It Was Worth The Shots! Trip Video Updated 1/1


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Jul 23, 2010

Siblings Take On Epcot

We found Danielle and then headed to the beach club bus stop. Since you can’t get a bus to the parks from Disney Springs we decided to go to the Beach club and walk to the international gateway. Of course we watched the bus pull away from the bus stop so we had to wait some time for the next one to come. This was quite the bus ride, the beach club was the last stop of four. We had to make stops and Swan, Dolphin, Yacht, then beach. Honestly do not recommend.
When we finally got to the beach club we enjoyed the last of the AC before we made the trek to Epcot. But first what do you know we found a bench…

The beach club is a resort thats still on my list of places to stay. So here I was leading the pack pretending like I knew where I was going. My goal was to stay in the AC as along as possible and try to find the closest door to let us out near the international gateway. One thing I noticed was the strange courtyard areas that make very weird hallways.
We headed kept heading left and came to a dead end. The door wasn’t a disney show look kind of door. But it also didn’t say CMs only. We took our chances and went through said door, this lead us to a stairwell and a door that led outside. Somehow I managed to fake my way pretty good because this doorway led us right where we wanted to be.
The walk to epcot was not a hot sweaty mess at all thanks to the clouds. Danielle has never been through the international gateway which confuses me but ok. New things are cool to try. The open area we all loved was now a hot mess thanks to the gondolas and planters everywhere!
But still no lines for bag check so I will take it.
First stop, Kiss’s choice, the pub. Why not drink away our problems sounds good to me.

We took our drinks to go and headed to future world. We had time to waste before Test Track so I suggested browsing Mouse gears. Danielle told me it was closed and I was pretty sure she was wrong. But then Kiss agreed with her so I for some reason believed them. I shouldn't have because I was right and it was still open.
I successfully left Mouse Gears without spending any money and we were off to customize a car. Our car was honestly trash…however it was high in efficiency and thats what Disney cares about. So while it was not the nicest car to look at we were scoring very well.

After test track Danielle went off to find a bathroom leaving Kiss and I to head over to the soon to be Guardians ride. Super excited for this one since its one of the only Marvel movies I actually watch and know.
When this ride does open, do not worry they have benches out front when you get tired from all that waiting. They aren’t the comfiest but the match the stone walls around it very nicely.

And while you wait for the attraction to open, heres a cute wall to take pictures with

We met back up with Danielle and we were off to Mars. Ready for launch

All I ever want to be is the one that puts everyone to sleep, like a deep slumber in space sounds like my kind of night. However I once again listened to my siblings and the job was then given to our knew friend who joined our mission. Welcome along sir, you have no clue what you just got yourself into.

It was a long trip to Mars and when we came back to Earth the sky decided to open and my siblings aren't about bringing ponchos to the parks. So love that. We hung out in the store questioning who buys the expensive rocks they have and 10 seconds later a kid came running over asking his mom if he could get one. So I guess that answered our question.
The rain didn’t last long, so we were back out and headed to the other side of future world. We decided to go on Nemo since its never a wait.

They made us squish into a clamshell and that was not fun…

After Nemo we walked around and saw our snorkel instructor from last summer out meeting guests. Wow love him. Loved him even more when he had to get Erin because she was swimming around when the group was suppose to come back.

Speaking of snorkeling Danielle was saying how her friend wanted to do that tour until she saw the price of it. Honestly the price was worth it, I loved the tour and we talked about doing it again this trip but decided not too.

The last thing we needed to accomplish at Epcot today was the land. Mostly because they just switched over the video a few days prior and everyone was talking about it on social media, what a nice crisp quality it is.
After we headed back to the resort around 5ish where Erin was lounging around after her tiring performance this afternoon.



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Jul 23, 2010
Swimming The Night Away

When we arrived back at WL it was dinner time up in the lounge and while I said shepherds pie was yesterday it was actually this night…and it was the greatest dinner.

