Room not ready by 4?


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Jul 15, 2001
I go a few times a year - very rarely is the room ready when i arrive since we usually arrive by or before 11. Last time I went in November - we checked in - went to the park then we stopped at the Poly Tambu Lounge to nicely pass the time with a few Zombies lol. Around 415 I received a call from Disney and they were apologizing that the room was not ready by 3 and if I was in the park could they offer me some fast passes to put on my MB to pass the time. I laughed and said I am not in the park I am at the Tambu Lounge! But thanks. The cast member then went on to say ok then we are going to give you $50 room credit. I said great but did not believe them or maybe the Zombies were making me a bit toasted! But when I checked my room charges later THERE IS WAS!! First time this ever happened to me and I have been going for almost 30 years!


Nov 19, 2008
In 20 years of yearly travel to WDW as a adult (10 years of CRO and 10 years of DVC) I can only recall 1 or 2 times the room not being ready by 4pm. That is compared to probably 8 or 9 times I was able to check in early....including one DVC stay where the room was ready at 8am. I'd rather have a once in a while trip where I'm waiting until 5pm to get into the room if that means other times I get in at noon.

I think when an issue like this does arise I think people need to keep a cool head about them when dealing with the cast member. I've found that being calm and polite usually gets the cast member on "my side" and they try their hardest to correct a situation. Becoming "furious" isn't going to help in most cases. If the cast member is dismissive or rude, you can always get more forceful in conveying your displeasure. But in 20+ years of WDW travel I've personally never had to go there. I have usually found going the polite route leads to not only the original situation fixed, but some extra pixie dust thrown in.


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Apr 11, 2003
For some reason we never get a text when we stay at BLT, but have lucked out with all the other resorts.

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  • Disneypro1

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    Jan 20, 2019
    We have always got our room at around 2 pm. That’s when we usually get to the resort via DME. I don’t ever think we have had to wait until 4 to check in. And get room.


    Feb 25, 2017
    This is where no detail is too big nor small to concern ourselves with or incorporate into our planning anxieties.

    Whether it’s the installation of a new drinking fountain near the fifth best ranked restroom in Disney Springs or whether they changed the sprinkles on seasonal cupcakes this year, it’s all fair game.
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    Oct 6, 2011
    We've been fortunate enough to have our rooms ready early more times than not, but we always have some sort of plan for our arrival days anytime we vacation. At Disney, if around the holidays we will take an uber or cab to another resort that does more elaborate decoration like the gingerbread house at Grand Floridian or the chocolate carousel at Boardwalk. If we get in early enough we pay the minimal cost to add on an additional park day and go have some fun. Other times we just go to Disney Springs for a while. Our tradition is to eat dinner at Raglan Road on our arrival night but if we go early we try to do some early souvenir shopping so if we want something personalized we can get that done in time. The point is, we always have some way to occupy ourselves and pass the time without just sitting there getting angry that our room wasn't ready earlier than we were told it would be, and if it is ready early then that's just a bonus.

    Also, I wholeheartedly agree with what ChicagoDisneyGuy said, be polite to the cast member, it is not their fault and most of them are trying to help you, or at least they will if you treat them with a little bit of common courtesy.
  • bryanb

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    Sep 10, 2013
    Will you be my best friend?
    Absolutely. :) When I was a 18 year old CM at Disneyland, I wasn’t prepared for how many fans knew so much about the park... much more than they could ever teach us in 2 weeks of orientation and on-the-job training. Now I’m one of those guests who might dabble in some relatively obscure questions. Haha


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