March 2020 - Scrapbook Challenge


Scrapbook Mom
Dec 28, 2005
Let's SPRING into month with new pages! Stretch your imagination & enjoy your crafting time!!!

Please join our monthly scrapbook challenge!

All pages 6x6 or larger count :)

Goal Total for March: 237

Actual Completed Total: 388

Scrapper Goals:

Amandaleigh2: 10 :flower3:
C.beara: 7 :flower3:
Chae: 20 :flower3:
concertkatie: 5 :flower3:
Jeniferdwn: 25
Melissa55: 50
Poppins2000: 20 :flower3:
PrincessNancy96: 100 :flower3:

Pages completed:
Amandaleigh2: 12
C.beara: 11
Chae: 43
concertkatie: 48:worship:
Melissa55: 43
Poppins2000: 21
PrincessNancy96: 210
Met goal: :flower3:

Leader: :worship:
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  • PrincessNancy96

    Scrapbook Mom
    Dec 28, 2005
    Way to go everyone!!!

    I've done 118 already this month!! I'm catching up on a lot of LOs photos had already been printed for and most of them I have to do 4 LOs at a time for each of the family members books.... the kids won't have to fight for LOs later in life!! They'll need U-hauls for all their scrapbooks!

    I'm updated to here!! Keep up the good work!!! I'll check in later this weekend and if not for sure on Monday!!
  • PrincessNancy96

    Scrapbook Mom
    Dec 28, 2005
    Updated to here!

    Keep up the good work.. I know this social distancing is difficult and sometimes inconvenient but it is necessary to bend the curve and safe lives! Thank you for doing your part!


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