It Was Worth The Shots! Trip Video Updated 1/1


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Jul 23, 2010
Awe the jackets are really cute. Good purchase!

So what does the tattoo on your leg say?
Its actually the magic kingdom, its the train station with the castle behind it and the monorail in front. My favorite view on property.


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Jul 23, 2010
The End to a Magical Trip

We were all in need of food so we hopped on the monorail and headed over to the contemporary. At this point Brittany decided to head to the Poly to get her stuff and call it a night. I gave her my magic band so she could get into the room to get her stuff and a quick goodbye before entering the contemp. The escalator was down because of the redoing of the bag check area. So because of this we got to take the somewhat sketchy looking stairs.

The trip to contempo cafe was a waste of time because it didn’t really have anything we wanted. So we headed back to the monorail and decided to grab dinner at Captain cooks and just take it back to the room. And since I already had the nachos today I thought getting them again would be a little too much. So instead I got a kids meal of the plastic cheese because the mac and cheese seems too my go to now.

When we got back to the room we found a note from brittany with my magic band next too it.

Here’s too only six mondays too get through till we were all back again.
Dinner in bed while you watch Cinderella is definitely not a bad way too end your Disney trip

Around 10 minutes before the fireworks we decided to head down to the beach. Honestly with room location we could have just watched them from the bed but we decided to do something other than lay around in the room for the rest of the night.

There was a good lightning storm going on and it was a huge party of people waiting for the show too start. We grabbed some towels from the pool area and joined all the other guests.

I love watching the fireworks from main street but being able to just head right back the room when it ended was a serious game changer.

We however did not head back to the room right after. Alish headed home and we hung out on the beach for a good while. And this was probably one of my favorite nights of the trip. We weren’t in a park, we weren’t tired and waiting for a bus after a long day in the parks. We were just enjoying the warm summer night, the quiet sounds of the Polynesian, it was just a peaceful night that made me not want to go home in the morning.

The beach became instantly deserted after the fireworks ended, we just walked down the beach and found ourselves making a new friend with a CM who got stuck cleaning up after the fireworks.

We headed over to the lava pool for one last entrance

We headed into the lobby quickly because kiss wanted a picture with the tiki god

Then we found ourselves in the gift shop. It only seemed fitting to get a least one thing that said Polynesian on it too prove that I actually stayed here once. I ended up picking up a mug and it was a solid purchase.

Nemo, let’s document the time when we romped around the Poly just because we could

We headed back to the room around 11. And it was the sad part of the trip where you know its over and you need to pack up. Luckily for us we didn’t have much to pack up. I laid everything out that I needed and left everything else by the door.

Tonight we left the blinds open, and I was shocked because it was Erin’s doing and she is the one that needs it to be pitch black. But I guess when you have the castle all light up right outside you window you don’t really want to hide that. It was a magical sight to fall asleep too.

My alarm went off at 4:15 am. It is too totally different moods from getting up that early for Disney and leaving Disney. Yes the tragical express was coming to get Kiss and I at 4:50 am. Erin still had practically the whole day in Disney and Galaxys edge too explore. Me on the other hand was headed off to work when I got home.

It was dead quiet at the poly as we rolled our suitcases to the bus stop. And it was a sad morning at the poly when the tragical express pulled up, but the saddest wasn’t as bad as it normally is because I was still asleep at this point.

Napped on the bus ride back to the airport, had to check our bags in once we got there. The southwest guy got a good chuckle at my 49.5 pound bag, I blame the halloween candy.

The only good thing about this morning was chickfila

The flight home was the 2.5 hour nap I needed because when I got home I had just enough time to quickly change then I headed too work. Everyone thought I was crazy, so did I but when I walked into my classroom and all my tots where so excited too see me it made it worth it, plus the fact that when I got there it was nap time. And I only had to get through 6 more mondays until I was back in Disney celebrating Halloween!!!

And with that this TR comes to and end, took long enough.
But not too fear we have 2 trips waiting to be written about. Halloween and the Wine and Dine 10k!

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Jan 28, 2005
I always enjoy reading your trip reports and look forward to the next one. Thanks for sharing.

Lesley Wake

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Mar 16, 2017
Finally finished! Glad you had a fun time at the Poly! And have a great time in Asia - I saw on insta you booked it!


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