~~~~ Sew, help me... A bittersweet "Epic Girls Trip"... January 2018! ~~~~ UPDATE 1/7!!~~

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    It's getting close Dorine, so close! I can't wait to see your nails. I can't wait to see your stuffed suitcase. I can't wait to see when ya'll get there!!!

    We had a cold front blow in last night; another one blows in tomorrow, and a major one blows in next week. I hope your weather is good and not too terribly cold; good idea on the jackets just to make sure. I am not sure if I would rather melt in the heat or freeze in the cold. We were definitely melting when we went to US the first weekend in October.

    I will be checking in to see when this epic trip happens!!! Hugs Dorine!!
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    Don't believe that forecast! I see a low of 32 and a high of 54 on one of the days next week.
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    I am trying to catch up on a few quotes this morning... I've fallen seriously behind this week... Mostly because I wanted to start work early every day this week, in the hopes that I could start "vacation" a day or two early. :scratchin So, my apologies for leaving you all hanging. :hug:

    Thanks! I feel like I have given this much too much thought, and I just need to be OK with what I have. Hopefully. LOL It's looking like we will have 1-2 really cold days, and the rest should be OK. ::yes::

    It sounds like you enjoyed the gathering... I agree - it was nice to get it all put away. I still need to buy one large bin... I have a few straggling items that need to get put away, and it's my goal to have that done this weekend. ::yes::

    Good luck with your 2018 goals - how are they going?

    Hi Liz! :) Thanks... Yes - I am hoping to wear my new shirts, but I may have to adjust my days a little bit to be able to wear them... The day we are in DHS looks to be quite warm, I am half tempted to hack off the sleeves on my Toy Story shirt to make them 3/4 length? LOL I just hate to cut off that cow fabric... It was so expensive and it's adorable. LOL

    I know the feeling... We had 3 days last weekend where it was very nice and nearly all of our snow pack was gone, then on Wednesday we were hit again - which is to be expected, and it has been very low wind chills again... I am very tired of the cold, that's for sure!

    Congrats on getting the day shift! I know you have been waiting a long time for it, it's so nice to have that normalcy while working in retail. :woohoo:

    Thank you - same to you! :hug:

    Yah - the weather has changed a bit since I posted above... So, I've added in warmer clothes. Again. LOL But it looks like we have mostly nice days, so that will help.

    Thank you - I am loving raglans too... I love how they shape my shoulders and they are so comfy!

    We've done dinner at 1900 several times, it's one of V's favorites! We've never done Tutto Italiano ever, so I can't compare for you... but the Step Sisters are a riot, you will enjoy them. :) And we love the plain cheese pizza at Via Napoli, it's the only thing we ever get... When I went with Suzi - we each ordered our own individual pizza, different toppings... and we all shared... The plain cheese was by far the best - and typically I like LOTS of toppings on my pizza... ::yes::

    Good luck getting everything figured out! :)

    Thank you - They are so fun and easy to make! :)

    I am bringing it... However - unless we go to the water parks - I typically don't swim much down there, in recent trips anyways... So, we will see? I just hate having to shower and get ready all over again after. LOL

    Yes - I've been to WDW twice in August now... And the less you wear during that time of year, the better. LOL I haven't enjoyed shorts much in recent years either... I've lost so much weight that I have a lot of saggy skin on my thighs (TMI?) - and I am very self conscious about it. ::yes:: I'd rather be a little warmer in denim capris... However - in the heat of summer in Florida, I think I"d get over my issues and wear shorts. LOL

    Thank you - I am so excited about them! Like, beyond excited! I dont' think I've ever been this excited about trip bags... The last few trips - I've gone a little more "plain"... It was fun to be able to create some Over The Top stuff for myself. ::yes::

    And thank you - our weather is looking mostly OK... We have a few colder days, but I think - for the most part - we should be comfortable. Hopefully. LOL :)

    Wahoo!!! I was so excited to see your photo in my feed this morning!!! :woohoo:

    Yah - I reload the weather apps several times per day, LOL... Both for home and for Florida - as our weather here has been less than stellar too. LOL

    I sure hope you were able to fit it all into 2 carry ons??? And wahoo for new hair, mani and pedis!!! Mine are getting done soon!!! Can't wait! :woohoo:

    Safe travels my friend - see ya real soon!!!! :lovestruc

    Thank you - I am certain I have some sort of "Disney outfit planning disorder" :lmao: It's crazy, but it's my one true love about Disney trip planning - it's my thing. ::yes::

    It's packed... We'll see if I actually get to wear it now. :scratchin

    Yes! It's crazy! I am just bringing a lot of everything and hoping for the best. I think my saving grace this time is my new fall jacket - because it's quite heavy weight and wind proof and mostly water proof... And I tried it on yesterday over a heavy sweater and it still fit just fine - so I should be able to layer under it, if necessary - but hopefully it won't be necessary. ::yes:: I think your leggings and shirts ideas are perfect - and versatile!

