On the Floor and Out the Door!: a 17 day HalloChristmas, RunDisney, MNSSHP, HHN, MVMCP adventure! new 1/17!


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Nov 24, 2012
Pat Morita: "You are getting sleepy."
Ralph Macchio: "Stop waving your hands in my face."
Pat Morita: <Kicks Ralph's butt into the next county.>
:rotfl: :rotfl:

Did that stop people from complaining?
I think it made it worst honestly. A lot of people seemed to crowd into the seating area there and I think they thought once the parade started, no one would enforce the no blocking the stairs rule but then the CM showed up.

::yes:: Best parade ever!

Yeah... can we have more Halloween stuff at the Halloween parade???
Yes please!!

Perfect roll eyes, Courtney.
I wish I remembered why I was doing that :rotfl:

Wait... they spoke to you????
No lol, gestured and the character attendant helped with interpretation!


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Nov 24, 2012
The grave diggers are my favorite!!! I wish you could meet them year round.
Me too! That would be great!

When I did my Princess Half Marathon there were HM cast members on "watching" the run and so I stopped to take a picture with them. I'm sure that's not why they were there but they were awesome and stayed in character the whole time cracking jokes about running and be the last ghost of the 999. I loved it!
Omg that's awesome! I love when the CM's are really in character!
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    Nov 24, 2012
    We've only done the party once but the parade was so my favorite part. Those Grave Diggers really make and whole parade.
    They really do! :love:

    And wow, awesome luck with the characters after the parade! I recall reading someone elses report and I thought they'd waited like an hour for Moana. Perfect plan to get it done as the parade was still going on.
    It really worked out perfectly! It's the first time we ever watched the parade from Frontierland instead of Main Street but it ended up being a good strategy.


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    Nov 24, 2012
    I'm here! And I'm still so jealous how long your trip was!
    :welcome: Thanks for reading!

    Oh man what a ride in! I know that feeling of frustration all too well and being the cranky monster funk that you just can't snap out of! (I also did not have a hair brush packed in December lol glad you found yours!)
    Ugh it was the worst lol. I was glad I found it and annoyed because at myself since we already stopped to buy another one lol.

    we also noticed slow waitresses when it came time to tip the last few trips. Like I want to leave don't you want to turn over your table???
    Right! I was like uh I'm trying to give you money please come take it lol

    Did NOT know that mobile ordering was an option during MNSSHP at Pecos Bills. I waited in far too long a line for those nachos at the first party!!
    Yeah it was pretty much chaos in there even with mobile ordering so I can only imagine how long it took!


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