Once we got back to the room with our food, Erin was no where to be found. So we ate our dinner in our room and then just lounged in the room. Erin ended up coming to the room with Amelia who came to use our balcony. Real life struggles when you can’t FaceTime a boy in your own room. But like do what you have to do.
Tonight was the studios after performing pool party. Basically everyone just meets up at the resort pool and hangout. So we headed to the pool around 8ish. Erin didn’t even waste a minute before jumping in. I on the other hand knew dessert would be coming out in the lounge in a half hour, so I didn’t really want to have to dry off.
Kiss and I headed back up to the lounge and for some dumb reason we thought it was be a good idea to jump up on the elevator…first off all we had this great idea going the wrong way. You’re suppose to do that going down, and I realized that mid jump. Next thing you know I was breaking my shins. The only thing that could fix that was the sugar cookies. The amount of sugar cookies I consumed this week was awful, but they were almost like half baked and delicious so I don’t regret anything.
We headed back down to the pool and the worst part about florida is that the pool is warm and not refreshing at all. But that didn’t stop us from swimming until 10:30ish.
The pool closed around 11 and I was getting eating alive by the bugs tonight. Erin and I headed back up to the room to change into dry clothes. On the way up I told Erin to jump in the elevator, she proceeded to break her legs. This is what it’s like to be my friend.
Kiss and Danielle called it an early night, so her me and Erin are trying to find our way in the dark.

We headed back out down to Geyser point to hang out. We didn’t really do anything today but we were zombies. Like we were just sitting there playing on our phones not talking. So we decided to call it a night by midnight.


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Jul 23, 2010
Running Down The Bayou

Today was an early morning for some of us. As I was planning this trip I was trying to figure out things I normally don’t do while on a Disney trip. Today was a “Lets die and run in the florida heat” kind of day. I recently talked Brittany and Erin into signing up for the wine and dine 10k in November so I thought doing a resort fun run could help in the training. Erin wasn’t about it so she slept in and Brittany was going to her 2nd cast member preview of Galaxy’s edge this morning. I managed to talk Kiss and Alish into doing the run with me.
Today we were going to French Quarter to participate in the Beignet Dash (basically because after your 1.5 mile run you got beignets). They do this fun run every sunday morning at 8am. There are a handful of resorts that do these fun runs for $15 and each one has a different "prize"
Alish picked us up around 7:30 and we got to FQ fairly quickly.
As we made our way through the lobby I saw the sign ups for another “new” activity I wanted to do but didn’t have enough time on this trip. The paint nights. Painting and drinking, two of my favorite activities.

We headed to the back of the resort by the pool and I was not prepared for the amount of people who do these runs. I thought maybe 10-20 people max. Not even close there were SO MANY people! We waited in line, signed a waver, paid and then got our race bib.

We had about 15 minutes to kill before the race started so Kiss was kind enough to take photos of us before we got all gross and sweaty.

As we were lining up Alish was telling me how it might be weird but her running music is always musicals, and apparently it runs in the family because thats what I run too. She started with a personal favorite “What the heck I gotta do” from 21 Chump street, I on the other hand had a whole musical I run to and has been a solid playlist for me. Six the Musical, a bop of a musical and I’m so excited its coming to broadway.
So with our running playlists on we were ready. They had runners in the front, walkers in the back. They counted down and we were off. We were fairly close to the front however there were some in the front that shouldn't have been, aka a lady running with a stroller. Both Alish and Kiss were able to pass her but I got stuck behind the wall…very unimpressed.
We ran from the FQ to riverside then back to FQ. They had lifeguards and recreation CMs around the resort pointing us into the direction to go. Plus the nice thing about this race was all the trees blocking the sun.

After 12 minutes and a few seconds I completed a mile and a half, and one fun run in the books. At the finish line Alish was shocked that it wasn’t even 8:15 and we were already done. I personally loved that. At the finish line they were handing out water bottles and metals. They also had a table of signs to take pictures with.

My overall thoughts: I was surprised as how well I did. I was expecting a worse time since florida in August doesn't seem like the best running conditions. Its a nice little thing offered at the resorts and it the overall process was super easy. I would recommend it if you have a free morning and are at a resort that has a fun run.

We decided to head into Sassagoula Floatworks right away before everyone finished the run. They had a system down, a manager was waiting for the runners. They had bags of beignets ready for us, so we ripped off the ticket from our bib for our 3 beignets.