    I am so excited to get my nails done - probably more excited than anything else... Though my nails don't get done for a few more days yet - I still can't wait.

    Oooh - I can't wait to see Em's hair!!! How fun for her!

    Yes, and we wait... ::yes::


    OK - I am bringing the suit... but I am not sure I will use it. The girls are bringing suits too - so we will see? :scratchin

    I will look into that... I always bring a GIANT stack of precut mole skin - and it has been a lifesaver on many trips! ::yes::

    Wahoo!!! 26 days! :woohoo: I love this time in trip planning! It's my favorite part! :lovestruc Have a great trip if I don't see you before then! :)

    Ahhh - yah, I saw that... LOL Gotta admit, you are much braver than I am - I don't think I could do that? LOL

    That would be awesome if you could do a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland... I guess I am behind the times - I forgot that there was one there with all the hoopla surrounding Tokyo Disney. ::yes:: And since you are there... :scratchin

    I agree - though - I personally have no desire to see anything in that area of the world... But Europe... Definitely. I am right there with ya!

    Yup - bringing a swimsuit... not sure if it will get used? But it's packed. ::yes::

    Right - I'll likely melt in my Toy Story raglan, but I must wear it! LOL

    Allison will be carrying a smaller Eddie Bauer backpack... She has already agreed to haul all of our layers around in it for us. ::yes:: What a nice girl. :lovestruc

    Tell me about it - LOL... I'll be posting a picture below... Definite packing problem. LOL

    Thanks - we are so excited for this trip! :woohoo:

    Yah - I was following that weather... Crazy! I felt so badly for everyone down there, as I knew how horrible it was for us. I hope it's much warmer for you in April too! ::yes::

    I hope so... I am debating on hacking the sleeves on my Toy Story raglan to be 3/4 length??? I just hate to cut off that fabric - it was so expensive, but it's an easy fix... We'll see how ambitious I am over the coming days? :scratchin

    I sure hope so - but I agree... the temps usually don't *quite* make it as high as it says it's going to... It looks like we have a few good days and a few not so good days...

    That is awesome!!! I always buy our GCs at Target... Every little bit helps! ::yes::

    Thanks! I appreciate that... So, far, no bad weather here on the day we leave - so we shouldn't have to worry about any flight delays or anything. ::yes:: If they want to keep us in Florida longer, I am OK with that. LOL

    I hope so... I am still considering pulling out the red jacket from Box Lunch... I am not sure I will actually wear it down there? And my black one is much more versatile. ::yes:: I did pack my swimsuit, so I am good there. :)

    It's always a relief to get it put away - I think... It can be such a daunting task. I need to weed out some of my Christmas decor too, but some of it is sentimental to me - and I have no desire to get rid of it - I'd rather store it forever. LOL

    I hope you're feeling better now! :hug:

    I am honestly debating on hacking off the sleeves on the day I wear my Toy Story outfit... It's supposed to be very nice that day - and I am afraid I will melt in long sleeves... I haven't decided though - that cow fabric was incredibly expensive, and I hate to hack it off... Though - then I tell myself, it's useless if I can't wear it too... So we'll see? :scratchin

    Cute tree!!! I think that would be great for Disney ornaments. ::yes::

    We are very excited! :woohoo: As usual... It's hard not to be excited when we are going to Disney. It is such a great feeling to be able to be there with BOTH of my girls again - I honestly thought it would never happen. :lovestruc

    Bummer about the wrench in your Disneyland plans - I know how much you are looking forward to that time with them. :hug: But along the same line... Brie is a smart girl and I have every confidence she will make the right decision for her... Hopefully everything comes together soon, so you can resume planning. :hug:

    How did Andrew's final interview go? Always wishing all of you the best success in everything! :lovestruc

    I do use my serger for the knits... I literally use my serger once per year... But in the last weeks - I haven't even put the cover on it, as I am using it all the time. So, I use the serger to assemble all of my seams... Then I top stitch on my regular swing machine with a longer straight stitch... Surprisingly - this works well... There is some stretch to a longer stitch, so the thread isn't popping on me with normal on/off and wear... Now, I haven't *over stretched* to test it out, but it works for normal wearing. :) It's so fun making these raglans - honest! And very addicting... Consider that your warning. LOL

