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Jul 18, 2007
Cool, I just don't know if the Express is worth £30.....
Exactly what I'm thinking! It is a lot of money. I'll wait until closer to the time and if I have a £30 going spare then I'll book it. Would be fantastic just to run straight into the park and not worry about going back to the hotel before leaving but we'll see. I'll just tell myself how it would work out an extra hour or so in the parks.


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Aug 14, 2007
Disney express is £15 per person. I'm adding this to my booking for January. Dont think you have to pay for children, not 100% sure.


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May 14, 2008
yeah, but theres 2 of £30 as I'm paying it all *** its a birthday present trip....
  • Elroe63

    Mar 13, 2008
    How many of you have succesfully checked in here before 3pm?

    We arrive on the direct disney eurostar (so I recon we'll get to SL about 12.45/1pm) do you think we'll get in our room?

    Also, should we get the bus (is it near the station, I've only ever walked...) or jsut walk through the village...?
    We arrived by eurostar and our room was ready when we checked in:banana: we weren't expecting it - just lucky I suppose.
    We did use the bus (easy to find - right outside the station), again I think we were just lucky enough to get on board and set off in a minute or 2. Don't think it saved much time compared to walking but did save us dragging our suitcases and did drop us off at reception ( I found navigating around SL a little confusing to start with but then I have NO sense of direction!


    Jan 11, 2004
    Our friends are staying at Sequoia Lodge next week in a Montana room. They have a minibar but would like to know if there is room in the minbar to store fresh milk for their 18 month old.

    Can non hotel guests swim in the pool, as we are not staying at the same hotel as them. We have AP's so are able to park at the hotel to visit them.

    Also is it ok for guys to wear swimshorts in the pool there?


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    Jun 3, 2007
    Swimshorts are fine in the pool.
    Non-hotel guests can't use the pool though.
    I don't know about room for baby's milk, sorry.



    Jun 2, 2006
    Hi, the mini bar will hold a few baby bottles or the cartons of ready made milk so you should be OK. We have stayed there twice before and used the minibar as a chiller for milk etc. There are also ice macines on each floor so you can fill your sink and store bottles etc in there if you need extra storage. The ice machines are in little rooms with doors the same as the rooms so they can be hard to spot (just follow the signs at the start of each corridor) they are free for the guests to use.

    Enjoy your trip!

  • tennisfan

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    Jul 15, 2004

    What do you show to access the pool then? Just your room key or do they write down your room number?
    When you check in you get given a hotel id card, this is what is needed to use the facilities. It is due to insurance reasons that non hotel guests can't use the pool.

    If the ice machine aren't working just pop down to the bar with your ice bucket & they will fill it for you no problem.

    Just a word of warning the mini bars maybe electronic so it will charge you even if you just move stuff about to put the milk in.


    Jan 11, 2004
    Just a word of warning the mini bars maybe electronic so it will charge you even if you just move stuff about to put the milk in.
    That's what we wanted to know because whenever we've stayed at a hotel room in this country with a minibar there is usually a small empty space where guests to put their own things.

    Sweet Pea UK

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    Jan 20, 2007
    Hi. Can anybody tell me if they do cocktails at the Redwood Bar - if so any pictures or descriptiosn would be greatly appreciated. Also a rough idea of cost.

  • beltane

    Jun 2, 2006
    Yes I seem to remember they do have cocktails in the Redwood bar, but they were very expensive (as were the rest of the drinks!) It is a lovely bar though and the big fire place is beautiful. :tinker: :tink:


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    Sep 7, 2008
    Just posted these on another thread so thought I'd add here too! :thumbsup2



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    Dec 13, 2007
    Sequioa Lodge Review November 30th -3rd December 2008

    This was our first stay at the Sequioa Lodge, I have previously stayed at the Hotel Cheyenne a couple of times and the Hotel L'Elysée at Val d'Europe.

    The theming of the hotel was lovely, and very well maintained. The hotel was very busy but I was expecting this. We had to queue for a little while at check in, and my boyfriend had a very magical castmember who embrassed him talking to him about all the princesses :rotfl: .

    As we were at the hotel before 3pm we were told to come back at 3pm for our room keys but were given our ticket passes, easy pass and half board vouchers. We dropped our cases off (very nice cast members there too).

    We came back after 3pm and went to the express line to collect our keys -this only took 30 seconds or so, and trooped off to our room 5222. I had a requested a room on a high floor and got what I wanted - although the rooms and corridors are very warm so dont pack thick pjs! We had to leave the window open in our room all the time :eek:

    The room was a pleasant 3* room, and was what I was expecting. The furniture was new and the room looked like it had recently been redecorated.

    Breakfasts were yummy, we had taken early breakfast slots but even so both restaurants were very busy (although we didnt have to queue). The breakfast food was fresh and topped up very quickly, there was even scrambed egg which I wasnt expecting with continental breakfast.

    We didnt eat at either of the restaurants in the evening, but we did notice some characters in there one night enjoying themselves!

