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NOT just an ambulance driver
Apr 25, 2006
WOW! Time FLIES!! Here we are...just 2 weeks away from departure...the nightmares have started:scared:.

I have so much to do and I can't believe I have been procrastinating so much. I guess I just kept thinking that I had plenty of time and now, well....nope...the trip is right around the corner! Here's' my life for the next 2 weeks...

Today: Kaedyn's Volleyball Game at 4pm (Away game)
10/4 Friday: Work 7pm-3am (Overtime shift)
10/5 Saturday: Mattress sale fundraiser at the High School for Kamryn's Choir trip to Chicago (9a-3p)
10/6 Sunday: This is a day of well-deserved rest so I will need to finish packing
10/7 Monday: Work 4:30am-4:30pm, Kaedy: Orthodontist at 3:30, Volleyball practice until 5:30, Kamryn: Haircut at 6pm
10/8 Tuesday: Kaedyn: Volleyball practice until 5:30pm (*I have to do 9 online classes for work today that are due 10/10)
10/9 Wednesday: Work 4:30am-4:30pm, Kaedyn: Volleyball practice until 5:30pm
10/10 Thursday: Class for work 8am-4pm; Kaedyn: Volleyball TOURNAMENT @ 4pm; Back to work for AHL Hockey orientation meeting from 6-8pm
10/11-10/13 Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Work 4:30am-4:30pm each day....hopefully getting out on time each day
10/14 Monday: Work 4:30am-4:30pm; Kaedyn: Volleyball practice
10/15 Tuesday: Kaedyn: Volleyball TOURNAMENT; Final day to finish packing
10/16 Wednesday: MY BIRTHDAY...but I have to Work 4:30am-4:30pm; Parents leave at 2:15pm, Kim and her kids leave at 5:55pm.
10/17 Thursday: Haircut and Pedicure at 12:15pm...pick up Kami at school at 2:45...Pick up Kaedy at 3:15...
.....LEAVE for the airport at 4:00 for our 5:55pm flight!

Time to get packing!


NOT just an ambulance driver
Apr 25, 2006
Par for the course...a wrench in the plans...Mom's knee went out:headache:. She doesn't know what she did, but she has severe pain when she goes up and down steps. She went to the ER on Friday and was given crutches and a knee immobilizer. A follow-up visit to her PCP yesterday resulted in an "expedited" appointment with an orthopedic doctor, but that date is still TBD. Due to her spinal cord stimulator implant, she cannot have an MRI so diagnosing a ligament or meniscus injury is almost impossible. She can stand and walk OK, but steps are a no-go, and obviously, the amount of walking at WDW will be way too much. Right now, her PCP has recommended a local injection (cortisone or similar) which will hopefully relieve the pain long enough to get her through the trip and then they can schedule arthroscopic surgery when she gets home. So, dad went ahead and reserved a scooter for her from ScooterBug. This will be a whole new experience for us, and not one that was on our bucket list. Navigating the parks and queues with an electric scooter, especially with my mother driving it :-)scared1:) is going to be interesting. I've already decided that someone in our party MUST stay in FRONT of her to avoid a potential lawsuit:car:.


DIS Veteran
Jul 22, 2012
You could always rent a manual wheelchair and take turns pushing if the scooter is too much for her.


NOT just an ambulance driver
Apr 25, 2006
You could always rent a manual wheelchair and take turns pushing if the scooter is too much for her.
That thought crossed my mind...but she wan't keen on it because of the knee immobilizer. It would be easier to sit on the "edge" of the scooter seat and prop her leg on the front wheels of the scooter than trying to navigate a wheelchair with the leg extended.

John De Young

John DY
Jun 1, 2019
Scooter Update: For those who may not know, but might need the info someday (we never thought we would).

Disney will rent you a scooter near the entrance to each of the parks (not sure about Disney Springs) to be used while you're in that park. I believe the cost is $50/day so if you hop to another park, you shouldn't have to pay again. Obviously, this will only work for folks who have some mobility. I do not know if Disney offers any way to get around at the resorts. The big question here would be availability.
There are several non-Disney sources for scooter rental, but only one of those (Scooterbug) can deliver and pick-up at Disney Bell Services. For the others, the renter (or representative) has to personally take delivery from and return the scooter to the vendor (which means being present when the vendor drops it off or comes to get it). Scooterbug also has a 10% military or DVC Member discount. They have 3 models, differentiated by operating time/distance and how much weight they can carry. We're getting the middle option for 10 days and our cost is just over $210 (that's with the DVC discount).

I'm told that for those rides where you exit in a different location from where you entered (i.e. most of them), Disney cast members will move the scooter to the exit location while you're on the ride. I doubt that anyone is surprised by that.

Here's Carol practicing at the grocery store:

Clean-up on aisle 6!!
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