    It sounds like your changes to the kitchen are good ones... I am very "dramatic" when it comes to cabinets... I either like them very dark or very light... So espresso is a great color and so is white. I would be very happy with either... and if you can get a savings like that - I think it is worth it. You can always change it later if it's something you want to invest $$ in. :) Hopefully you can get closer to building the house soon. :lovestruc

    I know... It's so hard to watch my Target store die off... I go in there now, and I don't even spend $$, I just go in to see how much is left... It's getting very empty. I found out the other day that many of my co-workers are going to the store I plan to shop at often... So, not all is lost... I will still have a store "where everyone knows my name" - even if I won't be working with them (for the time being... I may go back after my 6 month Target employment quarantine?)

    The Germain candles sound beautiful - and I agree - I think it's wonderful that you are adopting some of your MIL's traditions! :lovestruc

    Thanks Stephanie!!! Looking so forward to it!

    Hi Carol!!! Yes - we are getting beyond excited now... this is when all of the "last minute jitters" start to come. LOL I'll be posting some suit case pictures today. LOL

    Thank you - I hope your weather gets better soon... I am not sure which I prefer either? LOL I prefer the heat in the winter and the cold in the summer... I am much more a spring/fall girl. :lmao:

    Thanks for following along Carol! Looking forward to sharing! Always sending you hugs my friend! :hug:

    Hahaha!!! Right? We had 2 days drop by 20 degrees over night... So everything I wrote above is now a lie. LOL Back in, went warmer clothes. ::yes::


    OK all - we are coming into the home stretch!

    First things first... Packing... Our forecast has changed dramatically, several times, over the last few days... Many of our days got *much* colder and many of them became warmer... So, yet again - I have had to totally repack. ::yes:: The swimsuit is still packed... I've added back in another pair of jeans... and a couple of sweatshirts... I think I am taking out the red quilted Mickey coat, because my black one is much more versatile...

    This is what my luggage looked like a few days ago. :eek: I was able to get that suitcase closed - but as Cindy told me, I better wrap a strap around it our it's gonna burst in transit. Ahhhhh... So, I had to rethink that.


    And here's my carry-ons...


    In talking with BFF the other day... She told me she had a smaller rolling duffel from Eddie Bauer, carry-on size... She offered to loan it to me for our trip... Low and behold it is the EXACT one (color and everything) that I was planning to purchase a few weeks ago... I don't have any pictures, but let's just say this thing has been a LIFE SAVER!!!! I was able to partially unpack my stuffed suit case (including all 7 of my park bags - I HATE checking them), and also nix taking my VB backpack... Which is fantastic, because then I won't have to be a pack mule in the airport, and I can just roll all of my stuff behind me! :woohoo: I will get pictures of this new bag in the coming days. The only problem I have right now - is my own OCD for matching luggage... I will not match at all this trip. It will be OK. ::yes::

    I found this picture on V's Instagram the other night - and I seriously cracked up!!! She posted it in August of 2014... It appears I've had an over packing problem for quite some time... :lmao:


    Both of the girls have started packing... I think, at this moment, they are both mostly packed? Which is unheard of - typically - they both like to wait to pack until the very last minute. ::yes::


    I had my hair done on Tuesday... This was the only time my stylist could get me in before our trip, I was thankful to have new hair - though it's isn't as "freshly colored" as I like it to be for trips... Oh well... It's better than half gray. LOL It looks good - I went back to a little more of an inverted cut with a stack in the back - though it isn't nearly as short as it has been for some of our other trips. I don't have a picture - I will try to get one posted before we leave.

    I've made a couple more raglans this week... Though I only have a picture of this one... I love it!


    And another picture of our store... This is the back portion of our women's clothing area...


