Magic Kingdom Two Days In A Row

Ellie Webbs

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Apr 26, 2019
Maybe use the extra time to have a really relaxed sit down ts meal for dinner and maybe brunch? Jungle skipper gets good reviews and the plaza breakfast looks tasty..


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May 3, 2017
With the early park closing times... We sometimes did a last ride at a premium attraction near park close in order to extend our park time. For instance, we did Mickey Minnie Runaway Railroad at just a few minutes before park close, and instead of 8pm, we were leaving the park about 8:45. You could also linger at the park for a bit to shop or shop at your hotel or DS.

I believe there are also certain in park restaurants that will let you to continue to dine past park hrs. But for us, we were more considering between DS, eating at our hotel or surrounding hotels on the Boardwalk, or Uber Eats.

Fantasia putt putt was open (but not WinterSummerland). I think AMC is now showing films, and Splitville bowling is open at DS. You could go for a swim, although I think most Disney hotel pools are from 9-9? At the Swan, ours closed at like 10pm (one rep told me midnight and another said 10), and I think our Pop Cent. pools were 9pm.

My wife was content most nights (being back at our room earlier) with the food network on or a movie, laying in bed with a book, while I tried to get our stuff/snacks organized for the next day.


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Mar 21, 2012
I always take at least 2 days for MK. I like to focus on Fantasyland/Tomorrowland one day and Adventureland/Liberty Square the other. IMO this is the park that is most difficult to “do” in just one day because of the sheer number of attractions. I realize, though, this might not be the case in COVID times.
This is pretty much exactly what we do every single trip. It really allows us to take out time and makes us feel more immersed in the themed areas instead of running from one major attraction to another. As our kids have gotten older and we have started doing trips as a couple we like to take our time a little more and enjoy things we used to view as a waste of time.

I haven't really been keeping track of what is still open and running but there are lots of cool little shops in the Liberty Square area that we like to visit when we are not hurrying. I'm not sure if they still the outdoor patriotic muppet show but that was GREAT! Obviously the Hall of Presidents is right there and it's either very interesting or a good nap spot. We always enjoy a meal at LTT and also like going upstairs at the Harbor House. They have lots of a awesome decor inside that we like to check out now and then. My wife really likes the little Haunted Mansion shop.

In Adventureland we have caught the little outdoor pirate show before and that was cool. I like doing the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House and the Tiki Room. We like to get the pineapple upside down cake with the dole whip and find a nice shady spot to sit and eat.


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Oct 30, 2019
I’m thinking about a 3 night trip to WDW. It was supposed to be DL, but I’m afraid it might not reopen by the time of my trip next month. Thinking about staying at Contemporary and going to MK two days in a row. Give me some things you would do at MK for two days. First thought that comes to mind is riding the trolley (never have) and spending a few hours exploring every store on Main St.
Do you think it will be too much?
It would not be too much, try to enjoy each section if the park, get a snack and look around enjoying the atmosphere of each section, like a Nutella waffle in Liberty square, and a dole whip in adventure land and just kinda soak in each area since you have the time to do so.
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