Is a cabana needed?


Earning My Ears
Dec 1, 2019
We're looking at planning a trip to Discovery Cove on our next Disney trip and are trying to decide if we want a Cabana. Are there other places to rest and relax if you don't get a cabana? We're a family of 4 with the possibility of another family of 4 going along as well.

Also, is the best option for photos for the dolphin swim to just buy it online? Or is it better to wait until we are there?


So Many Times
May 17, 2005
plenty of people do it NO CABANA ..... our last visit was this past July and frankly we had no 'down time' where we'd have used a cabana (which were still available when we checked in . . .) With an early dol' time we checked in, had breakfast, went to our dol' swim, saw the pictures, did some river time, had lunch, did the reef and some of the group was pooped and ready to go . . . we left around 4pm

Buying the photo pak' b4 saves nothing IMO. You go to the photo hut after your dol' swim and review the pictures and then decide which package you want . . . . don't you want a first look?????


DIS Veteran
Jul 22, 2017
When we went, we also stayed busy and had no need for a cabana.

There are beach chairs (and submerged chairs in the lazy river) for breaks if you wanna just chill. No problem finding chairs in groups together.

You would also likely want to move to the grand reef area chairs or the lazy river area chairs depending on which your cohorts are enjoying.


Oct 29, 2018
Agree with other posters, no need for a cabana. We've been there several times around xmas time and we never get the cabana, there are a ton of chairs and beach area's throughout the whole park, u shouldn't have any problems at all finding an area for everyone. Honestly, once u get there and see what the cabana is, u will probably be glad u didn't pay the extra money for it, imo. The cabana are very basic and nothing really special about them at all, only real benefit is they do offer a little bit of privacy but there are so many other area's available u can find a nice semi private area if u really want to. Good luck.


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