    Today... Well... V's car broke down on the way home from work the other night - so she ended up walking the rest of the way (one block)... We are going to try to nurse it to the mechanic this morning, and he can have it indefinitely... After all - we are getting close to leaving on our trip, and she can use my car for the time being...

    Then Allison and I are leaving straight from there to head to the MOA... I am going to try again to exchange my too big Pandora bracelet (the store was closed last time)... And Allison has a coupon for Box Lunch that she wants to maybe spend...

    After - we are going to have Allison's nails done for our trip... I suggested that she wait a few more days - as I like to wait until as close as possible before we leave, but she wants them done early... soooo... :scratchin It's her money. LOL

    Then I am going to come home and possibly hack off the sleeves for my Toy Story raglan... I am going to give it some serious thought today (and consult the weather a bazillion more times) so we'll see... :scratchin

    That's about it... I'll probably pack and repack a bunch more too. LOL

    I hope you all have a nice weekend, I'll try to check in as I can over the coming week. Prayers and pixie dust to all! :)

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    Looks wise to rethink that packing of your luggage. As Cindy said it may not survive transit.
    How great that you BFF let you borrow her rolling duffel for your trip. Sounds like you got everything fitted in your luggage and carry ons now.
    :lmao: I had to laugh when I saw the picture from V's instagram of your packing.

    The raglan looks great on you. Your so lucky to have the skills to make your own clothes.

    Your local Target store is really getting empty now.

    I'm so sorry to hear V's car broke down. Crossing my fingers it won't cost too much to fix it.

    Have a great trip. I can't wait to hear all about it.
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    Love the raglan. I don’t wear a lot of floral prints but the stripes makes it less flowery. If that makes sense. And I like that. It fits you nicely too.

    I like the feeling you get after a fresh haircut & style.

    I hope you figure out your packing. Don’t drive yourself too crazy. Lol Have a nice weekend!
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    Hey D! Just popping in to say hello and good luck on getting everything packed. It will be an awesome trip, and I can't wait to follow along on your adventure! Not to mention seeing all your creations in action! I hope you have a wonderful time with your girls!
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    Your trip is so close! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

    I’m loving the shirts you are making. You are so talented!

    Good luck with the packing. It’s my least favorite part of a vacation - well, that and unpacking, lol.
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    Yah - my zippers definitely looked stressed on that pieces of luggage. LOL

    It was so nice of BFF to borrow me her luggage - I really love it and it holds so much!

    Right? LOL I didn't even know (or maybe remember) that I did that to her... Now, granted, we went in August that year - and even my clothing pile was very small, because all you need are shorts and tank tops...

    Thanks - I am having so much fun making them!

    It's very sad... by the time we come home from our trip - it will only be open for a few more days.

    Yes - hopefully it doesn't cost too much for her.

    We will! Thank you! :lovestruc

    Thanks! I love the stripe floral combo these days too - and I agree, this one isn't particularly flowery. Thank you! :lovestruc

    Right? It's so nice having it all done!

    Yes - I am getting there... I keep adding and taking away, eventually I'll probably end up with nothing I'd originally planned. LOL

    Thank you - same to you! :)

    Hey Brandi! :)

    Thanks... Hopefully I will get it all figured out - or at least live with my choices. LOL :scratchin

    I am so excited for everything - so are the girls! We will have a great time! :woohoo:

    Thank you! :lovestruc

    I know - we are all getting so excited! :woohoo: We can hardly contain ourselves anymore. LOL

    Thank you - I am having so much fun making them!

    See, and I LOVE packing... I've been packing almost nearly since we booked our trip... I love the outfit planning, and putting it all together... This time has just been so incredibly difficult, as I have some odd colors to coordinate (my Carl and Ellie bag set and also my aqua Mickey and Pluto set) and finding clothing items that could be warm or could be cold... It has been a struggle. In all honesty - I think I am going with black. :lmao: I just threw my hands up in the air. LOL I have to be done at some point. ::yes::

    I agree - I hate unpacking... That is my least favorite part of a trip - unless I am unpacking to repack... Then it's OK. LOL


    OK all...

    So, yesterday Allison and I spent the day together... V had to work...

    We went to the MOA... We literally got out of there without spending more than $5 each... :eek: That never happens. LOL And part of mine was my coffee at Starbucks. LOL

    After that - we grabbed lunch at Chipotle...

