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Apr 9, 2003
DW and I planned this trip 6 days ahead of time
... Yep, we bought APs. I didn’t see that coming, but we’re gonna be at WDW for a week in January too so it kinda made sense
... The entrance construction at MK and Epcot adds a lot to the walking one does in a day, especially for people like me who always wind up parking way far down at the end of an aisle. Trams aren’t much good at either park
... Skyliner worked great every day. For the most part we were always given our own gondola. Anybody else notice that the gondolas are the most private public place on property?
... SWGE theming blew me away. Didn’t ride MFSR but I figure I’ll catch it in January
... Rode SDD with a 35 minute wait close to closing
... Stayed off site at Red Lion on 192. Nice place. Our third stay there. Super cheap. I’ll stay there again
... We had four park days (full or partial) and spent most of the time in MK and DHS. Didn’t make it over to AK at all. What a joyous and satisfying trip!
... Spirit Airlines gave us a nice ride home but I’m still not convinced their business model works for me
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