Seriously This Kinda Stuff Bothers Me


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Feb 20, 2015
There have been a lot of entertainment cuts lately, besides the Muppets. They eliminated the band that played in Africa at AK, the Story of Coco storyteller in Mexico at Epcot and the DinoRiffic Dance Party with Chip and Dale at Dinoland in AK. They have also cut back the performances of the trash can drummers at Epcot. The one I miss the most is Mulch Sweat and Shears from HS. Then of course there is the cutting of the photo pass photographers. I am all for new rides and experiences being an annual pass holder, but also loved to stop and listen or watch the entertainment between rides or other activities.

I also have to say I really miss the night time parades too.


Apr 1, 2019
Every year I get mad about something and say we won't renew our annual passes. Every single year, we renew. Really, it's cheap for us only being two hours away and paying $20 month for weekday passes. All our kids are grown, so not like I have to pay for anyone but myself.

We only eat one meal at Disney and that's QS at Yorkshire County Fish Shop. The rest I make and freeze at home, and we eat at our camper. We only buy one souvenir per year, a Christmas ornament. Occasionally, I'll buy a pin for my collection if something really catches my eye, but not very often.

If we didn't live semi local, and this was a big expensive vacation for us, where we wanted to eat out all meals and were trying to fit a lot into each day, we would likely be done as well. Or at least it would not happen every year. I'm really glad I don't have to make that decision.

Now, when Carousel of Progress disappears, WDW and I may part ways...


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Aug 4, 2003
Thought I would chime in (too excited to do work). We did not renew our annual passes after our Nov 2018 trip. We did come in Jan 2019 for the marathon and bought a single day epcot ticket. We were at the fort for 2 weeks and went one day in the park. Normally we go to disney about 3 times a year. In 2019, just the one trip in Jan. I will say our Nov 2018 trip, we planned to do the parks up as we anticipated not renewing. We have two trips planned in 2020. Jan for marathon weekend. Again we will stay 2 weeks at the fort but plan one epcot park day on monday. We are also going in Oct for the dismeet. That is when we will spend time in the parks. At that point we will decide if it is worth it to buy another annual pass.


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Mar 27, 2000
We have stayed over 40 days at the Fort in our last two trips and have not set foot in the parks. My last time in the MK was in 2016 when we got red lighted at the turnstile by a CM telling us we had zero days left on our old non expiring passes while our My Disney experience showed we had 3 left and even let me make Fastpasses on tickets. I was told I didnt really have any days left. There wasnt a lot of pixie dust on that day and the CM at the guest services was less than magical.


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