Pumpkin Plants have all male flowers


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Sep 28, 2006
Help! I am a beginner gardener and we buried a small pumpkin last fall and have several thriving pumpkin plants now. For about 3 weeks now we've had TONS of male flowers but no female. This happened last year and we never got any pumpkins out of about 5 plants (all from seeds we planted last year). I am not sure what we could be doing wrong that there are no female flowers at all and it's been weeks. More buds on the vine and those all look to be male also...a few look like they could be female flowers but I thought that before and nope :( Any tips?????



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Sep 19, 2001
I've never grown pumpkins, but found this on a link that was interesting (bolding mine):


Common Problems with Pollination:
No Female blooms. Males usually come to the party first. (do you remember those days?) They come in big numbers and strut their stuff, awaiting the arrival of the ladies. After a while, sometimes several days or more, a few timid females begin to arrive. Usually there is no problem here, just an anxious grower. See pictures of Male and Female flowers.

The "Fix": A little more patience. A little extra phosphorous will help promote blooms. Hold off on Nitrogen during the pollination period.


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