    We had a drink at the redwood bar on the last night, which was lovely we had waiter service and we were given complimentary nibbles. I had a glowtini cocktail which cost 10 euros :scared1: - although I know I did pay more because the drink lit up!

    Check out of the hotel was very easy with the express check out box.

    Overall I thought this was a great 3* hotel, I loved the winter theming. I didnt think there was too much difference between the quality of the rooms and those at the Cheyenne.

    Our room 5222

    View from room 5222

    Pretty tolietries



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    Mar 31, 2009
    We (my good self, DH and 2.5 year old DD) arrived on the Eurostar Friday last week and pottered straight over to SL around 13:30 to check in as we hadn't gotten Disney Express. There was a short queue, I think it was about 20 minutes in total from arrival to getting our keys.

    There was a bit of a French/English confusion over our request for a bedrail, but "barrier" seemed to be a more easily understood word so we were assured that mousekeeping would drop it straight up to the room. We were also lucky enough to arrange brekkie in the park for both Sat and Sunday.

    We were delighted that our room (6232, Montana front of hotel, non-lake view) was ready, but we were especially delighted when we opened the door and saw this... a king bed and balcony!

    As DD was asleep on my back, we quickly moved the balcony furniture into the (quite large) room (she loves to climb, it would have been too tempting for her if she saw them outside). The bed rail/barrier arrived about 5 minutes after we did.

    We popped down for a free kettle from concierge and we were all set (Irish people need their tea)! We had brought tea with us so didn't need their tea pack, which was about 7 euro I think.

    The balcony was sheer luxury for us, every evening after DD went to sleep, myself & DH would sit outside with a non-alcoholic beer or two and watch the the rain (it rained buckets on the Sat night, but our balcony was very sheltered). Most hotels we have stayed in recently haven't had balconies so this was just amazingly relaxing!

    Here's a view, we are the one with the Minnie balloon, it's at the front of the hotel, looking onto the huge trees and just high enough that the insanely bright spotlights don't shine into it at night, we wondered if the one below was as lucky!

    On checkout, we didn't make it down until 11am on the button and went to concierge to see if we could send our suitcase to the Eurostar with a 1/2 Disney Express type deal, it was 4.50 for the case, which was great, but he did let us know that we were cutting it fine timewise, apparently the Disney Express cases are collected earlier :)

    The bar was lovely (although it could have done with some chips!), also the lack of a walk-in eaterie was a bit annoying, you have to book if you want to eat in the restaurants, nowhere to just grab a light meal.

    Overall, wonderful stay, I loved the theming, I hope to someday stay in Wilderness Lodge in WDW and SL had a very similar feel to it.

    Belle's World

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    Nov 30, 2008
    Sequoia Lodge Hotel.

