Important Trading/Wish List Guidelines/Scam Warnings

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Aug 17, 1999
* List what items you are trading or would like to trade/wish for. Only virtual items are permitted.

* You may bump your thread two times per day.

* Please do not post multiple trade threads listing identical items. If you need to change/update something in your original thread you can use the 'Edit' button.

Please DO NOT post your opinions on whether a trade is fair and reasonable UNLESS the OP has asked for comments. The value of items will be agreed upon by the people making the trade. If you know an item being offered for trade is easily obtainable (free or still for sale), a polite post indicating this is welcome, but please do not accuse anyone of scamming. Please only post offers in trade threads, not comments. REVISED AS OF 12/14/2007 - PLEASE SEE BELOW

* No hijacking! Do not post accepting another member's offer or list your trade/wish in their thread. Please make your own thread.

* You may only use ONE DIS account on the trade boards. Members found using multiple ID's will have their trade post deleted. You may not replace your original ID used on the trade boards. A trader's reputation is very important, make sure your name keeps a good one!

* Since trading is always a risk, we require the actual person trading to post the trade. This way, our members know who they are dealing with. It's better for you also - if something should go wrong, your reputation will not be hurt in the process.

* No creating/responding to trade threads while under a game ban. You are welcome to participate in any other topic on our boards, but offering or taking orders while being banned only causes confusion.

* Trading and/or gifting threads of items not currently in your possession are not permitted.

Any posts not following the above guidelines may be deleted. If you see a problem post, please report it to the moderators.

The DIS Boards Guidelines also apply. Please be sure you have read them - DIS Guidelines
The DIS can not be held responsible for any trades made on the Boards. All trades are done at your own risk. If you experience a problem with a trade, report it to the official site of your game.
Happy trading and wishing!

The Moderating Team

LoriR said:
Unfortunately, it seems the scammers just don’t want to go away. They will most likely never stop trying to come up with ways to get valuable game items. So what can you do to help protect yourself?

My first suggestion would be to NEVER agree to trade for codes for items that can be traded in the game. Code trades are always risky. Personally, I would only trade codes with someone I knew well, either from the game or the boards and still keep in mind the risk I am willing to take that the code will work.

Another popular scam is telling you that someone can access your account and put items in if you will give them your sign-in information. FALSE!! Official staff can access your account, but they do not need any of your information to do so. NEVER give anyone your account information, it’s a sure way to lose everything you have.

If someone contacts you about trading on IM or through a PM that you have never heard of, stop and think very carefully. Once again, say no to codes, ask who they are in the game. If by IM, how did they find your IM name and if from the DIS boards, what their name is here. If by PM check out their posts and see if they just signed up or are well known on the boards. Talk with your friends to see if it would be a good, fair, and safe trade. Never be in such a hurry that you end up making a very costly mistake.

Remember to report any scam attempt you receive by PM to a Moderator or Webmaster. If you are scammed in the game, report it directly to the official 'Contact Us' for your game.
The scammers will only be stopped if we refuse to play their games and fall for their tricks.


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Aug 29, 2000
Opinions in trade threads:
The value of VMK items will be agreed upon by the people making the trade.
*If OP posts any personal opinion of value, then posters are allowed to comment.​
*If you know an item being offered for trade is easily obtainable (free or still for sale), a polite post indicating this is welcome, but please do not accuse anyone of scamming.​
Not Acceptable
*No opinions on whether trade is fair and reasonable​
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