We stayed to eat a beignet and cool off in the AC. Alish contemplated going to work today or not, I talked her into it because girl needs money to survive. So we headed back to WL, she didn’t have work until mid afternoon so we decided to relax by the pool and catch some rays.
When we headed to the room I was shocked to see Erin and Danielle both up eating breakfast, it wasn’t even 9 yet. However it was ham day so we love a second breakfast.
After breakfast we all headed down to the pool to fry our skin. It was a nice lazy 2 hours in the sun. I love WL main pool just for the ledge. The ledge that has the “stream” running into the pool. Its great for laying on and getting a tan, while keeping cool. About an hour in the recreation CMs came out and started to play some major throwbacks. They had some High school musical, jonas brothers, hannah montana….we were living our best lives.

Around noon we decided to head back up to the room. We all wanted to shower and get ready before heading off to the park tonight. Plus it was snack time in the lounge.

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    Jul 23, 2010
    No Matter If You’re A Little Roll

    We were off to AK around 1:30, we had dinner reservations fairly early and wanted to see Nemo the musical before our reservation. We hardly ever see Nemo, which confuses me because I actually really love it. And since all our Fps fall after our reservations we really didn’t have anything else planned to do because we all know we aren’t waiting in lines for rides.

    If you have been around for past TR you may know that I make Erin be the leader when we are AK. It has become a game for her to navigate us around the park and I wont lie some times she takes the longest way possible and its awful. But we are here for the experience.
    With that being said we had time to kill before the show, so we had Erin lead us to Nemo. Danielle was knew to this little game and did not like it at all! So while AK cranked up the heat I still made Erin lead…which wasn't the best when you have a back seat driver telling you how to get there.

    So maybe the game ended early and Erin didn’t lead us all the way to Nemo, but with the thanks of a long way to get to the theater we found a photo pass CM sad and lonely. So maybe it was worth the few extra steps.

    What we actually wished AK was feeling like today….

    As we were getting our magic band scanned the CM asked me if I got my pants over in Epcot. I told him no Amazon and he tried telling me that Amazon must have gotten them from Epcot. (Side note: found them in Morocco and they were $60…so thank god Amazon got them from Epcot cause I got them for $14)
    We then made it to the Nemo theater and had to wait outside before they started letting everyone in. Luckily this wasn’t forever, we managed to watch Colleen’s youtube video of her chopping off her hair in a miranda sings video, which then turned into chopping her hair off for Broadway.
    They soon let us in and we found a nice spot in the middle of the theater. As we waited for the show Erin had her feet up in the back of the bench in front of us. We had a little nugg in front of us who apparently just wanted to play with Erin’s feet the whole time. The mother wasn’t even noticing but once she did she scooped that kid up so fast. During this time Erin moved her feet down a bit so it was out of sight. The girl managed to wiggle free off moms lap, looked for Erin’s feet right away and noticed they were gone, looked over the back of the bench, found them, looked directly into Erin’s soul reached down and grabbed her foot. I WAS DYING!

    The show started and like always it was amazing. Two things that weren’t so hot…
    The benches, the backs are awful the are too short and my back was killing me
    Marlin and Dory did not fly today…at first I thought I just zoned out at that part but nope

    But like always we left the theater singing “THAT’S MY DAD…THAT’S MY SON!”
    Once getting out of the theater everyone was pulling out ponchos, thats never a good sign. But whatever, its Florida. We pulled off to the side and pulled out the rain gear. Jokes on us…it was the lightest sprinkle that latest for a solid 20 seconds.
    We decided at this point to just go to Yak and Yeti early because we had nothing else to do. We headed into that direction and found Brittany and Joe hanging out. First thing Brittany said “Can we do the Up show?” I’ve been putting this off for a year and was going strong. No one was really all that interested in this show except Brittany. We did have a half hour so we just did it too make her happy.
    When we were entering the theater they told us that because of weather and lightning in the area it was going to be postponed. We love that 101 life, and for some reason we still entered knowing we would be late to dinner know.

