Mickey's christmas party or no?


Aug 24, 2016
Hey guys
We have a 4 day cruise coming up in december and looking to tack on a few days prior at disney/Orlando. We have been before and only plan on doing 1 day magic kingdom, maybe 1 day at animal kingdom. If we only do the 1 day at magic kingdom, should we just go to the christmas party? We have never been and it would be about 30$ cheaper per person. We typically like to go at rope drop and wander around going on a few rides, have lunch there and leave around 3. We have 2 young girls (4, 7). The only thing I'm worried about the christmas party is that it would be a later night. We would be heading to the cruise port the next morning. There is also a christmas party the day we get off the ship as well. We are not night people. But we do really want to experience the christmas party....any advice?


DIS Veteran
Apr 29, 2019
The parties are crowded, many say, more so than during the regular park hours. Just a thought, the party starts at 7 but you can get in at 4. The party runs till midnight. Would the girls stay up that late and wake early next morning, for the cruise?

If you really want to go, go! Have fun, create some magical memories with the family. Always remember vacations are about making memories!


Sep 23, 2009
I love MVMCP, and it would be my choice if I was looking for a single MK visit. However, i would not feel like I got my money’s worth if I didn’t get in at 4 pm and at least last through the fireworks. Just MY opinion, though.

I love the absence of the FP hassle, and that there are warm drinks and cookies in abundance when you’d like s snack with reaching into your wallet. The whole atmosphere appeals to me, although I do miss the morning hours in the park that day.

I would recommend bringing along or renting a stroller. Protecting your little one from exhaustion can make a late evening a lot more enjoyable.


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