Redo Voodoo - Instead of June 2020, planning for June 2021


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Jan 26, 2007
We're hoping to come. I mean, we're booked and all. It'll be 8 of us in total for my parents' 50th anniversary.

My husband and I lost our 20th anniversary (non-Disney) trip this year and we're obviously not making that up next year, either - I think 50 takes precedence!


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Jan 7, 2018
Me! We were supposed to be there now (June 20-26) for Dance the World at CBR, followed by a 2-night stay at YC. So bummed we didn’t get the chance to see DD dance down Main Street. :guilty:

BUT we are officially on again for June/July 2021. Dance the World at POR late June (right now nights June 27- July 2) with my daughter’s Pom team, followed by ??? for nights July 3-4 (thinking Poly but it’s $$$ for 2 nights - totally want something for fireworks).

Did you have POR booked ahead of time? Because now both Port Orleans resorts have no scheduled opening dates and are not bookable for 2021.


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Oct 19, 2013
Hi everyone! I'm sorry everyone was displaced from their June 2020 trips :sad1: Our summer trip this year was going to be to Northern and Central California in July, but that's off. We had been planning for our third New Year's trip to WDW but hadn't booked anything yet, and then all heck broke loose and ticket sales went away, etc. I normally have an AP and make a few trips each year. My last visit was in September, and my AP expired in March, which I didn't renew because of the park closures.

Anyway, all that to say, we are officially booked for June 8 - 15 2021 at the Polynesian and I cannot even express how happy I am to have *something* to look forward to again!! I don't even care if we have to wear hazmat suits and can only stand in one taped off circle for ten minutes on Main Street.

Our plan is to keep our Poly reservation, but as other resorts, and hopefully discounts, are released over the next year, we're not opposed to switching if something irresistible opens up. But we love the Polynesian and I think it'll be the perfect location to celebrate the return to our happy place.

Good luck to everyone who is working on rescheduling and replanning. I know how disappointing everything has been, and I'm sorry for the ups and downs you must have experienced as Disney changed things (and changed things, then changed them again!)
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Jan 27, 2012
Did you have POR booked ahead of time? Because now both Port Orleans resorts have no scheduled opening dates and are not bookable for 2021.
No, it's booked through the agency that handles Dance the World events and they have a 40+ year relationship with Disney. It's currently listed on the invoice for 2021 as the resort we'll be at. Here's what I am thinking is happening, but it's just a hunch:

Disney may also be setting up POR as a resort for large/organized groups/events IF they can be reopened next June/July. It's a way to keep capacity down for the general public by limiting resort availability right now. If things start to slowly go back to normal then they can open things back up at those resorts, but won't have to worry about filling them with the teams/squads already having rooms reserved. It's kind of what they are doing with the NBA and MLS teams right now too.

If POR is 100% not available in 2021 they will have us at another moderate resort - they build that caveat in when they have us sign up for the event. This year we were supposed to be at CBR when we signed up, and that eventually was confirmed by the agency in like April... then cancelled for 2020. If things get worse at WDW next summer (like no parades yet, or park closures, etc.), then these events would likely be cancelled again or postponed for another date/time - resort stays closed to general public.
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Apr 4, 2017
Is this the official June 2021 thread now? If so, just booked! My June 2020 was rescheduled for July/August 2020, and then Nov 2020. Not sure we'll end up on that trip, so I'm planning a long trip for June 2021!

June 9-19 at CBR (never stayed there), and planning to visit beach, Sea World, and maybe some other local attractions while we are there. We normally just do Disney for 5-6 days straight, so I'm excited to do something new!


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