RV Camping Family of 7


Apr 1, 2019
unless there are people sleeping on the floor, then the middle of the night trip well, may lead to an actual trip and waking of everyone from all the clatter.
No reason for anyone sleeping on the floor if they rent a bunk house. With legit beds for 7 adults, not a problem. They're just going to have to do some homework on the type of trailer they want to rent.


DIS Veteran
Mar 29, 2019
I’d still do a test run locally. It sounds good in theory to cram that many people together, but until you do it, you don’t know what drama you’re going to get.

Getting a camper with a bunk area definitely helps. That’s what we had as kids growing up.


Nov 6, 2011
I really appreciate the advice. I’ve been looking at RV’s. Found one I think will work great. Queen room, a 3 bunk room and a “third” room with bunks.
Part of it was finding one where I had my own room, the girls own sleeping space and then my son and daughters bf sleep in a space.
Renting 2 value rooms is not something I desire due to the sleeping arrangements above. If we don’t do the RV, we will stay off site again.


DIS Veteran
Aug 7, 2014
Take your entire crew to a local Rv dealer and walk around some of the units so you can get an idea of what you think would work well.
If you get a 28' Jayco with bunks in the back, 4 kids can sleep in the double bunks, 1 on the jackknife couch and mom and dad in the queen bed. The dinette may not fit everyone, but the picnic tables outside will! Or you can bring a couple of TV trays to use at the sofa as well.

Camping is amazing, the Fort is Amazing as well! Our family of 6 camped in a popup camper last time. You'll fit just fine :) Also, the bathrooms are fantastic, so if you need to split the group into RV shower/ Site shower- you can.


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