Official 'Post a Picture of your Campsite' Thread


Nov 17, 2019
I just read the first post and it has some requests that I didn't respond to when I posted the pictures so so here goes.....

loop number: 800
site number:
1) The goofy sideways picture up there was site 834. Dec. 13 through the 18th 2018
2) Next picture with the cranky old guy in the yellow shirt was site 836. May 1st through the 4th 2019
type/size of rig/tent: Class A 45' Country Coach Magna
ease of backing into site: That's relative. December required a lot of maneuvering because the people across from us had 3 cars parked right up to the road. :mad: May was not a problem. Remember, my rig doesn't bend in the middle.
addt'l info about site: All of the Premium sites I saw had a nice apron running into the site to give you some backing and turning room. It made the entrance wider at the top so you can get the real wheels-me (trailer tires for others) started into the site. Both of the sites I had didn't have any overhead branches to worry about hitting the top or sides, we're 13' tall. Make sure you check the picnic table location before you get started. People move them around to fit their situation and it might be in the way. Both sites were nice and deep- not sure what the dimensions were, sorry. Utility post was in the middle of the site with electric and cable. Water was further towards the road by another 6' or so. Sites had a post near the road with 110 for charging carts or whatever. Nice picnic table with seating on all 4 sides and a fixed charcoal grill at the back of the site. One thing to be mindful of when leaving the 800 loop in a big rig, the bus stop roof hangs out towards the driveway/road intersection further than it should. You have to pull out into the oncoming traffic lane to turn left. You can see how the corner has tagged a lot of RVs in it's day. We loved the 800 loop since it was almost in the middle between the entrance/bus stop and the docks but to be honest, it's the only loop we've stayed in.


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