Missing out on romantic times at Disney


Apr 12, 2009
Growing up Gay sure was a strange adventure... becoming an old forgotten queen is even stranger, at times!

The thing is, I'm single. I've been single for something like 15 years. I'm not the I-am-not-in-a-committed-relationship-but-I-date kind of single... I'm the... I'm-not-interested-at-all kind of single.

I think at some point I got to the "oh HELL NO" and "aint nobody got time for that!" point in my life where I just didn't feel like that type of relationship was going to do me much good, or was even feasible. ("No one would want me anyway, really!")

That's not to say I've never been in love. I look back extremely fondly on former relationships from my much younger days. But that was all a long time ago.

People that know me don't understand, though. They keep telling me to "get out there" and find someone... and they can't seem to fathom it when I tell them it's just not where I am in my life and possibly never will be again. The thing is, I'm totally comfortable with that! I'm totally comfortable with that except for just once in a while... once in a while when I'm at Disney.

Perhaps its the memories of sharing Disneyland with my one greatest love back in the 90's, or perhaps it's selfish jealousy of seeing couples enjoy a great romantic time at Walt Disney World... but sometimes... just once in a while... I feel like I'm missing out.

While I appreciate going to Disney with friends, family, and colleagues, I can't help thinking about how awesome it must be to be there with your romantic interest, partner, significant other, husband, whatever...

Just sometimes though. Like when watching illuminations, eating at California Grill, or watching the animals from a savanna room balcony. For just a second I'll allow myself to think about that... and imagine what it could be... for just for a second.

If you've never been to Disney with a romantic-interest... does anything like this ever cross your mind?
(Maybe its just me...)


Mar 24, 2017
Not just you. I have a BF, but he doesn't really care about all of these things. The last trip to WDW I did on my own. On one hand, I didn't need to worry about what he wanted to do, if he was tired or hungry or grumpy...didn't need to worry about anyone but me. To coin a phrase, I did me and enjoyed every second of it.

Did I miss him? Yes and no. And I know how that sounds.

What crosses my mind is having a partner who has the same interests and loves as I do and doing the park with him. That day is likely to be close, so we'll see...


DIS Veteran
Aug 3, 2016
I fall into I-am-not-dating-but-open-to-dating-but-not-doing-anything-about-it category.

Back in the late 90's, my partner (now ex for about 18 years) and I went to WDW 4 different times. We always enjoyed ourselves and had a great time. Granted times were different 20 years ago and we would never have thought about showing affection or holding hands when in the parks or restaurants. The one exception would have been the one Gay Days trip we did.

Fast forward to 2016 and since then I have done a few semi-solo trips to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World over the last 2 years. My semi-solo trips have included me being at WDW for a day or so before friends joined me, or attending a DIS event at Disneyland or WDW and then hanging out with other DISers (but spending time by myself) or going to WDW for MNSSHP and doing a trip by myself. But having been to a couple of DIS events I have met some wonderful people and we coordinate some of our trips so we can hang out together. I even planned a specific Universal Studios Orlando trip with a DIS friend from LA.

While hanging out with other friends has been great and I look forward to future trips, I still would like to have someone special to share the experiences with. I am doing the DIS exclusive ABD trip this Nov/Dec. It would have been great to have a partner on this trip just to help on the cost (single supplement can be costly). But I know I will have a great time with friends on the trip.

In my April trip to Disneyland, I spent one afternoon with Tyler and Katrina (from the DIS) and then some other DIS friends on Saturday. Those were probably two of my favorite memories from that particular trip. I just had a relaxing time spending time with friends. Would it have been better with a bf? I think so, but overall I wouldn't trade those memories for anything.

When going to Disneyland, I see where the LGBTQ community is a lot more visible. I see same-sex couples walking hand in hand through the park or cuddling up together in queues. It was odd seeing this at first, but my jaded/cynical heart thaws a little bit every time I see this.

I do look forward to the day that I do have a bf/partner/husband that I can take to a Disney park and share my love and enthusiasm. Hopefully he will have that some love and enthusiasm.


Apr 12, 2009
Well... Glad it's not just me. I've been to Disneyland a couple of times by myself, and always had a great time. That's always an option!
I may just have to take a trip down to The World by myself one of these days... just because!


Tee-Eye-double Guh-err
Jan 28, 2007
Hey AlexMouse! I'd say this to you: As a single, you are missing out. But, as a person in a relationship, i miss out on things too! Everything in life has pros n cons, and it's only natural to look at things from a different point of view from time to time.. .but that doesn't necessarily mean you should change your position. I was in a relationship for 5 years, then widowed and single for 12, now into my latest relationship for 20 years, so I've experienced both being single and being in relationship for long stretches at a time. When I was single I loved doing things like WDW,etc. with friends, since I found it was more fun to share sharing the experience with someone. Things have definitely changed since I was growing up in the 80's, it's a brave new world now (and a little too close to the Alex Huxley version for my liking...lol) and we are free to choose whatever path we like!! So beat your feet with or without someone next to you...life is a dance of joy either way!!


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