SF/Santa Cruz/Monterey over Memorial Day Weekend


Oct 10, 2019
We did a similar trip over Labor Day last year (flew into San Jose, drove to Monterey for 3 nights, drove back to San Jose). We stayed at the Embassy Suites Seaside and, while there's not much to do RIGHT THERE, it's a quick drive into Monterey proper. Be advised that it can be difficult to find parking around the aquarium on the weekends, but definitely try to hit the aquarium. It's world-class. Other than that, an interesting thing we did was visiting the Carmel Mission Basilica in Carmel. We hit it for a Saturday afternoon Mass, but it's a beautiful little (and very old) church. I also agree with the posters above about the beach in Carmel; it's very beautiful and a great place to watch a sunset.


DIS Veteran
Mar 31, 2007
We stayed in Pacific Grove on our last stop in Monterey and it was a lovely location. Very close to the aquarium and Cannery Row but much more affordable than staying in Monterey, and we had a nice dinner out in downtown PG.

If you're in Morro Bay at breakfast time, Frankie & Lola's, right across from the T-pier on the bay, has incredible food and super friendly service. It was one of the dining highlights of our LA to SF trip in Jan.


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