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Oct 3, 1999
I've noticed over the last couple of years that resale prices seem to be rising, any idea why when the length of ownership is reducing each year. Here's an example.

Boardwalk Villas Membership expires 2042 - Annual Dues $5.62 pe
250 points. December use year. 272 points currently available (250 + 22 banked from 2010, banked points need to be used by 12/1/12) and 250 points coming on 12/1/12. Closing Costs=$525 Priced at $66/pt ($16500) Ref# BW250-12-0619-je

Boardwalk Villas Membership expires 2042 - Annual Dues $6.01 per point
200 points. August use year. 111 points coming on 8/1/14 and 200 points coming on 8/1/15. Closing Costs: $505 Annual Dues at Closing: $667.11 Priced at $79/pt ($15800) Total Price: $16972.11 Ref# BW200-08-0314-js


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Mar 30, 2011
Just basic market factors, like everything else -- supply and demand, etc. At 28 years, length of ownership doesn't really play in yet


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Aug 4, 2004
Also to consider is the resell prices dropped due to the financial crisis and are only getting back to where they were.

What you also should bear in mind is the comparison to buy a room direct from Disney against buying into DVC.

Two weeks in January in a BWV studio would cost at rack rate through Disney $5,754.

While through DVC you'll require 152 points for two weeks in a BWV standard view studio and this would cost in annual dues $913.52.

So if you look at the cost over 10-years then through Disney at rack rate it would cost $57,540 for those two weeks at BWV while a DVC member would only pay out in total $21,643, that's for 10-years of dues and the initial outlay of $12,008 @ $79 per point plus $500 in closing cost.

If you took it over the full 28-years, then through Disney at rack rate it would cost $161,112 while with DVC it would only cost $38,086

And when taking annual increases into consideration then Disney's rack rate would almost always increase in dollar amount more than the annual dues dollar increase.

With the savings one can make against rack rate and the ability to use those BWV points to stay at any of the other DVC resorts, then that's just two of the many reasons why the resell DVC market will stay strong and for many years to come.


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