Just a Couple of Childless (for the week) Millennials, Here to Ruin the Fun for Families *COMPLETED 1/5*


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Jan 2, 2014
Hello and welcome to my newest TR. This is my tenth TR here on the DIS, links in my signature below. This trip was a very different one for us. We left our kids behind and toured The World at a much more leisurely pace. We were able to experience new things and old favorites and just generally have an amazing time.

Our Cast


I am the wrangler of children, Disney trip planner extraordinaire, Disneyoholic, and narrator of this here trip report. I have loved Disney all my life. I was lucky enough to live in California until I was 8 and visited Disneyland a few times. My family took our one and only Disney World trip in 2001. Once I entered high school I became too cool for Disney and didn’t really pick up the obsession again until my second baby was born and I decided we HAD to go to WDW. Planning that trip, I of course got bitten with the bug, and I have been obsessed ever since., even turning my hobby into a career.


Joe was not a Disney nut at any point in his life, until now that is. He is however, a Marvel and Star Wars geek. I will never forget the moment on our first trip when we were walking through the hub, and he turns to me and says, “I get why you love this so much”. He has slowly become just as obsessed with me, I have even caught him researching :scared1: . It’s always funny when he comes across something and needs to tell me about. I think he forgets what I do sometimes. He supports our Disney habit as a rental manager at a trucking company. This trip was to celebrate him finishing his college degree.

Trip Details:

July 27th-August 3rd

Coronado Springs, King bed, Preferred Room

7-day park hoppers

I hope you will join us in reliving our summer adventure at Walt Disney World, where we could leave all our cares behind and be kids for the week.


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Aug 14, 2006
Popping over from your last report. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures
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    Jul 31, 2011
    Yay, I'm so excited that you're starting your trip report!

    Also, :rotfl2: :rotfl: :thumbsup2 on your trip report title! Hysterical! My next trip will be my first in YEARS where I am traveling with a small child and therefore not "ruining the fun for families!" (Although, technically, I am not considered a millennial by a year or two depending on the definition, so perhaps that gives me an out! :laughing:)
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    Jan 2, 2014
    Popping over from your last report. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures
    Thanks for following along again!

    I absolutely love love the title!!!! I can't wait to read more!
    Thank you!

    Love the title! :rotfl2::rotfl::lmao:

    Can't wait to read about your kid-free trip!
    Thanks, I write what I know :rotfl:

    Joining in! Can't wait to hear how the trip went!
    Welcome, nice to have you along for this one too.

    Great title - my hubby and I also like to ruin the fun for families! Cannot wait to read more!
    :rotfl2:Love it!
    Joining in!
    Yay, I'm so excited that you're starting your trip report!

    Also, :rotfl2: :rotfl: :thumbsup2 on your trip report title! Hysterical! My next trip will be my first in YEARS where I am traveling with a small child and therefore not "ruining the fun for families!" (Although, technically, I am not considered a millennial by a year or two depending on the definition, so perhaps that gives me an out! :laughing:)
    Thanks for joining, and I am glad to hear you will no longer be a menace to the Disney society now that you have a child :rotfl2:

    Love this! (We love ditching our kids for adult only vacations, too! 😛)
    I mean honestly it's the best. We love our kids, but they make for tougher vacations.

    Joining in!!!
    Hi Alexis, thanks for coming along for the ride.


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    Jan 7, 2008
    sounds like it is going to be a great report!


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    Jan 2, 2014
    Following along
    sounds like it is going to be a great report!
    Thank you, glad to have you along for the ride.

    Joining in!

    My DH is slowly coming around but he also loves Marvel and Star Wars so that helps!
    Hopefully he;ll get there. Lots of new Marvel and Star Wars things to help him along as well.

    I'm following along (but mostly out of jealousy of a child-free trip!!!!)
    Nice to have you, we are very lucky to have our child-free trips.



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    Jan 2, 2014
    Please pretend to direct your attention up here

    Our story begins in the wee hours of Saturday, July 27. I had planned on going to bed very early so I could get a good night’s sleep. However, I stupidly decided to check a Disney forum (not the DIS:blush:) that was talking about the MK villains after hours event, and all first hand accounts were terrible. Joe and I had planned on doing the event on our trip, but I was waiting to buy tickets until we arrived on property. Not wanting to spend almost $300 on an event and then come out feeling like it was a waste of money, I spent the hours I should have been sleeping, stressing out about moving our plans around. In the end, I got around 3 hours sleep.