    We stayed here between 14th-19th June 2009. We travelled by Eurostar and used Disney Express so by the time we got to the hotel it was about 5pm. The first thing that struck me was the layout of the building is quite confusing. You enter to see a restaurant on either side and then two big staircases. We went up the stairs but I did not think it was clear how to reach reception and it is certainly not visible from the moment you enter the hotel. When we reached the reception area there were 2 queues one for collection of keys and one for arrivals. We thought as we had already got our park tickets etc that all we would need to do is collect our key but you guessed it this was the wrong queue. There were a couple of people in the arrivals queue before us so we waited around 10mins to be seen. When we were at the front we were called over by a man who looked at the document we had been asked to fill out on the train were given a room key each which we thought was unusual and a charge card. (At no point in our saty did both keys work despite at one point going to reception and getting a new card) We were then asked what time we would like breakfast I asked what was available as I thought one day if necessary we would do EMH and then go back for breakfast. As he said just tell him I told him our ideal time of 7.15am assuming there must be all times available. I was wrong and he just presented us with timeslots around the time I asked but one was 8am which would therefore have made EMH impossible. I asked if there was any Good Morning Fantasyland breakfast and he said not at the moment but keep checking they may get more.
    We collected our luggage and made our way to our room on the 6th floor. We had a fairly central lakeside room with views of the tower of terror, space mountain and the village. The room had two double beds which I thought was a shame as it would have been much more roomy with one king, especially as the little spare space there was taken up with a table and two chairs. I was disappointed that the room had no rocking chair as I had read many reviews which stated that all rooms had one. The room itself was fine quite basic and not very bright. The bathroom area was separate from the sink which I find useful but unlike some of the other hotels you only get one sink not two. The bathroom was cleaned every day, towels were replaced as was the soap and shower gel which I hid every day!
    I had decided to surprise my husband by asking for the Wake Up Call on the telephone which I had heard was done by Goofy. Next morning I wake up and look at my mobile it was 6.50am, I had asked for the wake up call at 6.45, breakfast was at 7.15 (the only day we had got the time I requested). Then my husband looked at his watch it was 7.50am, I had forgotten to change the time and we had not received a wake up call and had missed breakfast. We got ready as quickly as possible and I rang down to reception to advise them we had not received a wake up call and because of this had missed breakfast. At no point did I receive an apology and in fact they hung up on me after saying they were transferring me. I went down to the desk and was given a new breakfast slot but still no apology. Breakfast at 8.20am is horrific we had to queue at the door just to get in. I do not recommend this.
    We asked for a wake up call every day of the holiday (We also set our alarm the rest of the time). We never received a wake up call although two mornings a member of staff came and knocked on our door but on each occasion it was 30mins after I had requested the wake up call. We asked every day for a Good Morning Fantasyland breakfast but none ever became available so we ended up having breakfast in Salon Mickey one morning instead.
    On the second day we decided to use the swimming pool, this is quite a trek if you are in the main building and involves going outside so in Winter this is less than ideal. When we got to the swimming pool you have to go through the changing rooms and showers before you can get to the pool. You then have to walk through a toddlers pool to get to the sun loungers. We put our things down and got into the pool it was quite crowded and looks smaller than the pictures in the brochure. I’m sure the Newport Bays pool is bigger. When we got in the swimming pool we found there was a current which was dragging you away from the edge and into the middle of the pool. I am a weak swimmer and really had to battle to reach the side. It also didn’t help that I couldn’t stand up, there is no shallow end and at 5ft 2inches could still not reach the bottom. We stayed in the pool for quite a long time before going to the Jacuzzi which can only be reached through the much cooler swimming pool. Despite the temperature being very high the outside pool was not open. We did not visit the pool again as the next day my legs were killing me after swimming against the current for so long.
    We made our breakfast slots apart from the first day and found 7.30am to be much calmer and more enjoyable. They have the usual selection of rolls, croissants, pan au chocolate, meats, cubed cheese, fruit cocktail, chocolate spreads, jams and honey. To drink there is hot chocolate, milk, tea, coffee and flavoured teas along with several fruit juices. There is also a selection of cereals.
    We had dinner in the Beaver Creek Tavern on our first night, I have done a separate review on the restaurant thread. It was very nice but I would not choose the ribs for main course again.
    The hotel is fairly quiet but I was surprised how many children were still playing football at the front of the hotel at 10.30pm when we were going to bed. The shop is well equipped and we made a couple of purchases here but did not see anything for sale that we had not seen elsewhere. We did not go into the bars although I have heard they are very nice.
    In conclusion, this hotel is not really to my taste. I am glad we have stayed here as I want to eventually stay in all 6 onsite hotels, 4 down 2 to go. However I would not stay in this hotel by choice again. I think there are advantages in location over the Cheyenne and Santa Fe but I would definitely recommend the Newport Bay if you can afford to pay the extra. Also I think what let the hotel down apart from atmosphere was the staff who we found to be quite rude and unhelpful. No Disney spirit! We will however be returning to the restaurants where the buffet is some of the best in DLRP.

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    Jul 6, 2009
    Just got back from a lovely stay at the Sequoia Lodge - would definitely stay
    here again! The grounds are beautiful - shame the weather didn't allow us to enjoy them more! Great location too!

    Our room was the same as the one we'd had at the Newport Bay only with different furnishings. We had a view of the lake & balloon. The room was close to the lift so it didn't take long to get to the park.

    We ate in the hotel one evening and had a lovely meal. Forgot to take photos - just too hungry!!

    Check in was pretty quick despite reception being busy when we arrived at 10ish, and then we just had to collect the key later on. Check out was quick too, no queue at 8am! Left luggage was very busy both times though and we struggled a bit with the luggage and the buggy.

    We found the play area although it was raining so didn't use it. There was a sandy area with what looked like a see saw and a springy rocking horse thing! We went swimming one day and although the water was on the cool side DD loved it - especially the water slide!!

    We had a cocktail one evening in the Redwood Bar which was fun - surprising how many small children were still up that late though!


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    Mar 30, 2005
    EXCLUSIVE!! SEQUOIA LODGE with floors and VIP services

    A castle club will open at Sequoia Lodge! the rooms are ready they are in the top 3 floors of the main building.

    It will have the same services as the empires VIP Club New York state and the Castle Club DLH.

    There will be rooms and VIP suites.

    The lounge will be located in place of the current meeting rooms on the first floor of the reception. It will include a beautiful tree in the center of the room.

    With thanks to mick73 at Disney Central Plaza for the information


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    Jan 26, 2011
    stayed 20-25 th March in Yosemite lodge

    I have mixed feelings about SL. I do think it's overpriced, but good if you get a good offer.
    Breakfast was just madness, crowded, food gone very quickly and not replenished.
    Rooms nice, lovely theming, but I did get a feeling they've got mice in there and it wasn't cleaned properly. We did find other people stuff under the sink - shower gel, hand cream, body lotion...
    The pool isn't good for small kids and the ones who can't swim. Baby pool is in the dark corner, water is very cold and it was very unpleasant even to put my toe in it. We couldn't use jacuzzi as you have to cross the pool and it's deep. And staff doesn't seem to care.

    As the pool was the reason we chose SL over Cheyenne, I don't think I would bother myself again. I'd rather stay in Cheyenne for less price or pay more for HNY. or we get a very good deal.



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