RustmanFan, hoping you can help me


May 5, 2012
Hi Marion!

About a bazillion years ago (OK not that long ago lol) you had some designs that I used for 10 of us for our first Disney Cruise (August 2012) for shirts for pirate night. We are leaving next week and I was making some magnets and my now 11 year old saw the old one from the shirt I made for my dad. He passed away 5 years ago and my son misses him a lot. He asked if I could make it into a magnet for him so now I'm trying to make them for pirate night. I had made 10 shirts and for some reason I only have the designs for 4 of them and we are 5 traveling this time.

I was able to find them in your photobucket, but they now have a watermark (totally understand with people stealing and selling designs).

I was wondering if it would be possible to get a few more of these awesome designs so I can use them for magnets for our doors. I can add names to the blanks (I was taught that back in 2012) or if you prefer and it's easy enough for you I will give you the information to personalize them.

Please let me know if you could help me with this so we can all have a different character since my son wanted the one my dad had worn.

Thank you so much for your amazing designs, for sharing them with others like me who aren't talented to make these and for your time reading this.

Here are the designs I found in your photobucket.

and this would be for AJ

and this would be for me, Sari

Thank you again! Have a wonderful night!



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