It has been 8 yrs..and I am lost. Help.

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Jul 31, 2005
I may update the thread with new questions as I go along so not to start too many threads.

My first question is that there use to be a place in Epcot in France that had the most wonderful pastries. It was a small place and I can not remember the name. Is it still there?

Question two- Trying to plan for HS on 2/25. I will only have one day there and my must do's are Slinky Dog Dash, Rise of the Resistance, and Toy Story Mania. What would be the best plan for the day and what time should I book to see the cantina? I would like to see any fireworks ( don't know the times) and Fantasmic too if possible. Suggestions?

Guess I have one more question..does smugglers run have a pass through line just for looking at the stuff and not riding ( like Universal does for Forbidden Journey) ?

  • peabody58

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    Mar 28, 2010
    Rise of the Resistance - likely no Fast Passes yet. You will need to wait in line with the rest of the rebels.,
    Both Slinky Dog Dash and Toy Story Mania FP's go very fast. If you can snag a SDD do it. TSM is a little easier to wait in line and ride.


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    Aug 8, 2018
    I find that you can just glance over prior threads and will find some prior discussion on virtually anything to do with planning your vacation. You can only pre-select 3 FastPasses each day and no amount of pre-planning will reduce the number of people at a park on any given day. Parks are generally very crowded since Disney is such a big draw for people from all over the world.


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    Jun 28, 2008
    No walk-through queue for the Falcon, sadly. If you’re a huge fan, might be worth just waiting in line and opting out before you board. The ship is supposed to be amazing – a photo op at the chess table!
  • ofcabbagesandkings

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    Aug 16, 2014
    For Fantasmic, you can book it as a FP or you could book a meal package at Hollywood and Vine that includes priority seating. We have done this and the seating area is dead center.


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    Sep 16, 2014
    Regarding DHS, the big challenge I found in planning my end of January trip was schedule conflicts in the evening. One of the pieces of advice you'll see on these boards is to hop in line for a coveted attraction right before closing time, since the line will usually be significantly shorter than its posted time. The problem is, on my evening at DHS I want to see the fireworks, and they're scheduled for 8:00 PM...with an 8:00 PM park closing. So there's zero chance I'll be able to watch the fireworks and also hop in line for something right afterward; they'll have closed the attraction lines by the time the show is over. Additionally, Fantasmic! is scheduled for the same time as the fireworks (this may or may not be the case during your trip). So I had to pick just one of the three things I wanted to do with that end of night time slot. I think they're deliberately creating a schedule conflict with the evening shows to try to split the crowds and relieve the overcrowding in both venues.

    I would start off by checking the park hours and showtimes for your trip and seeing what's even possible so you can prioritize your evening. The Disney World website has park calendars; just look under the "Parks and Tickets" tab and click "More Hours" to navigate to the calendar pages you need.

    Friendly Frog

    DIS veteran with a mouse on her back.
    Jul 31, 2005
    Regarding DHS, the big challenge I found in planning my end of January trip was schedule conflicts in the evening...
    Yes, the short park hours and conflicting times for things I want to see if making my one day at the park difficult. Sadly this is a short notice trip too, which is increasing the stress with planning.


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    Apr 29, 2009
    First things first... head over and find out about park hours for your visit...

    I use paper and pen - one sheet of paper for each day... list the parks - and - park hours for each day - included extra magic hours if you are staying at the Disney Resort - as well times for parades and fireworks...

    I do it this way so that I can see what is really happening... As well if you have Park Hoppers, you can use this advantage to see and do more....

    If you are making ADR's this is another very important thing to include in the formula for which park to start or finish the day in...

    Once you figured out where you are going to start or end up picking and choosing the ones you want the most.... then make Fast Passes...

    So for instance..

    Say AK has EMH - You can start there ( breakfast in room or on the go) and get as much as possible done, before the crowds get crazy... with out fast passes

    Then around lunch time - maybe have a nice sit down lunch character meal... It is a nice way to break up the day, and it gives everyone time to cool off and recharge a bit...

    Then maybe MK has EMH for the evening - so plan to use your Fast passes during the late afternoon, and early evening... then CS dinner, parade and fireworks.... then you can hit the rides for EMH...

    Sometimes we hit the rides while the parade and fireworks are going on... or even head out of the park depending on how the kids are handling it...

    You just have to play around with it... until you get a plan... as always even with the best laid plans stuff happens, just take in stride...
  • sebovol

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    Nov 25, 2015
    French bakery is still there..excellent. But, check out the quick service eatery at Norway. They have pastries that rival and/or exceed France.


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