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Nov 13, 2019
We were already planning on having two rooms since it's significantly cheaper than a suite, and realized there might be a better of doing a meal plan: Room #1 with 1 real adult, 1 Disney adult, and 1 kid all on the normal DPP, and Room #2 with 1 real adult without a meal plan. The idea then would to share TS credits for the two real adults and pay out of pocket as necessary for the Disney adult and kid that would get full eating off kids menu.

From this thread that seems like it shouldn't be an issue, but not sure if any flags would be raised by real adult using a Disney adult TS credit on the normal (not Deluxe) plan or splitting the bill with one for adults and another for the kids.
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Apr 29, 2019
There is nothing to distinguish a "Disney adult" from an adult. At TS meals a child age 3-9 will be required to order from a child menu. You can use 2 adults ts credits, and the "1" kids credit, per meal and will only have to pay out of pocket for 1 " kid".

You will however be charged accordingly for the "Disney" adult (adult prics) at character meals, buffets, all you care to eat, prix fix e priced meals, as well as dinner show.

There is no reason to split the bill by kids meals and adult meals. Just let your server know that you would like to use 2 adult credits and 1 child credit and pay out of pocket for one child.


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Aug 17, 2005
If I was plannning to book two rooms, I would consider the DxDDP on the room with one adult, no plan on the room with the rest of the family, and I woudl pay OOP for the extra food. WIth the regular plan you get 1 TS meal and 1 CS meal, plus 2 snacks per night. With the DxDDP you get 3 TS per night, and 2 snacks. You could do some math and see what is most cost effective for your group.


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