    Then we went to get Allison's nails done... She goes to a different salon than I go to, they seemed so nice and gentle. If I didn't already have a great nail guy - I probably would have switched. ::yes:: He does such a great job on my dots though and he has been doing my nails for YEARS. Anyways... Allison's nails turned out so nice, I really love the color - though it's definitely "her" and not me... We are both a little apprehensive about the whole nail/Yeti thing, but we are trying to think positive thoughts on this trip. ::yes::



    After - we came home... I really wanted to take a nap, but I just laid there and could't sleep...

    So I got up and did a little more packing...

    This is the bottom of the rolling duffel... That red AE bag contains 6 of my park bags... Then on the other side is a bunch of clothes - I am shocked at how much I can get in this piece!


    When you zipper the bottom compartment - there is still a top compartment to fill... In there - I have a bunch more clothes, a pair of flip flops, my Chi straightener, a large spare charger... Just a TON of stuff. I still have to pack my make-up brushes in there and a few last minute things. Even with it totally stuffed, it's still 2 inches smaller on all sides than the airline requirements - I just need to watch the weight restriction of 35 lbs. :scratchin


    And it's very easy to close up - I seriously want to get a set like this before we go to Europe - it would be so nice!


    When I was done with that, I was still feeling very fidgety... I've been debating adding rope to my Toy Story Ears, I've been feeling like they were "missing something" ever since I made them... I unpacked them and messed around with it a little bit - I am so glad I did, as I LOVE the way they turned out... I only added it to the back, but you can see a little of it peeking out from the front too. :lovestruc I absolutely adore these now!


    Also, I was debating on hacking my Toy Story shirt - it's supposed to be in the high 70's that day... I will likely melt in long sleeves. ::yes:: Sadly - I don't have enough of the blue or black fabric to make another shirt... And I just don't want to cut off the sleeves of my current one, as the cow fabric was so expensive. ::yes:: I've just decided that I will wear it in the morning and change into a tee shirt later in the day if I need to... Then change back in the evening if it gets cold again. I am a lot bummed about this - but not much I can do... I dunno... I still may hack it to 3/4 length sleeves??? That might not hurt as much? We will see...

    Oh and while Allison and I were at the MOA, Josh took care of getting V's car to the mechanic... Sadly it had to go by tow truck, as we could't get it started. :( The mechanic thinks it may be the alternator... Or something with the fuel line still... Let's just hope it's not too expensive. ::yes:: Poor kid, and darned car. :(

    So, today...

    Again, V works all day...

    I will be home and cleaning a little bit - maybe do some food prep for the week ahead? :scratchin

    Allison and I are planning to go to town again, she has a few more errands to run and so do I. ::yes::

    I am hoping to also squeeze in a nap - as I didn't sleep well last night.

    I hope you all have a wonderful remainder of your weekend! Sending prayers and pixie dust to all! :lovestruc

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    Sounds like it goes very much stuff into the rolling duffel. Getting one your self sounds like a good idea.

    Poor V. I hope the car repair doesn't cost too much.

    My geocaching reviewer friends met in southern part of Norway yesterday to have a workshop. I didn't want to travel there because it's expensive and a long journey for just one day. So my friends and I decided that I would participate via Skype. That turned out really well. So now we have learned that it's an option to use Skype again in the future in this way.
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    Just wanted to say have a great trip! A memory on facebook popped up today from 5 years ago when we were down there. It was 82° and sunny!
    I remember that year it was so much warmer than we had expected and we did a LOT of swimming. The grandkids loved it as most of the time we were down there in Jan. it was 70's, which we still loved. But it made it so much nicer for swimming and we went swimming almost every day after the parks. Our first day we all woke up early after a very late delayed flight and went swimming at 7 in the morning. We felt like we were in heaven after cold Minnesota. I know you will have a great time even if it is a little colder than you would like.
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    Hoping you girls have a beautiful trip!!!!!! I love, love, love those Toy Story ears, they are so awesome!!!!! Hoping for great weather and beautiful memories!!!!!
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    Hi D ~

    I hope the weather cooperates for all of your outfits. I know you have worked very hard on them. I love the addition of rope to your Toy Story ears. I like the idea of switching shirts if it turns out to be warm on your Toy Story day. The weather is so unpredictable in Florida that you can't count on a forecast that is more than a couple days out.