    So we sat around chatting waiting for the show to start. I sent my pants link to Brittany because she wanted a pair.
    Luckily the show wasn’t postponed to late. The show overall is impressive just for the fact that they have all the birds flying around, like good training Disney. The inclusion of of Russel and Doug was cute. I don’t know if it was because of the weather but today they weren’t on the stage and just down on the ground in front of it, so basically we couldn’t see them much.
    If you know Up then you know “A wilderness explorer is a friend to all, be it bird or fish or tiny mole” As we took it/ or heard it a tiny roll…Tiny roll…I can relate too that.
    They said this line a lot throughout the show and each time Brittany and I thought it was so funny to say “tiny roll”



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    Jul 23, 2010
    Wild Ride Looking For A Yeti

    After the Up show we headed right next door to Yak and Yeti. We checked in an waited a bit to be called before we made our way upstairs to our table. It took a while to order because no one could make up their mind about that they wanted. But after a few minutes we all made our choices.
    I decided to go with not your normal meal, I got the pot stickers with a side of noodles. The side of noodles were more than a side, it was A LOT!

    Kiss went with the dim sum basket, Danielle got the chicken masala, Brittany and Joe split something, and Erin got the lo mien

    Overall the food is always good here, but what I’ve learned is the service is not so good. So while we waited forever for our server to come around it left us with a long time to catch up.
    Since Brittany went to the Star Wars preview this morning she was telling us about her time there. This was her second time going and seemed to love it. But she said the most exciting part was when she went to the cantina and basically sat with Joey from Nsync. Casual things.
    Then we got on the topic of what the plan was for the rest of the week. Brittany started back to work the next morning educating young minds but wanted to spend as much time with us after work as she could. And then what we learned is that I’m the go to person who has all the answers when it comes to the trip.
    Once we got our checks and got our fortune cookies we headed back off into the park and first up was pandora. While we did have a FP for flight it was a joke because we got stuck in the link chamber for forever. To the point where Brittany said they should have little seats come out of the number you stand on so you can sit. Basically we were going crazy and could only listen to the beeping and “move a round a bit” so many times.

    We finally got linked with a banshee and took off, poor Brittany can’t even open her eyes on this ride without wanting to get sick. She made it through and once we got out of the gift shop we all took a group photo.

    We headed out of pandora and danced to the drum ceremony that was going on. Brittany was having to much fun because next thing you know we heard a clunk on the ground and her sunglasses broken. She was bummed but the lady behind us was more unimpressed with what happened…like why? Because it wasn’t her sunglasses that were broken.
    Right outside of the Pandora bridge is a new “wall” for Lion King. And we all know how much Disney loves their famous photogenic wall.

    But what we love is when we say be an animal and Erin decides not to join in…

    We headed back to where we came from but this time for an interesting ride on Everest.

    As we were walking through the FP line I brought up how I never get chosen for the posters. Somehow Brittany didn’t know this was a thing and didn’t believe us until she saw one change and then got mad when her name didn’t pop up…join the club.
    Everest was a wild today. Everything was going smoothly till we got to the first hill and stopped. We stopped for a while. And as soon as we stopped Joe turned around and looked at me, apparently I make all the rides break down. Casual Sam things.

    We started back up again, we were having a ball. We just went down the big drop, our train was going at full speed and right when got to the cave with the Yeti we stopped in our tracks. That was a major buzz kill. We hung out on the trek not knowing when we were going to start back up again, this time it wasn’t quite as long. Next thing we know we were entering a dark cave and the Yeti was no where to be seen. Did he call off from work today?! Possibly because we didn’t see him. But going through the cave with no lights was a wild experience.
    So after a very confusing ride on Everest we were left without a photo…well our car was. Danielle and Kiss got theres….

    After Everest Brittany and Joe decided to call it a night, Brittany had to get a goods night rest before the exciting first day of school in a brand new school. They headed out of the park and we headed to catch a Dino because catching a Yeti today was just not our thing.
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    Nov 24, 2012
    I love your pants! And $14 is definitely better than $60 lol. I may have to search them on amazon!


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    Jul 23, 2010
    A Magic Pass To Twistee Treats

    We got to Dinoland a bit early before we could use our FP. So what do you know…I found myself a bench and it gets a poor rating just because it was a plain old bench in the florida heat, plus side it was under trees so there would be shade if needed.

    As we waited I overheard a lady telling her family “If you go too early they will take you magic passes away from you” Lesson learned FP changed their name to Magic Pass and don’t scan in too early…
    It was finally our time to use our magic pass and we made sure not to go early. The stand by line said 40 mins, when we walked in there was no one. Dinosaur pranked us and we could have gone on once before our FP.
    But in the long run we couldn’t be mad because we made it back with a dino…and Erin was mid talking during the photo so that makes for one cute photo.

