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Apr 10, 2000
This may get moved since it has to do with Rise of the Rebellion, but it also has to do with Candlelight Processional and our overall travel plans. We will be in the parks from Dec. 2 thru Dec. 7. It will be at least another 5 - 8 years before we go back to Disney, so I'd really like to ride Rise of the Rebellion on this trip. On the day it opens (Thursday), we already had planned to be at Epcot for early entry. We have a 4pm dinner reservation at Japan, and then seats at 6:15 to see Candlelight Processional for the first time ever. I realize nobody can predict exact crowd size, etc. But maybe those who were around when Flights of Passage opened can offer some insight on the new mega-opening.

I see a couple of options:

1) Reschedule Candlelight Processional for another night and spend the entire day at the Studios. I'd rather not do this since it was so difficult to get this reservation. (I started calling 5 minutes before the phone lines were open. Was on-hold for 30 minutes, and could only get a dinner time in the late afternoon!)

2) Try to get fast passes for Rise of the Rebellion for Noon-ish. Do the early entry at Epcot, then over to the Studios, then back to Epcot for dinner and Candlelight Processional.

3) Skip early entry at Epcot and be at the Studios for the world's 2nd largest rope drop! Try for earlier fast passes at the Studios, and head to Epcot for dinner and Candlelight Processional.

As I said earlier, I know that nobody knows exactly what to expect. But I would have to think that the opening of Flights of Passage created a similar mass-hysteria!! I'd love to hear from the experts who were there. Thanks!


DIS Veteran
Jan 7, 2016
I'd probably just start my day at HS and then head over to Epcot when you're finished (we are doing this in September on a day we had planned an Eat to the Beat dinner/show). Also note that there won't be FP's for the SWGE rides at that time.


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