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Fantasia Sam

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Feb 5, 2000
Dear all

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have closed and deleted the Off Topic Thread. It is our opinion that this thread has caused upset to others and of course we do not wish that on our members.

The moderators of the DIS Weddings and Honeymoons Forum offered this thread so as to alleviate all the off-topic threads which were taking up this board, which is primarily for Wedding and Honeymoon Trip Planning.

However it has been decided that in an effort to ensure that this forum remain one dedicated to wedding planning and honeymoon planning we are now going to insist that all posters on this forum follow all the DIS Guidelines including the following:

4. NO PERSONAL MESSAGES: The types of posts that we like to see on the DIS are those that everyone can participate in and benefit from. When a post is intended for an individual, it creates a problem and can be very awkward for both the person you're publicly contacting as well as others. Did you know that you can easily get in touch with almost anyone via the DIS Private Message system? Simply click on the name of the person and you should see a link for sending them a private message and/or email. If you come across a situation where the person has blocked these options, sorry you still can't use the boards to get in touch.
6. STAYING ON TOPIC: Each of the DIS boards focuses on a specific topic. Please look the choices over before posting on the wrong board. For instance, you don't want to ask about park hours on the Restaurants Board or tell everyone about your stay at the Caribbean Beach Resort on the Disney Cruise Line Board. It makes it easier for everyone to find what they're looking for when the boards stay on topic.
If you do have anything to discuss that is not wedding/honeymoon related then we suggest that you post it on the DIS Community Board:

We should also like to reaffirm another DIS Guideline:

8. LINKS TO OTHER SITES: You are welcome to link to your website on our boards provided that a) you are not promoting a commercial service or for-profit venture, b) you don't post primarily to promote your site and c) that you place a prominent link back to the DIS on your website. Before posting a link to another site, we ask that you please first check to see if the same information is available on We take great pride in our website. While we make the boards available for your enjoyment, our focus is Disney travel planning.
We apologize if this Off Topic Thread has caused any inconvenience to anyone but Jonette, Helen and myself are looking forward to moderating a board that is for Wedding Planning and Honeymoon Planning.

Many thanks and thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.
Not open for further replies.


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