    We are leaving for Florida next Saturday and was hoping to do some packing this weekend. Unfortunately, I caught the flu that is going around my office, and have been sick since Thursday afternoon. It was surprising how fast it came on. And now my husband has it too. My goal is to make it to the grocery store today and get some food. Packing will have to come later. The only good thing about getting the flu now is that we will feel better before we leave on Saturday. :)
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    Apr 21, 2007
    I love the addition of the rope to your ears -- super cute! As for your coordinating shirt, I wouldn't cut the sleeves off. Just change into a t-shirt if you need to. It's too cute to cut off.

    You really did get a lot in that bag -- wow! That's great luggage.

    Allison's nails look great. Does she keep them done, or only have them done for trips? I had my nails done for years and years and years but when we moved to Virginia I couldn't find a salon that did a good job so I stopped. My nails are paper thin, weak, and peel...and that's really painful. And that was even before I started having them done years ago. I had them done in April for Alyssa's wedding and decided to keep them in hopes that I could find a good salon when we got to Utah. It took four tries, but I finally found someone that does a good job. She's convinced me to switch from always doing pink and white to doing some color and I think I like it. My nails look better, my nail beds don't hurt, and I don't find myself picking at them when they're done. So what did you decide to go with for your nails?

    Brie has pretty much made her decision that she is going to go on a church mission ($400 per month we had not planned on) and now is just trying to decide when to go -- should she try to leave at the end of May so that her return aligns better with the school calendar, or work this summer (her job from the last few summers offered her a coordinator position and she can make SERIOUS money if she works) and leave at the end of August/early September, which means she would miss an extra semester of school *but* she would make enough money to not have to take out student loans for that year of school when she gets back. She already knows she can defer her scholarship and her enrollment for next year. If she leaves in May, no Disneyland trip....if she leaves in August/September we could squeeze one in right before she leaves (I hope). So we shall see. I'm proud of her for wanting to do this, although we'll miss her dreadfully. It's such a long time to be gone...but Alyssa did it and it was amazing for her, and I know it would be for Brie, too. So, we shall see how it all plays out.

    And in other things that need to play out...we've pretty much decided NOT to build the house. It's been really bothering me over the last several weeks when I think about how much our payment would be on the house we were planning to build. And once Brie said she wanted to go on a mission (again, $400 per month), I knew we needed to keep as much wiggle room in the budget as possible. And I started thinking about the age of Mark's car and that it has been having issues and is not going to last forever, and my car is in great shape but getting up there in miles and is a stick shift and we've never had to replace the clutch, so I foresee some car repairs in the next 18-24 months and maybe a need to replace Mark's car (a much older Toyota Avalon). And I also started thinking about how much debt we have and I feel a pressing need to get out from under that. Bottom line, a house payment of $2200 (which is more than we were paying in northern Virginia, near DC!) just DOES NOT feel good to me right now. Not only that, but building a new house means additional expenses -- washer and dryer, putting in a fence, putting in a yard and landscaping, and finishing the basement over time, which would be A LOT more money (some immediate, some not). And so I just can't go there. I'm heartbroken. I truly am. But I feel much more at peace with this decision from a financial perspective. The problem now will be finding a house. We're hoping to spend at least $50k less than the build price would have been, and that means going into a home that will definitely need updating and work. But it feels like the fiscally responsible thing to do, especially since we do not plan to be here forever. Mark found a house online on Saturday that would have worked but it had been on the market two days and already had a contract in place. That's the problem here -- the housing market is so inflated but also so hot that things are selling within days. We don't have time to spend going to look at houses frequently and I can't stand the thought of the stress of getting into bidding wars and putting offers in and losing out on houses. So the stress roller coaster will continue. *Sigh* So....yeah.

    In other news, Brie had what we are sure was the flu (she didn't get tested -- the fever started the day after I took her to the doctor and they didn't test her because she didn't have a fever) and she kindly shared it with us. Tuesday she called and asked me to come down to see her, so I took her some soup, gatorade, a vaporizer, and snuggled her for a bit. And woke up on Thursday with sniffles, aches, and fatigue. Fortunately I haven't had it as bad as she did -- mine is mostly an annoying sore throat and cough but terrible body aches. Mark's is body aches, a cough, and he just can't get warm. MIL just got sniffles and a bit of a cough. Hopefully it won't progress beyond this.

