success with the waitlist will rub off on me too!

Sue's Mum

DIS Veteran
Apr 29, 2001
That's great, Penny. Don't suppose that you're going to spend that much time in the room anyway.

We haven't stayed in preferred view rooms before but most of the rooms we have been in have had reasonable views. I would prefer to be on the first floor - US second floor - as we once had a ground floor room with the view of a bush about six feet away! I think at least the majority of the standard view rooms overlook the front entrance. As Hilary said, more points for the next one. ;)

Kevin Stringer

Chat Host
Mar 3, 2000
Well done Penny!

I have stayed in both standard and preferred view.
Unless you are lucky enough to get a Boardwalk view, then it is not worth the extra points for the preferred view.
The standard view rooms overlook the entrance and I spent a lot of time on the balcony watching the comings and goings of people heading for the Boardwalk.



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