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Sep 6, 2005
Well, I'm back from my "Anniversary" ;) fact-finding mission to WDW and am in the process of figuring out how many points we'll need (to start anyway!). Background: Me - 41, DH - 41, 3 Kids (not with us this trip :woohoo: ) 13, 9, 7.

(Disclaimer: The following are our opinions. Your opinions may differ from our opinions, and that's ok! Diversity makes our world a more interesting place.)

We spent the first night in BWV. Room 2057 which was over the Wyland Galleries. The room was clean and the resort had a very distinct, but pleasant smell. It smelt like being down the shore. Don't know if that was on purpose, or was due to the painting going on in some areas, but it smelt good! The room was very noisy until about 11:00 pm, partly due to the enclosed area outside our balcony. It really echoed in there. Verdict: Very nice resort, but not our first choice for home resort. I can see staying here "with the girls," but not sure I'd want to spend a whole week with the kids.

Walked over to the Beach Club. Really loved the Beach Club. Didn't get to see the rooms, but walked around the grounds and hallways. Loved the sitting areas. Pool looked awesome (btw, we were able to just walk in and walk around Stormalong Bay, granted we weren't wearing bathing suits, but no one gave us a second glance. Perhaps if we had been wearing bathing suits, we may have been questioned.) Verdict: While we loved the Beach Club, I'm concerned with trying to book a room here, which, from all the reports on the DIS, is getting hard to do, even within 11 months. I'm looking to DVC for less stress, not more! Would like to stay sometime, if we're lucky to get an available room. Perhaps an add on here someday.

We stopped in the "Open House" on the Boardwalk and they made arrangements to bring us (immediately) to SSR. The rooms were beautiful. The grounds were nice. I wanted to like it, I wanted the 12 more years, but it just did not appeal to us. (By the way, the guide said "we could switch anywhere at 7 months - currently up to about 5 months out we could get in anywhere. He also said SSR was 75% sold.) Next....

After dinner at Cape May Cafe (not as good as in December), we took a bus to the MK and the boat to VWL. VWL are just incredible. Again, we walked around the grounds and the hallways. The Iron Spike room with the stone fireplace and rocking chairs was just incredible. Would love to stay sometime (in the Fall/Winter). Just not appealing to me. I come to FL to see palm trees, not a log cabin - it just feels HOT!

We checked out of BWV early am and had our bags sent to OKW. Another thing learned this trip - we loved switching resorts. We went from the hustle and bustle of BWV to the quiet, laid back atmosphere of OKW. It was simple and painless. We did the Keys to the Kingdom tour in the am (Matthew was AWESOME!). Highly recommend the tour (and MATTHEW!).

Checked into OKW in the afternoon. Our bag was there and our room was ready. At first, they were going to put us in bldg. 49 in the back of the resort. But since we were only there for one night and we didn't have a car, I asked to be closer to the HH. No problem (thank you Eric). We were put in bldg. 26, which was a short walk to HH. Well, we LOVED OKW! It is an absolutely beautiful resort. It is where I would want to be if I couldn't switch out at 7 months. I've found my home! :yay:

Transportation was not a problem at any of the resorts. Buses/boats were quick. Weather was great (although we started the KTTK tour in the rain).

Be glad to answer any questions. Will try to post pictures later.



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Aug 21, 1999
I think that considering the size of your family OKW may be a great choice. The rooms are just BIGGER! LOL!


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