    I am so excited to hear all about your trip. You guys are going to have such a good time!! Enjoy yourselves!
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  15. branmuffin

    branmuffin Mouseketeer

    Mar 16, 2011
    LOL- the first thing that I thought of when I saw the pic of A's long nails was-" Sit on your hands for Expedition Everest this time!!!" It makes me cringe just thinking what happened last time and they only gave her a Band-Aid :eek:. Good luck with V's car- I sincerely hope it doesn't cost much to fix it. We had a Jetta years ago- they run for a long time, but when they break down, they tend to be expensive to fix simply because of the parts. Luckily you have a good mechanic you trust and you know he will do his best to keep the cost down.

    Can't wait to see your hair and nails when you get them done. I don't think I weighed in before, but my vote is for red with white dots, but as always, you should go with what makes you feel happy and puts you in the Disney state of mind! Either way, they will be great.
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  16. Bizzie71c

    Bizzie71c Mom, Wife, RN and Disney Lover

    Feb 17, 2015
    Allison’s nails look cute!!!

    That has to be frustrating with V’s car. Hopefully it can get fixed quickly and not to costly.

    How exciting your trip will be here soon.

    Ours is slowly ticking forward but then also feels like it’s rushing my way. I started packing but I’m trying to wait until our weather week pops in the 15 day forecast on the weather channel so I can be a bit more prepared. I’ve decided on all of us carrying on our 2 items then checking one suitcase with shampoo and such and shoes and such. This way can carry on any goodies we buy on the way home and put clothes in the suitcase if needed. Idk it’s still a work in progress.

    It’s been so busy my hospital has been completely full since New Years and I have worked 100 hours in the last two weeks. I’m exhausted but the paycheck will be nice lol. Well hopefully Uncle Sam doesn’t take too much.

    Love the new raglan!!! I like that yours seem fitted on the bottom.

    I have had a few days off an made some T-shirt’s for our trip with my cricut. But I have so much to do still.
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  17. Wood Nymph

    Wood Nymph DIS Veteran

    Sep 19, 2012
    I hope you had a chance to watch the end of the Vikings game. What a great catch!

    That is all. ;)
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  18. Clio

    Clio DIS Veteran

    Feb 10, 2005
    I like the way the ears turned out with the rope. They're really cute. All the ears you and V. made are really nice. You guys are so talented . I'm glad you were able to get almost everything packed. Hopefully the weather cooperates with you. All your raglan tops came out well.
    Sorry about V.'s car. Maybe it won't be too expensive to fix.
    Allison's nails are really nice. I don't have my nails done. I just uses nail polish. With all the resets I do at work every week, they'd be ruined the next day.
    I'm enjoying working days but I do miss the co worker that moved into another job resulting in my getting this shift.
    It's been so slow the past few days that we decided to rearrange the photo lab equipment and go through the copyright file cabinet and pull the older ones that are filed in the back.
    I've been lazy here at home, reading books and crocheting. I just want it to warm up.
    Have a good day and trip if I don't "talk" to you before you leave.
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  19. DonnaBeeGood

    DonnaBeeGood I'm All About The Princesses!

    Aug 3, 2014
    Just joining in and have caught up on a few of your old trip reports as well, so I thought I'd say hi in case I was ever lucky enough to meet you in person one day. I really admire you - you have a great sense of style, a killer smile, amazing creativity and skills, and a gorgeous family (I also have 2 great daughters and a hubs who prefers to stay home). You seem so down to earth, balancing life, family, and health. I hope you have a fantastic trip, it's been so fun reading along with you!
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  20. firstwdw

    firstwdw DIS Veteran

    Apr 4, 2012
    Just hopped on here to see if you were in fact in Disney. Followed your trip last year prior to our first stay at SOG and then have seen you over on the military mama's fb page. OF course I'm seeing weather reports of FREEZING temps in Disney today. Hope you haven't turned into an icicle and hopefully you are enjoying your trip!
    What's the status of the renovations on the Magnolia wing of SOG? We are booked for April there so curious as to what is going on, if anything. Have a wonderful trip!!!
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  21. lovegrumpy

    lovegrumpy DIS Veteran

    Mar 6, 2007
    hope your having a blast.
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