Is there a chance?


Earning My Ears
Jun 26, 2019
Hey all, I ended up self terming in spring of this year because I had a family emergency, and it was right after traditions so I had turned my things in and explained the situation to the service center (wasn’t sure who my manager was at this time). I made sure my badge and housing ID were accounted for, turned in my shoes, and paid the remaining rent balance after I’d left.
All that being said, is there any way I would be allowed back into the program again someday? I truly wish I would’ve been able to fully experience the program, and I’m just really hoping I have at least a sliver of a chance in the future.


Headlines don't sell papes.
Oct 25, 2013
Yes, you have a chance. I know people who have self-termed for a variety of different reasons who were re-accepted to the program later on. One of them self-termed Fall Advantage 2018 and was accepted again for Fall Advantage 2019. Good luck!


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