Lilly Belle railroad car


Earning My Ears
Dec 7, 2019
Can you still ride the Lilly Belle by getting into the park super early and getting to the station really fast? I’ve heard it’s part of a tour that is closed, but I’m wondering if it’s still running normally. I’m going December 28-30.

If not are there any special, unique things you guys suggest I do? I’ve ridden front of monorail, piloted mark twain, had dole whip in tiki room, gone on my birthday, and done all the rides (except Star Wars Land which I’m planning to do)


Jul 23, 2012
Riding the Lilly Belle is part of the Grand Circle Tour which is on hiatus and will return sometime next year. Don't forget to get your free birthday button when you visit. Do you like fine dining? You might enjoy dinner at the Chef's Counter at Napa Rose. Have you taken the Walk in Walt's Footsteps Tour? Or the Holiday Time Tour? Those are really fun. WOC Dessert Party? F! Dining Package? So many fun and special things to do at DLR!


Ever which way but loose
Feb 10, 2008
About 13 years ago, we did a Walk in Walt’s Steps tour. The guide and I were talking about the Lilly Belle. She explained to me, that she was not allowed to ask to ride in the coach.
Well, when it came to the portion part of the tour with the train ride. We walked to New Orleans Square station. While at the station, the train pulled in and it happened to have the Lilly Belle attached. Once of the Cast Members, asked the guide if we wanted to ride in Lilly Belle. So we did. But I do know it’s not an advertised part of that tour. We were just lucky. I remember her telling me, that normally didn’t happen at that time.


DIS Veteran
Jul 8, 2013
They stopped doing that with the train a few years ago now. As mentioned above it’s only part of that tour now.


DIS Veteran
Jul 23, 2008
How about riding in the end of the monorail (different view), have a tinder ride on the train, depending on when you go, spend a day eating nothing but special offerings of foods.


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