Other attractions besides the Major Parks?


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Dec 2, 2019
Hello all!

This is my first post here and if this is in the wrong section please move it but I think this fits here better than anywhere else!

I am surprising my GF with a trip to Kennedy Space Center in February to see a rocket launch, and I am wondering about other Non-Disney/Non-Universal attractions we could do for little day trips? Stuff like Gatorland or other lesser known attractions like that!

The reason I would like to know about other attractions is that we are taking a big trip to Disney in the Fall so I figured maybe we could see some other random things that most people wouldn't visit because they are busy with the Major Theme Parks!



May 4, 2010
Not sure how the temps would be in February, but swimming with Manatees at Crystal River is amazing!! We booked one of the smaller charters (6 people max) and it was nice staying away from the larger groups.


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Mar 12, 2016
Nice username by the way, OP.

I do not know where you're coming from, but as @sherlockmiles said, St Augustine is a nice place you can hit on the way if you're from up north. The tourist season will not be in full bloom and it won't be too hot. Just a tip, if you go there, parking after 5pm is free and Sunday is free (check machines, few have exceptions). This is not including the parking garage they have. Just checking out the place is nice and experiencing the history and eats, but there are also a lot of different things and attractions you can pay to do in St Augustine as well. If you're interested Google what kind of things to do. I can go on and on since I used to live there, but I'll stop.

As for manatees as @tweak89 suggested, if anything you can check out Blue Springs State Park to see if any are hanging around if you do not want to swim with them if it is cold. Typically, Feb is cold, but you have the occasional random warmer day. They typically hang out in spring water in the winter, as the temperature of the water stays the same.

In relation to marine life and St Augustine, you can try The Alligator Farm in St Augustine (I mention that as you brought up Gatorland), or a little outside of St Augustine is Marine Land to do a tour, or see the dolphins.

If you go to Orlando, other than the main theme parks and stuff like Wonder Works, you can do do "ICON Park", sea life exhibit, Orlando Eye, Madame Tussauds, 7d experience all in one place.

Also, you can always do museums as well.


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