Need some tips on how to keep kids occupied on the trip to WDW. What do you do to keep the kids hap


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Sep 24, 1999
Phillybuzz21, Thanks for the info on the tv/vcr question. Where did you find yours for that rate? I have both a 10 & 11 yr.old traveling this summer, not to mention a 17 yr.old also. Anything to keep them busy on the trip. =0)



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Mar 7, 2001
Having been a veteran traveler to WDW by plane and auto both are easy to occupy children. I have 3, and have had them to Disneyland or WDW 13 times. They are now 16, 19, and 21, and we were last in the parks 3 years ago with the two youngest only. Traveling by plane involved Walkman players and Gameboy. By auto we have a minivan with a 9" TV/VCR in addition to keep them occupied. The TV/VCR is a lifesaver. The times we stopped for food or gasoline I had to physically check the van to see if the kids were in becuase they were so quiet and well behaved. I am serious - we have 3 great kids, but when they were younger and wanting attention when we were least able to supply it they would verbally fight. At times I thought I had Charlie Manson, Pattie Hearst, and the Son of Sam living in our house. This brought about fears of having the vacation from h_ _ _ since we have over a 1200 mile drive to WDW and liked to drive straight through. The $400 spent on this equipment and outlet for nintendo was worth 100 times that amount in saved stress.


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