    After Dinosaur we planned to end our night at Nomads Lounge. We came here for the first time last July and loved it, so we had to add it into the plans this trip.
    As we headed to the other side of the park we had to stop in front of the Tree for some photos. Except our photographer of the night aka kiss seemed to not get the “Get the tree in the photo” memo.

    We had to watch a short wait to get a seat…and like always we appreciate the comfy couches here.
    I went with the boto rita - Zignum Reposado Mezcal, Combier Grapefruit Liqueur, Guava Purée, and Lime Juice
    Erin got the Lamu Libation - Starr African Rum, Cruzan Banana Rum, Guava Purée, with Orange, Lime, and Pineapple Juices topped with Gosling's 151 Rum
    Kiss got the Jenn's Tattoo - Ketel One Vodka, Watermelon, Hibiscus, and Lime Juice (he called this a Sam drink because it was very sweet)
    Danielle got the Annapurna Zing - Bombay Sapphire East Gin, Passion Fruit Purée, Mint, Simple Syrup, and Lime Juice topped with Ginger Beer and a glowing Lotus Flower (Mainly because she wanted the glowing lotus)

    As we were sitting just chilling I missed a call from Alish who seconds later called Kiss to ask where we were. She had just gotten off from work and was having an awful night. She didn’t want to go home so we told her to head over to AK.
    And as soon as she arrived she just broke down and vented for a solid 45 minutes. Second rounds were ordered and we all put in our two cents on her troubles.

    Then what we learned from tonight was as Alish would put it, She’s not Angelica Schuyler to Eliza, cause she is Burn Version of Eliza. and she is not the sister who is Elsa with a cold heart, but me. So we love that for me.
    The park was about to close and we wanted to walk around Pandora before leaving. So we paid our bill and headed out into Pandora.

    We did a walk around the land before heading out of AK for the night. On the way out we were talking about how early of a night it was going to be. And the topic of Twistee treats came up. Now I have been planning this trip for months but maybe 2 weeks leading up to it all I was saying was “All I need out of this trip was to go to Twistee Treats” and we discussed it with Alish earlier that day at the run. So the fact that we were going to Twistee Treats made my night.
    We took a trip off property and headed to Twistee Treats, a famous ice cream cone building with your basic ice cream.

    We decided to eat our ice cream on the go. We hopped back into Alish’s car and headed back to WL.

    As we were pulling up all I here from Erin is “oh no” her brownie sundae was not happy with the florida night heat and melting onto her lap. It didn’t get on Alish’s seat but as Erin would say “It looks like my water just broke”

    We headed up to our room and that's when the party just started.
    We still had a mini fridge full of shot bottles and Erin decided to read aloud all the options we had.

    Then as we were settling in for the night, we turned the lights off, and next thing I know Erin and Danielle are talking about more shots. “If you do it I’ll do it” So they proceeded to down another one…which led to Danielle having an obnoxious laughing fit and I blamed Erin for that.

    We finally called it a night because tomorrow was officially the morning we got back onto the Disney vacation lifestyle and headed to the park early.


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    Nov 24, 2012
    Nomad's lounge looks like fun. Still haven't made it there.

    How far is Twistee treats from Disney property? I'm always down for a good ice cream trip.
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    Earning My Ears
    Nov 3, 2010
    Just joining in. Great report, it sounds like so much fun. I love WL, club level would be nice if we were at the resort more.


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    Jul 23, 2010
    Nomad's lounge looks like fun. Still haven't made it there.

    How far is Twistee treats from Disney property? I'm always down for a good ice cream trip.
    I love it there, its just cozy and comfy after a long day in the park.
    Twistee treat is about 5 mins off of disney property, super close would highly recommend for your ice cream needs.

    What an awesome shot!

    Just joining in. Great report, it sounds like so much fun. I love WL, club level would be nice if we were at the resort more.
    Welcome! I'm obsessed with the lodge. I will agree, you need to spend more time at the resort in order for CL to make it worth it.


