Mobile Phone - Sim PAYG or Monthly contract


Earning My Ears
Jul 8, 2019
Hi All,

First time posting on this board (well actually posting on any board) so apologies if this is the wrong forum or if this isn't formatted correctly for the boards. Anyway, I've been to Orlando twice before (once in 2016 and again in 2018), just booked flights to return May next year and I'm super excited. When I've been previously, I was pleasantly surprised to see that majority of places we went had WIFI. We used Uber to get about for the most part. My only issue when I was there was once we had ordered an uber, we went out to the disney car parks and lost the Wifi when the car was coming so it didn't update for us. On the plan I'm on at the moment, it was costing me £5 a day to add some data on while out there. I've seen on a facebook group that some UK visitors have taken out a 3 PAYG sim for the visit as they seem to cover the roaming in the top up that's used. I was just wondering if anyone had tried this and if it was worth it? My contract ends for my phone next month and I'm dropping down to SIM only with Vodafone and depending on the 3 PAYG feedback, depends on the SIM only I'll take out.

Thanks in advance. I hope the above makes sense


DIS Veteran
Nov 16, 2011
We used the 3 PAYG sim last year, it worked brilliantly for us. The only reason we got it was for ordering ubers, but I suppose it could be good to use in the WDW parks as well as the wifi can be really patchy. We struggled a lot trying to order our quick service meals on the disney app as the wifi was constantly dropping out.

Also, when you order ubers in Orlando you need to be in the pick up location when you order it as it can literally be there in seconds. If you're not there you'll be charged a cancellation fee.


Aug 19, 2013
We got a 3 PAYG last year and it was great for using in the parks as wifi is patchy at best! Since getting back, I have actually switched by UK SIM to be on 3 contract - unlimited data, calls and texts for £20 per month - including tethering ... now we have also got rid of our home broadband and just use the phone tethering!



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