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Mar 7, 2012
Does anyone have any suggestions for a busy mom who is trying to eat better and lose her tummy? I exercise plenty...running ten to fifteen miles a week and working out doing circuit training twice a week at the gym and yoga a couple of times a week. But I have a terrible time eating right, especially in the afternoon when I crave unhealthy carbs and sugar. Help! I am not looking to lose more than 5 pounds, but I would like to have a flatter tummy!


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Aug 29, 2009
How long have you been working out like this? Seems like an intense routine. If you are burning calories at that rate you should be able to eat whatever you want IMHO.
Maybe try doing less cardio and more muscle building exersize. Is there someone at the gym you go to who you can talk to about this stuff?
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Aug 21, 2007
There's a reason you're craving carbs! It's because you're burning through so much energy!! :laughing:

Have you ever considered joining one of those programs that delivers your meals? You'd still have to cook for the rest of the family :eek: but that way you'd know that what you were eating was healthy etc.

Alternatively join an online place like and read up on some of their journals which tell you in depth why certain foods are good for you and why certain foods are bad :thumbsup2


Jan 3, 2012
I LOVE carbs and was able to lose all 50 lbs of pregnancy weight gain and never gave them up! The trick is finding healthy carbs that you like! My favorite afternoon (ok..breakfast too) snack is the 90 Calorie Fiber One bars in Chocolate. YUM!!!! Wheat Thins and Triscuits are also good carbs- pair that with a cheesestick and you've got a yummy satisfying snack!


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