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    Jul 23, 2010
    Looking Like A Snack...A Dino Snack

    Today was our first official early morning of the trip, I ended up being the first one up today at 6:45. I headed to the old faithful, which I forgot opened at 7, so I was the first one there. AKA it was still closed but they had a cart of coffee and tea out for those early birds. This morning I also saw our new BFF christian who was a CM up in the lounge.
    I headed back to the room and waited for everyone to get a move on. We headed out a bit later then we planned because apparently I shouldn't be so quiet when I get ready in the morning that way the others would wake up. Lesson learned.
    We headed to the bus and the AK bus was not about coming this morning so by the time we got to the park the Pandora idea was out the window. We weren’t all that bummed about that because with everyone running to Pandora the rest of the park is normally dead. So while we took a nice stroll into the park we got a good laugh at all those guests who do the awkward walk jog to “beat” the crowd to Flight of passage.
    We took this opportunity to stop for that Tree of life picture with no guests around.

    Then we headed in the opposite direction of avatar and over to Everest. When we got there it was a “huge” line, guests were jumping out of line after waiting 30 seconds. The ride wasn’t open yet and I’m not sure if guests realized that they didn’t even have the queue open.
    So with that being said it was basically a walk on for us once they did open the queue.
    And it looks like the Yeti decided to come back to the mountain today.

    And this trip up the mountain left us with some brain damage as we somehow knocked our heads together. What a wake up call that was

    After everest we headed over to Dinoland USA
    “Donalds Baby Dino…” -Erin
    Wrong. real wrong. Dino….Bash, same thing?

    One thing we all appreciate is when the CMs at the dinosaur podium tell you “Welcome, come on in the dinosaurs are hungry” While some guests might find this disturbing, I questioned if they were calling me a snack because that is so sweet.

    It was a great morning, we did a little time traveling, caught tossed around like a salade, caught ourselves a dino and only two of us seemed to loose our heads

    Next we didn’t really have a plan so we headed towards Kali, but as soon as we got over there we learned that it opens later than the rest of the park. So that was a bust. Next we tried to head over for a nice train ride to Rafiki’s but once again it wasn’t opened quite yet. We were striking out left and right, but we decided to do the only other thing near by. We hardly ever do it so why night. We were off to the trails.

    First things first….this tank is my worst nightmare. All those fish made me cringe

    We found some hippos

    some zebras

    and some gorillas

    At each stop along the trail they have the wilderness explorer stops, and while we weren’t training to be wilderness explorers this day we did have fun with all the skull models they had

    If you are coming to Animal Kingdom to see animals I would recommend the trails. While I never do them, mostly because it can be way to hot and humid, getting them done early in the morning is very bearable and who doesn’t love seeing some animals. Its like the safari but without the long wait.

    After we walked around the whole loop it was almost time for the first train to take off to Rafikis planet watch and I was so ready to be reunited with the animation class.


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    Nov 24, 2012
    Sounds like a fun morning at AK minus bumping heads on Everest.

    I can't wait to hear about the animation class! Hope it's as good as the old one!


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    Jul 23, 2010
    Sounds like a fun morning at AK minus bumping heads on Everest.

    I can't wait to hear about the animation class! Hope it's as good as the old one!
    Loved the animation class because it was an animation class. It just is weird having to go to Rafikis for the class.


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    Jul 23, 2010
    Animation 101

    At this point of the day Erin ventured away from the group while we hopped in line for the wildlife express and we were on our way to Rafikis around 9:30

    On the train ride over you ride passed the safari but you get a glimpse of the back of the lion rock. And this morning we got a great view of the lion just snoozing in the back where guests couldn’t see him. Looks like we wouldn't have to ride the safari today.
    Once arriving at the planet watch we took the forever long path over to the main building. This was the first train of the morning so all the CMs were out at there specific spots to talk animals. No one was really stopping though and headed straight on until we all got to the building.

    Old Rafikis was great for short lines for characters and a group nap in the grandmother willow rooms. That all changed when it reopened. The rainforest rooms are blocked off and the character spots are no longer there. Although a poor family ventured all the way here just to be told that they don't meet there anymore.
    The main attraction is the drawing class, as it is set up right in the middle of the building. And because this was the main reason I was there I was beyond excited. So we jumped right into the line and waited for them to open up the class.
    The animation academy was one of my favorite things to do at HS back in the day and I was so mad when they decided to get ride of it to make way for star wars. When they announced that it was coming back to AK this time…I knew right away that I was going to make it here.

