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Earning My Ears
Apr 20, 2020
I have a post about my ideas for Disney+ shows/movies based on Disney Park attractions. Here's my dream list for shows/movies that are spinoffs or sequels from other Disney shows/movies! Feel free to add your own =)

  • Ariel & Eric - Series based on Ariel and Prince Eric from the upcoming live-action movie after they get married.
  • Newsies Strike Again - Musical series based on the 90s movie Newsies (could cast actors from the Broadway show)
  • Scamp’s Adventures - Kids series based on the animated Lady and the Tramp sequel but in the style of the live-action Disney+ remake
  • Cinderella’s Royal Fairytales - Series based on the live-action remake after Cinderella marries the prince and becomes a princess.
  • The Nutcracker and the Four Realms - 4-part miniseries with each part based on a realm (Land of Sweets, Land of Snowflakes, Land of Flowers, Land of Amusements).
  • Tales From The Enchanted City - This series would focus on on the live-action couples from the movie Enchanted (Giselle & Robert and Edward & Nancy) living in NYC.

  • Around the Riverbend - This animated series would feature Pocahontas and her animal sidekicks before the Brits came.
  • Down the Bayou - A spell is put on Tiana and Naveen from Princess and the Frog that turns them back into frogs. This series would be about their adventures back in the bayou as frogs.
  • The Arendelle Diaries - This series would follow the adventures of the Frozen characters after the sequel (Anna as queen and Elsa’s adventures in Ahtohallan).
  • Belle’s Magical World - They originally had planned a Beauty and the Beast animated show. I would love to see it as a full series!
  • Whale Tales - A Finding Dory spinoff prequel series about the Bailey the beluga whale and Destiny the whale shark at the Marine Life Institute. I’ve always been curious about their relationship because they share a tank and other animals apparently can get in lol so other aquarium characters can make appearances.
  • Baby Dory - Another Finding Dory spinoff prequel series. She’s just too cute and needs her own show lol. It would probably be for kids.
  • Moana’s Island Adventures - This movie definitely needs it’s own show!
  • Land of the Dead with Dante - These short episodes would follow Dante, the dog from Coco, exploring the afterlife with other spirit guides. The colors would be so beautiful and the episodes would have no dialogue, just entertaining scenarios.
  • Onward with Waithe - As Disney’s first openly LGBTQ animated character, she needs her own spinoff series! The title is a double entendre.

  • Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas - A live-action movie of the animated sequel with the live-action cast (the story would need to be beefed-up).
  • Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella - This version is so great I wouldn’t mind a modern remake.
  • Model Behavior - Random movie that I used to love that would be a fun remake.

  • Disney Prince series - Disney princes are often pretty stereotypical and one-dimensional (unless they’re the main character like Aladdin). I would love a series of movies where each one went into a Disney prince’s backstory before they met their princess (Florian, Charming, Philip, John Smith, Li Shang, Naveen, Eugene, Kristoff).
  • Ursula vs. Triton - The original story was that these two were actually siblings so this movie would explore their backstory when they were princess and prince and their falling out.

  • Hallowentown: 25 Years Later - Halloweentown was so great! I would love to see the original cast (and Debbie Reynolds’ granddaughter Billie Lourd) come back for a movie about Marnie’s kid or something. The title is kind of a take on the horror film Halloween H20: 20 Years Later lol.
  • The Fortieth Year - I used to love the movie The Thirteenth Year so this would be a sequel all these years later. When Cody reaches 40, he starts turning back into a merman.
  • Smart House 2.0 - Also used to love Smart House and with all the new tech we have (literal smart houses) this could be an interesting remake in today’s world.
  • Johnny Tsunami The 3rd - This movie would be about Johnny Kapahaala’s son but it would be opposite of the original movie (Johnny wants his son to be a surfer like him but he’s more like his grandfather, Johnny’s dad, who is more nerdy and techy).
  • Jumping Ship (Again) - A sequel to Jumping Ship. The Lawrence brothers get back together to make a movie about their characters owning and operating a yacht and the misadventures that happen with their customers when they become shipwrecked again.
  • Troy - Okay, this would never happen but I loved High School Musical lol and I’m always annoyed that Zac Efron doesn’t participate in anything about it even though the rest of the cast does. So this would be a movie about where Troy ended up. It would be funny if he rebelled against musical theater after high school or something and the movie is about him finding his that passion again.
  • Wish Upon a Star - Used to love this movie, would love a modern take on it.

  • Bug Juice: Back to Camp - A reality show that catches up with the original cast and invites them back to camp to reunite and participate in camp activities as adults.
  • In A Heartbeat - This was a very underrated Disney Channel show about a high schoolers who volunteer on an EMT squad. It would be great to see that rebooted for kids today.
  • Smart Guy - Awesome show, would love to see where TJ ended up!
  • Sister, Sister - I also loved this show. Would be interesting if the twins had a falling out and each of their children found each other the way they once did and the family reunites.

  • Song of the South: a Disney Controversy - They would never do this but I think it would be really interesting to see an honest doc about this movie and its impact. They could interview people who were a part of the movie (if still alive), historians, film critics, etc. to really dissect it and talk about it.

FOX - I’m pretty sure Disney now owns these properties after the Fox merger… I could be wrong. But if they do:
  • Sabrina The Mother Witch - I would love to Melissa Joan Hart reprise her role as Sabrina and seeing how being a witch as a mom in today’s world would be.
  • The Greatest Circus - A musical series based on The Greatest Showman featuring the people of the circus.
  • The Real O’Neals - This was such an amazing show on ABC that got cancelled after 2 seasons (way too early). Would love to see Disney+ pick this back up!
  • Les Coeur de la Mer: Tales from the Titanic - I don’t even know what they could do with Titanic the movie but it’s one of my favorites. Might be interesting as a miniseries to follow other passengers on the ship and see how their stories intertwine. Le coeur de la mer translates to Heart of the Ocean, the necklace Rose wore, so the title of the show would translate into Hearts of the Ocean aka the passengers.
  • Drive Me Crazy remake
  • Moulin Rouge! remake
  • Swimfan remake
  • Unfaithful remake
  • Living Single reboot
  • Deadpool series
  • Pandora animated series (based on the world of Avatar)


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