Queer Disboard FB Group!

  • MeridAriel

    Nov 18, 2014
    What is the name of the group? I wannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnna join
    Actually, because some people had expressed concern about not being out, the group is set to "secret", so nobody who isn't *in* the group can find it, or see members or posts-you have to be added by a member (which is great for member privacy & safety, but not so great for those who want to join). I'll send you a DM :)

    I’ll join :)
    I actually can't send you a DM just yet. You need 10 posts to get access to the messaging system. You're welcome to temporarily post your fb profile link here & then delete it after I get in touch with you, but if you'd rather wait to use the system on here, that's fine, too :)

    I'll send you a message on fb :)

    Welcome to the new members!

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