    We set many alarms, afraid we wouldn’t be able to get up.

    In the end they were unnecessary, because Joe woke up at 2:00 am and I was up at 2:30. We got ready and finished our last minute packing.

    The boys and my mom, who was watching our boys, were asleep and we had said goodbye to them the night before. But our sweet kitty was up and about, so I said a goodbye to her.

    We ended up leaving early than we planned, due to our early rising, and it was an uneventful ride to the airport. I told Joe one his surprises was the AH event, and we discussed what to do. In the end, we decided to not go and, while it meant a last minute adjustment of our plans, it worked out. I should also mention that this trip was to celebrate Joe's completion of his Bachelor's Degree. I had planned four surprises for his during the trip, one of which was the AH. He didn't know about any of them, but I needed to ruin that particular surprise, so I could make an informed decision on whether it would be worth it.

    Less than a hour after we had left the house, we were at the airport and through security. None of the food places were open yet, so we walked around trying to wake up some more. Flight was on time:thumbsup2.

    When the food places opened at 4:30, I got in the VERY long Chick-Fil-A line, while Joe went over to Dunkin Donuts. After our food was acquired, we got in the Starbucks line for coffee. Once we had our breakfast, we found spots near the gate to enjoy them.

    First couple selfie of the trip, be prepared there are many of them.

    Right on time, we were ready to board. Since we were flying Southwest we had purchased early bird and gotten position A 28 and 29. We were able to score 2nd row seats together, but as usual it was a sold out flight, so were weren’t alone.

    On the plane selfie.

    We had a really awesome flight crew on this trip. During the safety spiel they asked us to pretend to direct our attention toward the front:lmao:. Our flight attendant was so attentive, and asked up if we needed anything more and to just call her if we needed anything. It almost felt like we were in first class with the level of service.

    I watched the last season of Orange is the New Black that had dropped the day before and enjoyed my cookies and Coke for an early morning snack.

    At the end of the flight, they welcomed us to Orlando and sang the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song. We were able to walk right on to the MCO peoplemover, and I even got to sit up front.

    This would be Joe’s first time riding on the Magical Express, and only my second time so we were alert to all signs telling us where to go.

    Since we always go out the A side, we never pass the WDW sign, this time I stopped for a picture.

    We found out a few days later that this is now behind a wall and under construction, I wonder if it will change?

    We were getting closer to the Magical Express and the anticipation was building.

    I can never fully relax until we get to our resort when we drive, but now I felt at ease right when we landed because I knew Disney would take care of the rest. The line was long to check into the Magical Express, but soon we were direct to this line.

    The line was long and unfortunately we were told that the bus was pretty fully and we would have to split up if we wanted to get on. It may seem silly, but I was so excited for it to be just the two of us on vacation, I didn’t want to split up so we opted to wait for the next bus and let the couple behind us get on.

    The wait actually wasn’t too bad, probably an extra 15 minutes, and we passed the time sharing Joe’s earbuds and listening to music. Sadly, we had to pass up the beautiful new Magical Express bus and got put on old Mears bus. I was sad not to get the Magical Express movie on the way there, but this is the price I had to pay to sit with Joe. The first two seats didn’t have a sign that it was reserved so we snagged those and then settled into our seats.

    We did have to wait another 15 minutes or so, before the bus was loaded and we were able to leave the airport. Soon we were passing under a sight that I think is rivals Cinderella Castle for how excited it makes me.

    The bus stopped at Pop Century first and bus got stuck behind a lot of people unloading, it took us awhile to get out of there. An hour after we got on the bus, we were seeing this beautiful sight.

    We didn’t spend much time checking out the new tower, we knew we would be back. We had gotten a text on the bus that our room was ready, so we took the walkway over to El Centro.

    I found the hidden Mickey, then we continued on to our room.

    I had requested casitas 1, upper floor. Sadly we weren’t granted building one, but building 2 which was quite a walk from Gran Destino and El Centro. As we walked, I couldn’t get over how beautiful this resort was though.

    When we got to the room we found the letter from the manager and a Mickey towel, which I haven’t seen since our trip in 2015.

    Here is our room.


    I was in love with the room. It was so modern feeling, and there was so much room and storage. We did find someone’s old magicband under the desk, which made me suspect how clean the room was. I examined the rest of the room and it seemed pretty clean, so we chalked it up to an oversight. After our room tour, we freshened up and made our way over to the bus stop, for Joe's first surprise of the trip.


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