Kevin Stringer

Chat Host
Mar 3, 2000
A new DVC member was kind enough to use us for a referral.

Unfortunately it appears that DVC do not recognise referrals from the UK as I have just received an e-mail which says:

'To offer a referral gift requires approval from each individual state/country. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a referrral gift to the residents of England. This statement applies to over half of the United States and all of our International countries.'

Not much point referring anyone then. :(



There's always something new to learn!
Feb 10, 2000
This is a real shame :(

Much as I would love the $200 that some state residents get (it would be great to be able to share that between the referred and the referring), I wouldn't think DVC would miss a couple of pens / sweatshirts / stickers in lieu of a financial reward.


DIS Veteran
Sep 6, 1999
Unfortunately , I think it's the UK's rules not Disney's. I don't think DVC has ANY problems with shipping out a few pens/gifties. :(:(

Sue's Mum

DIS Veteran
Apr 29, 2001
I wonder why they could not apply the "gift" to our annual dues account?!!! I'd settle for that, as I guess a lot of people would.


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