My up coming trip and what should we do on 1 day


Earning My Ears
Mar 11, 2019
I booked a SeaWorld hotel package for myself and my 6 year old son, I feel as though I got an amazing deal, 5 nights at the Laquinta inn and suites @ icon for 570.00 including entrance to SeaWorld, free parking at SeaWorld/aquatica, preferred show seating and 10% off food and merch, I also added aquatica for 40 bucks ($20.00 a person) so for 610.00 I think we got one hell of a vacation.. so we arrive on Monday april 22nd around 3pm we are planning to take it easy and walk across the street to ICON to hit the gigantic wheel, and possibly sealife aquarium..

On Tuesday we hit our first day at SeaWorld my son is only 6 so thrill rides are not on the menu but I did book a ton of animal tours! on this day we are doing a dolphin encounter, lunch with shamu, and sea lion encounter, We go back to SeaWorld on Thursday again focused on animal tours (beluga whales, walrus, and penguins) and a few hours around sesame st... Friday I booked a cabana at aqautica and have family driving up from west palm to join us.. we drive back to NY on Saturday:(

So my big question is what to do on Wednesday?? Budget is tight so Disney is out but would have loved to see toy story..
I am considering Legoland as I have a 40% off coupon but they are opening a legoland not far from where i live and will be hitting that a few times next summer

Someone recommended Gatorland but not sure if that would be enough for one day..

Other options would be to do another day at SeaWorld or aquatica which would be great as it would be no cost but not sure if 3 days at SeaWorld is too much (we have never been so not sure how big and how much there is to do there) and I think maybe 2 days at aqautica maybe too much as my 6 year old is pretty much just going to do the wave pool/splash area and lazy river but he does LOVE getting wet and being in the water..
Any suggestion or other options I did not mention would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance for any input!!


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Jul 22, 2017
Are you interested in the animal exhibits at SW? If so, I think a third day there would be great to really be able to see all the exhibits and hit any show you missed or redo a few shows. With the tours, you will lose big chunks of your first 2 days - which is worth it, their tours are great. But you may feel rushed spending time at the actual exhibits and getting to the shows around the tours / lunch, and the extra day will allow a more relaxing pace.

Otherwise, Wonderworks on I-Drive is geared towards kids but fun for adults. There is a skeleton museum and whirleyball (basketball from bumper cars) along I-Drive too. There are lots of coupons or groupon around for all of those.


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