    We were soon let into the seating area. At first the CM was taking group numbers and pointing them to which seats to sit in, then as we waited for the class to start it was a free for all. There are a lot of chairs and it wasn’t even close to a full class.
    Since this building was not made for this attraction there are no tables to draw at and you get those huge drawing boards. That doesn’t bother me…however how close you are to people with the boards might make it difficult if it was a full class.

    If you have ever been to rafikis you may know the wall with all the animals on it. So while we waited for the class to start we started shouting out all the animals we saw, which then turned to our favorite animals and animals we would want as pets if we could. Bear cub hands down for me. Kiss said a seal and I raised him with an otter. But his over all choice would be a salamander, strange but ok.

    The class finally started, our CM came out and we were ready to get started. Today we were drawing Timon, but before we did that we watched a video about meerkats. The video was on AK’s meerkat bentley and guys he was so cute…add that to make wild animal pet list.

    The class was just like the old class, you followed along as they taught you to draw. But this time they already had the guidelines printed on the paper for you and that was the nicest thing ever!

    After our class ended we decided to go meet some animals at the petting zoo.

    We all love some friendly goats

    And kiss was in his glory when they all flocked too his side

    We decided to head back to the main land of AK and head over to lunch. I got a hold or Erin letting her know that we were headed back to wait for the train and that we would meet her over at her favorite QS on Disney property.
    As we waited for the train to arrive I took the time to rate from of the benches you can find at Rafikis

    These yellow benches are located throughout the walking path to get to the main building, so there just nice if you need to relax half way through. No back rests though so that gets points taken off.

    At the station they have the famous AK benches that you find al around the park. The thing that made this one better than the rest was the Bear posted behind it.

    Second favorite animal after bears…Elephants so we appreciate the cute statue at the train station

    RIP to the days we would catch poachers every day on Kilimanjaro

    We caught the next train and headed over to Pandora. There we found Erin outside waiting for us. It was finally time to eat and I was ready for my rice bowl. I can survive on Disney meals, as that is what I did most of this trip, however the kids bowls don’t come with the dressing. If I asked I probably get it, but I know Erin doesn’t get it so she gets it on the side for me. And I appreciate a cup of that creamy herb dressing.

    After lunch we decided to call it a day at AK because a pool afternoon was calling us. Erin decided to stay at the park and meet back up with a family from the studio. So we parted ways and headed back to WL. On our way out I stopped at the gift shop because back in December I remember them selling my favorite churro popcorn. They may have rearranged the store so I went to the one corner which was not the food corner anymore but I found my churro popcorn and we were out of the park​


    DIS Veteran
    Jul 23, 2010
    101's All Around

    When we got back to WL we grabbed some snacks and headed straight for the pool. For some reason the pool was deserted around 1ish and I was more than ok with that. Today while we tried to get catch more rays the recreation CMs made there way out and it was time for some Trivia! ABC trivia to be exact, and we dominated. More like dominated from afar as we weren’t in the actual group to win prizes.
    After an hour at the pool we were 101, so we were all kicked out of the pool area. We headed back up to our room to hang out and get ready for the night. Alish came over shortly after, Erin arrived back from AK and we all hung out, got some snacks from club level and jammed to radio disney. This is when we learned Alish sings burning up totally wrong “I’m slipping into the bottom…” um lava? but ok.
    Alish wanted to go check out the gift shop and since we weren't really doing anything we all headed down. On our way out we spotted Wendell meeting and greeting guests in the lobby.

    We headed back to the room quickly to get all our belongings for the night before we headed off to studios. While we were getting ready to walk out the door we were just doing your usual mirror pic when one of the filters was Back to School. This became a big thing for the rest of the trip. Mix back to school and nemo the musical and I give you “ITS YOUR FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL NEMO” Picture, this became a daily thing.

    Today Alish said she would be our uber to studios and we all appreciate not having to wait for a bus. I played the role of the DJ so not starting with Burnin Up would not have been ok. But when you have the 3 sisters in one car, musical are always the best way to go. So we quickly changed to “What the heck I gotta do” cause its a bop. A little hamilton and to finish the ride michael in the bathroom.

