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Aug 18, 1999
Hi everyone!
Many of you have commented that the boards have a different feel to them and we have been thinking of making some changes that we hope will not only address that, but make some positive changes to the DIS boards that change that negative feeling and bring a fresh positive approach to it. And that is what all of this about, the best interest of the DIS all around. We want to try to move some traffic from "heavy" boards and try to rejuvenate some others.

So without further ado, here are the changes:

Dan Murphy will be moved from the Community Board to the Inspiration Board
robinrs will remain on the boards she currently has and join Dan on the Inspiration Board
snoopy will moved from the Inspiration Board to the Community Board
Patrick IL will leave Debate and move to Resorts
Sue Ellen will be added to Cast Members
JudyfromBoise will be removed from Inspiration and be added to Theme Parks, Attractions & Strategies and Disneyland
Nikole will be removed from Inspiration
SteveH will be removed from Resorts

PLEASE note that just because an individual is not moderating a board, does NOT mean that they won't be posting on that board. And please feel free to join your friends on their newly assigned boards too!

Thank you so much to all of our moderators who do an outstanding job that they do for FREE (yes I said FREE) simply because of their love for Disney and the DIS! They are all terrific individuals and we may not say it enough, but THANK YOU!!!

Please join me in welcoming the newly assigned moderators to their new boards and thanking those who are moving to a new assignment for all of their contributions!!


Assistant Webmaster DIS
Community Board Co-Moderator


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