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Nov 18, 2014
Hey out there to all my Queer Mouseketeers <3

We've started a facebook group for any queer Disney fans here on Disboards (or anywhere), and as with anything Disney-the more the merrier!
As it's been been asked more than once, regardless of who you are dating or married to, anyone under the queer rainbow is welcome :)
Some of these chatboards are pretty inactive most of the time, so this seemed like a good idea, as most people are much more active on facebook than on here, at least on the LGBTQ+ boards. So far, there are about 140 of us (!)- we've had travel questions/tips, various Disney topic chats, bounding advice, meet-up interest (2021 is an important year for WDW, yknow!), Disney photo sharing, some general discussions, & of course, furbaby picture sharing :D
Oh, and because we've got members from all over the world, we're starting concurrent movie nights, where whoever is available & interested votes on a time & movie for us to watch & chat about while we watch it :D
Concern over not being out was mentioned, so for privacy & safety, it is a "closed" group. This way you can search for it ("Friendly Queer Mouseketeers!" https://www.facebook.com/groups/229143084232432/), but nobody who is not in the group can see members or posts. Your posts will not pop up all over coworkers & relatives news feeds, and the group will not show up in your profile.
If you'd like to join, feel free to search the group on fb, post here, or send me a PM-we'd love to have you! :)
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