Predicted DVC booking patterns - Studios, 1-BD & 2-BD charts (September 2019 2-BD added!)


Jul 25, 2014
Wait I'm confused for June 11 to August 15th in 2020 a SV at Poly was 169 and in 2021 it is 167 (so a slight decrease). In general the 2021 point charts had a broad decease in the summer months with an increase to the fall. In 2022 I expect more of a decrease in the summer and more of an increase in the fall (likely some heavy adjustments to beginning of December). Think of Riviera around the same point cost as Poly but with reversed allocation between Preferred and Standard (Riviera majority is preferred, likely 75%, whereas at Poly majority is Standard).

To your original point, I agree with above that some Poly owners move for 1 and 2 beds at the 7 month mark which creates some availability and ease getting into. However, most of Poly's availability easily at the 7 month mark is the summer when studio availability is easier in general. In the Fall Frenzy rooms can fill up quickly just like most studios across property. Also it's about a 25-35% increase for point costs to go to the cheapest 1 bedrooms (think OKW, BW/SSR/AKV Standard) so the draw is really that extra space. Other 1 beds are in the 60-100% increase of points so high but those people probably want a 1 or 2 bedroom and Poly just doesn't offer it (outside of bungalows).
Hmm i thot the standard view for poly in jun11-aug15 was 158? U sure its 169 in 2020?


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