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Feb 1, 2009
I am a very early riser...most mornings start at 4am and when we are at the fort I always would grab my mug and take a bike ride over to WL to the fork and do some computer work in the lobby until it opened at 6 then get my coffee and muffin there then ride back to my site until the rest of the crew woke up. But now since the trail is shut down do to construction I guess I will be making my coffee in the trailer. Too bad kinda going to miss that ride in the mornings I was some of the most peaceful time of the day....and beautiful too.


Sep 19, 2011
I would have loved an early morning cup of coffee. I like a good cup of coffee and pastry in the morning before the kids wake up


DIS Veteran
Aug 16, 2013
I'll ask the dumb question....

The cabins have a full kitchen (fridge, microwave, oven, coffee). And a nice sitting area (if the table and chairs ever come up in auction, I will get a set).

Most of us campers in campsites have our stoves/burners/ovens with us. Or folks use the cabin amenities (which include these things). Several online vendors can deliver groceries. Thus you have the MEANS and you have the WAYS.

Not sure what the issue is here for the OP. :confused3

I'm all for free enterprise and capitalism. Maybe P&J won't, on their customer analysis, have enough folks come in too early to buy a sausage and biscuit plus OJ. There may be a FEW people like the OP (who discards having a fridge and stove/oven/micro/coffee) and want to pay a premium for a grab-and-go breakfast. That does not a business-case-make.

If I am one of the few customers who can't float the business case, I am okay with that. I run that same equation through my head every meal (cost/availbility/means of a meal versus the convenience/speed/expense) in the parks. It's an all-the-time consideration.

TL;DR: I'd like to hear why the OP can't manage breakfast at their cabin/site. I don't eat in my room either: I have breakfast at my site. My breakfast nook is my campsite which is a wonderful breakfast in the big outdoors.

Bama Ed
This is why I miss camping at the Fort. Now that my kids are all older we fly down and stay in rooms. I still order food but I do miss being able to cook a nice breakfast before heading the parks.


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