RV Packing List for Christmas And New Years


Earning My Ears
Dec 1, 2019
Hi there!
We will be Rv camping at fort wilderness this December. We will be there for Christmas Day through New Years. I was wondering if there was a comprehensive packing list for you rv that we should have.


Jun 18, 2018
2 Goofy Campers has links to some great Fort/Disney specific packing lists. For general suggestions I recommend RV Goddess Camping Lists. She includes the most comprehensive camper lists I’ve come across in addition to menu planners and shopping lists.
Have a wonderful trip and Happy Holidays!


DIS Veteran
Feb 20, 2015
If you plan on decorating your site, make sure to add extension cords (if you are like me and most others....lots and lots of extension cords :tongue: ).

Also, (not sure where you are traveling from) but living here in Central Florida we know not check the weather until a couple of days before our trip, the weather here can go from the 80's to the 50's in Dec, so you may want to wait to pack clothes until right before you leave. Or, just make sure to pack everything from your bathing suits to long pants and a jacket.


DIS Veteran
Mar 16, 2011
Pack for 3 seasons, the weather swings a bit that time of year. I have been in shorts and even willing to go swimming one day, and 2 days later in a winter coat wondering if I was in Florida or back in N. VA.


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