    Once we got to Studios we hung out around the front in case Brittany and Joe decided to meet up with us. They both were very excited to be able to get a slinky FP since being florida residents they can never get them. However they never made it this night because Brittany got stuck at work longer than she planned.
    After Danielle bought all the ears in the store we headed over to RnR

    It was about time for us to find some dinner so we all agreed on backlot express for some chicken strips. I got your famous childs meal and we love that. Today I made a new best friend, because honestly when don’t I when I’m in Disney? I was totally fine just waiting quietly at the counter for my food, however Gab had other plans for me and he literally jumped on top of the counter to chat. We bonded over our love for Toy story and how we refuse to wait in lines at the parks. We literally became instant BFFs and Erin was dying and made sure to comment about it as soon as we got to the table.

    Dinner was a 10 out of 10, and as we ate we watched the sky get a little dark. We then decided to make a dash to Slinky dog before the rain came and it went down.

    And our worst nightmare came true. We were 2nd group to board when the cars stopped and then announcement went off. Do we leave the line or make ourselves comfy? Well I’m not about walking out in the rain…so we made ourselves comfy.

    We kept checking the weather app to see if the storm was going to pass any time soon. I’m honestly not sure how long we waited…but it seemed like forever. When I said I wouldn't wait forever for a ride but we practically waited an hour for slinky with a FP, love that for us. Side note being stuck in a small area and not really being able to anything is awful. And the second they started running the cars everyone started cheering.
    It was all fun and games until we realized our slinky was outside so we got the joy of wet seats. That was not fun, especially when the CM are trying to pump out the cars to keep the line going. And too add to that it was still raining so those little rain pellets were no a great feeling

    We came we conquered and we headed off to our last FP of the night.

    Since Erin doesn’t ride Tower she gave Alish her magic band for her FP and it was a siblings ride to the twilight zone.

    We found Erin and headed out of the park. Alish had another night of over nights for parade, Danielle headed back to the resort, and the 3 of us decided to do another round of jellyrolls.


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    Jul 23, 2010
    Jellyrolls Take 2

    We headed out of studios around 8:30, Danielle headed back to the resort while we went to catch a friendship boat. Since the boardwalk stop is the last stop before Epcot we opted to get off at the first stop, at Swan and Dolphin and walk over to the boardwalk. When we got to Jellyrolls the girl standing out front checking IDs recognized us from the other night. So you know casually making new friends with the amount of times we are here.
    We asked our new friend what the stamp of the night was…not as cool as the trick or treat one

    It was an hour into the entertainment and it was not at all busy tonight. And on a side note tonight we weren’t sure if we would actually be coming. But when Mother Krista asked us if we would be joining obviously we would. So we found our new favorite bar stools overlooking the room and made ourselves comfy.

    It was a slow night or maybe because there was no pre-gaming for us tonight, but the song choices were just not bops. However there was a WILD birthday party sitting in the front row, literally jungle themed so thats cute?
    The music selection started picking up and we were all having a good time. Until Mike decided to pop out of no where and give us a heart attack. Lucky us this happened more than once this night. So we love that. We did though agree to do shots up in club level later since I am not about drink prices here. The visit didn’t last long though cause he needed to get popcorn for his friends.

    Like every Jellyrolls night we found ourselves taking mirror pics in the bathroom

    Throughout the night we had a solid group chat going with Krista and unlike her brother she texted us telling us that she was coming over to visit with us. We got in a huge discussion about who our favorite piano guy was. Erin liked the old one, Krista liked Scotty aka kermit, and my favorite is Rob who was not there….so Broadway Jordan is the runner up.

    We love when the smaller drinks cost more than the big 32 oz special

    The best thing to happen tonight was the conga line to Jump in the line, mostly because Beetlejuice the musical is my current bop. And because when we the line got up close to the pianos Erin realized how old the one really was.
    When we made our way back to our seat we decided to call it a night.

    And as tradition right after a night at Jellyrolls we headed down the boardwalk to the Photo Booth.

    We headed back to the lobby where Erin took care of getting the Uber while I tested out the benches…couches.

    Domingo was out front waiting for us to take us back to the lodge and it was a lovely uber back.
    Danielle was already sleeping when we got back to the room so we tried our best to be quiet. As we were all settled in for the night our phones started blowing up and Erin and I were DYING, Krista was killing us in the group chat. And the saddest thing was that we passed out before they got back to do shots…and I ended up waking up to that text the next morning.​


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